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An Ecommerce Agency for the Digital Age

Stridec provides ecommerce consultancy and solutions that help Southeast Asian brands and companies run their businesses globally, profitably, securely and intelligently. Based in Singapore, with operating presence in The Philippines and India and other parts of Southeast Asia, Stridec offers a full suite of services that enable and maximise your business’ ecommerce capabilities and advantages.

These services include: Ecommerce Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Managed Google Ads (otherwise known as PPC Advertising), among others.

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How we began

Stridec was born shortly in the aftermath of the dotcom bust of 2001 with the unwavering belief that internet technology will change the way we do business forever.

Over the years, this conviction in all things digital has led us on an extremely eventful journey through the entire breadth and length of the digital technology landscape. Along the way, we discovered more about ourselves, the challenges brands and companies face in an age of digital transformation and more importantly, the solutions that we are able to come up with to solve these business needs.

The magic of

Our true calling came in the form of ecommerce - which we saw as the perfect marriage of digital form and business function. Through ecommerce, any business can be immediately global and reach far-flung parts of the world previously unimaginable, without ever going beyond the walls of its local office.

Even in the context of a localised business, ecommerce is an effective strategy to leapfrog over established competition in the market and create direct, more engaging relationships with the target customer audiences. In this area, we have over the years helped countless small businesses expanded their potential and growth. If you are a small business owner and want to know how to tap ecommerce to your advantage, check out our ecommerce solutions for small businesses.

Whether for ourselves or our customers, we have facilitated and fulfilled online sale and delivery of products to even turbulent and war-torn regions such as the Middle East - to countries like Iran and Israel - because ecommerce represents the most efficient and effective system to satisfy a need with a solution.

It seems like a lifetime ago when ecommerce first came into the scene (Amazon is already more than 2 decades old), but in fact, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible with ecommerce.

Shedding all the fancy jargons (omnichannel, anyone?) and marketing fluff, at its core ecommerce is about generating maximum return on investment (ROI) via the digital channel in the most effective and efficient manner possible. And that’s our number one focus when deliver our solutions or services to you: driving your business growth forward with measurable results.

Driving Ecommerce

A whole new
ecommerce world

The adventure is really just starting and Stridec is all in. Join us in exploring the wonders of ecommerce together.

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