5 Easy SEO Tricks To Improve Your Rankings


Optimising your website to improve its search engine rankings is a vital element of regular website maintenance.

Because 93 percent of online encounters begin with a search engine, SEO techniques are an important component of any online marketing strategy, despite the fact that they can be technical and time intensive.

We recognise that many small and medium-sized business owners don’t have the time to devote to regular SEO maintenance or studying the newest in what works and what doesn’t, which is why we’ve put together some basic suggestions to help you improve your SEO ranking right now.

1) Improve your page loading speed

This is significant for several reasons.

When your page performance is too sluggish, Google will notice and your ranking will suffer as a result.

Not only will Google penalise you for this, but your users’ experience will suffer as well, affecting how they interact with your sites. According to Google, if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of mobile consumers will abandon it. Users are less likely to return if they leave so soon, potentially costing you revenue and traffic.

The good news is that it is a rather simple element to enhance.

2) Develop a link building strategy

Link building is an essential component of any growth plan, since it seeks to enhance your organic SEO rankings.

Internal links are links that connect pages inside the same domain, whereas backlinks are connections that send referral traffic back to your site from other sites. The smart usage of these links may assist improve the ranking of your pages and build the authority of your site in the search engines.

Internal linking improves the user experience by making it easier to navigate your page. This is not just Google’s preferred method, but it also improves the possibility that consumers will spend more time exploring, interact more, and return. All of this communicates to Google that your page is valuable.

Backlinking happens when respectable websites include a link to your website; this form of link building is a little more harder to obtain and requires effort and patience. Creating high-quality material that people will want to refer to is one method to achieve this.

Links also tell Google what your website is about, so any blogs or pages that relate to your products or services should be linked.

3) Optimise alt tags

Not only can having photos and video on your website improve the user experience, but it also gives you more opportunities for optimization.

When someone searches for related material, alt tags give a text alternative for whatever the picture or video’s content is. This can assist search engine crawlers locate your website.

Descriptive, relevant, and specific alt tags are the three recommended strategies for optimising your alt tags.

4) Create high quality content

Content is an integral part of any SEO plan and is one of the most significant ranking criteria in search engines.

The key to content creation is to generate something of value for your readers, not simply for the sake of it; your audience should be at the forefront of your material.

When you produce high-quality content, you enhance the likelihood that others will connect to your site (as a backlink like those mentioned above).

Product pages, blog posts, articles, lists, tutorials, videos, infographics, and other types of SEO content are all possibilities.

More information on producing SEO-friendly content may be found here. Alternatively, hire a professional copywriter to help you with your body content to guarantee you’re hitting all of your keywords and giving your users the information they need.

5) Utilise social media

Although Google has verified that having a social media account does not directly affect your organic SEO rankings, data shows that the social signals generated by a channel are.

Because of the share ability and greater exposure of social media, likes and shares can generate social signals that can:

  • Increase the visibility of your work by distributing it wider.
  • Boost brand recognition and reputation
  • Increase organic traffic by extending the life of your content.

Some effective ways to utilise social media to improve your SEO is:

  • Maintain your blog and include share buttons on each article.
  • Don’t be hesitant to ask others to share.
  • Make a social media contest out of it by encouraging others to like and share your post.
  • In your postings, link to or highlight other local companies that you deal with or who could find your information beneficial.
  • Engage with your audience and look for any queries that have been left on your postings.

An SEO health check can show you the areas that are succeeding and places that need some love and care if you want to understand more about how your current SEO efforts and tactics are doing.

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