4 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Ranking on Google


There are various strategies to improve keyword ranks (ranking), and this post will discuss four important tips to help improve search rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Here are four strategies for improving your website’s keyword rankings:

1. The content of the website

The content is KING.

Preparing content for writing, targeting the topic you intend to write distinguishes it from similar content if accessible on the internet, and must provide excellent content that is truly valuable to the user. When preparing content, the first application of basic SEO content is to choose keywords for the article, interleave and allocate keywords to the article content, but be careful not to put keywords into the content. The user’s reading pulse is influenced by the content, which places keywords at the top, middle, and bottom of the page.

If there is an image, include keywords in the image’s name and description, as well as highlight keywords throughout the text with bold, italic, and underline.

2. Link Building:

The Queen is the link.

  • The domain name of the website to which you are linking. Google values websites,.edu, domain names since they are educational, and the government and Google understand that these are not spam websites.
  • The quality of the websites on which you place backlinks should be excellent, which means that the greater the PR, the better. 100 backlinks from respectable websites are equivalent to thousands of backlinks from low-quality websites.
  • Number of backlinks: first, Google will prioritise websites with a high number of high-quality backlinks, and then the number will be taken into account, so you should have as many backlinks as possible while avoiding spam. You should not use the neck plug to build a large number of links by generating signatures and commenting indiscriminately on the forum, and you should not remark on too brief non-contributory information, such as: cool, it’s fine.

3. User behavior:

If Google displays your site on the top pages of search results and a large number of people click on it. It also ranks your website higher because it can infer that if a person clicks frequently, the site is related to their search queries.

When consumers visit your website and leave too quickly, Google will believe that your website has less appealing content, does not match the needs of the user, and will downgrade. Your website rank, so if your website is currently at the top, you should not be subjective, but you must always maintain website content.

4. Frequency of content updates:

A refreshed website regularly refreshes its material, has many new articles that Search Engines appreciate, and will visit your website on a regular basis to collect your website’s data about indexing in its search data. You should pay attention while creating articles to limit copying, to read and refer to before writing your post, to not add too many keywords in the content, the density is only about 2%, and the keywords should be inserted. internal hyperlinks

Users should not include too many keywords in their meta titles and meta description tags.

For example, if I’m writing content for the Title and Description tags of a website specializing in Wedding Vests and use the keyword Vest Cuoi, I’ll write something like this:

Please keep in mind that you should not pack keywords into the Title and Description tags. The number of words in the title tag = 65 and the keyword cannot be repeated more than twice.

Cartesian description length 160-200 words, keywords no more than three times, insert keywords into the Title, Description according to the language read directly to the user, but yet achieve SEO reasons

Before selecting keywords for your articles, use tools like Keyword Planner, Google Search Engine Suggestions, and Google Trend to locate phrases that are relevant to the search patterns of search engine users.

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