20+ SEO Secrets to Increase Website Traffic


If you are new to the Digital Marketing sector or are self-learning, you must be aware of all the SEO strategies that can help you quickly learn and improve your knowledge and skills.

All of your doubts and misunderstandings will be dispelled after reading this. You will also be able to increase your website traffic and rank your web pages at the top of search engine results.

Before we begin using SEO secrets strategies, we must first understand what SEO is…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I’m hoping you’re all familiar with search engine optimization. Don’t be afraid if no one knows about it. After reading this, you will comprehend and even master it.

Simply said, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing a website’s ranking by implementing two simple and effective strategies:

You begin by optimizing your entire website.

Second, you optimize each of your web pages individually.

It is your responsibility to assist them in looking at your site more efficiently and effectively, as this is the only way you can assist them in learning SEO.

It is simple to become an expert in the subject of SEO. If you use all of these suggestions and strategies.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Increase Website Ranking

We divide ourselves into two groups:

  1. Higher SEO Impact: This signifies that they have a significant impact on our website’s rating. We can’t rank in search engines unless we optimise it.
  2. Lower SEO Impact: It also influences the ranking of the website, but it has a lower impact if it is not optimised. We can even rank, but I recommend improving it for long-term and higher ranking in the top search engine result pages.

We read about Why SEO is Important for Rankings one by one.

Here is a list of SEO secret techniques and tricks to increase the traffic to your website:

Page Speed

Page speed is simply the time it takes for a page to load. Website speed is the rate at which the content on your page loads.

Google considers page speed to be one of the most important elements in ranking a page.

Your website visitors will have a better experience if your Web-Page loads quickly; if your Web-Page is too slow, your user will return to Google.

Here some Free SEO Secret Tips with which you can quickly analyze your webpage:-

Page Speed Insights: You can quickly determine your Page Speed Score.

Web. dev: Check the performance of your website.

Pingdom:- Pingdom tests and analyses website page load times to identify bottlenecks.

Byte Check: This is another tool for determining the performance of your website.

With all of those SEO Secret Tips, you can swiftly examine and address any errors.

Content of Page

As you may be aware, content is king in SEO, and high-quality content is required for optimal search engine ranking.

Google released a fresh update regarding its algorithms, such as Panda and Penguin, in which he stated that quality material is becoming increasingly important.

Many experts think that one of the most important elements for ranking in search engines is a website’s content.

You can rank your page successfully if you have high-quality, interesting material on a related topic.

Here some SEO Secret Tips with which you can quickly check the readability and originality of the content:-

Grammarly: It is a writing tool that allows you to check for and resolve many types of problems.

SEO Writing Assistant: It provides you with fast content optimization advice based on the best article performance.

Real-Time Content Analysis: If you use WordPress, you may install their plugin, or you can just verify your content by entering the content you want to evaluate.

With all of those SEO hidden strategies, you can swiftly examine and address any errors.

Title Tag

The title tag is an important factor in the ranking of your web pages. The title tag demonstrates how search engines interpret your title.

With the help of SEO Title Optimization, you can increase the traffic to your website and improve your chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages.

According to many experts, your essential keyword in the title tag is that you must keep the length of your title consistent. Search engines often display only 65 – 70 characters of the title in their search results.

Here some SEO Secret Tips with which you can quickly check your title and description:-

Test Page Title: Using this tool, you can rapidly check the Title and Description of your page. With this tool, you can simply optimise how your page appears in search engines.

Google SERP Preview Tool: This tool measures the character and pixel lengths of your page title and meta description input.

Meta Tags Analyzer: This is a really useful tool. It tells you all you need to know, and then you can work out the ideal meta tags to use.

You can swiftly assess your meta title and meta description using all of the above SEO hidden strategies.


The URL of your web page is very important in ranking it. The URL is the first thing that both Google and customers see.

Many experts believe that the keyword you select should be included in your URL structure; they can help you rank higher.

Make certain that your URLs are SEO-friendly and do not contain any unusual characters.

Assume you want your web pages to appear within the first 20 pages, thus you must keep your URL length consistent. The average URL length in the top ten results is 37 characters. The maximum number of characters for the top 20 results is 35.

SEO Secret Tips with which you can inspect your URL:-

URL Inspection Tool: The URL Inspection tool gives information about a given page’s indexed version on Google.

URL checker tool: This tool can be used to validate URLs.

Broken Links: This tool assists you in locating broken links on your website.

You may analyze and check your URL as an SEO-friendly URL using these three powerful SEO secret suggestions.

Link Building

The process of getting other websites to link back to your website is known as link building. Link Building is essential in Search Engine Optimization for raising a web page’s or website’s rating in search results. You should constantly strive to keep a healthy link profile.

Links from websites within a topic-specific community are often preferable to links from non-relevant websites.

Many experts feel that link construction is one of the most challenging aspects of their professions. There are numerous strategies for building links, and their difficulty varies.

If you want to increase the traffic to your website, here are some SEO Secret Tips:

  • Use a link in the descriptive language to help the user understand to which page he will be routed after clicking the link.
  • The website to which you are linked is pertinent to your content.
  • On external links, use the rel=“nofollow” property.
  • Internal linking can be used to redirect users from one page to another, and it can also increase the average time spent on the website.

SEO Secret Tips with which you can easily prospecting a link for link building:-

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer: By analyzing your competitors, you can identify link-building chances.

Semrush: With this tool, you may examine the backlink profile of any domain.

Hunter: Huter tools accept a domain and return an email address. This tool aids in the discovery of contact information.

If you use any of this SEO, you are doing an excellent job of ranking your website traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is little, but it is everything because it is a never-ending issue. Except for content optimization and link development, it applies to all Search Engine Optimization efforts.

According to experts, technical SEO has an impact on your standing in search results. It also has an impact on the behaviors and decisions of your website visitors.

Technical SEO is mostly concerned with backend websites and server optimization.

SEO Secret Tips with which you can check your technical SEO errors:-

W3c:- Markup Validation Services validator verifies the markup validity of HTML, XHTML, SMIL, and MathML Web publications.

SEOptimer is a free SEO Audit Tool that will do a complete SEO Analysis and uncover technical SEO issues.

SEO Site Checker: This application rapidly analyses the website and its SEO errors.

Site Audit: This is yet another free tool for auditing your website.

Sitechecker:- Sitechecker Pro detects all technical SEO concerns in one location, allowing you to correct them and increase organic traffic, satisfied users, and sales.

All of the above SEO Secret Tips is free; you do not need to purchase them to examine your technical SEO problems. You may just try all of these techniques and then watch the magic happen with your website’s ranking in SERPs.


A blog is a website-hosted online diary or journal. It is a forum where writers give their perspectives on specific issues based on their niche and interests.

According to experts, blogging is the simplest approach to generate new content and increase new leads. You will win if you create high-quality material.

If you want your blog to appear higher in Google search results, you need to follow these SEO Secrets:

Keyword Research:- Keyword research is important for SEO since it ensures that you hunt for highly relevant keywords with a reasonable number of searches and low competition levels.

Word Count: If you want your blog to rank on search engine result pages, keep the length of your blog at an average of 1900 words.

Share on Social Media: Sharing on social media is one of the most effective strategies to promote your blog. The finest places to advertise your blog are Facebook and Linkedin groups.

I guarantee that if you follow all of these SEO secret tactics, your blog will be ranked on the first page of Google. There is a risk that it will take some time, but your blog will eventually rank.

Add More Than Text

Your website’s content is more than just words. To increase their SEO rating, you must include some images or infographic structures.

Organize Content

Organize Content indicates that the structure outline of your page will be properly formatted. Make sure your content is formatted so that it is easy to read, especially with bullet points.

According to experts, a clean style and design will increase your SEO rating.

Expert in Your Niche

According to experts, no amount of magic will instantly transform you into a top expert in your field. It’s a standard procedure that takes time.

Here some SEO Secrets Tips with which you can improve your SEO:- 

  • Locate Your Keyword:
  • Create a page on your website that is dedicated to this specific group or service.
  • Connect this page to other pages on your website.
  • Analyze your outcomes


There are several SEO Secret Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Website Traffic and hundreds of parameters that the search engines’ ranking algorithms are based on.

If you apply all of these SEO Secret Tips & Techniques to your job, you will notice a significant improvement in the performance of your website.

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