5 SEO Factors to Keep an Eye on in 2023


In 2018, Google made significant changes to the way it ranks websites. Google, for example, employed AI for around 30% of search inquiries. The page with the most links does not necessarily rank first. Here are my predictions for the top five SEO factors in 2019.

  1. Avoid Structured Data Mistakes 
  2. Getting to Know Structured Data
  3. Consider Using Podcasts in Your Marketing Strategy
  4. Increase Content Concentration
  5. Enhance Your Image 

1. Become Familiar with Structured Data

Structured data can be frightening. But it’s actually quite simple to learn how it works. The quickest method to become acquainted with it is to copy and paste and begin working with it.

I created a step-by-step lesson to assist folks who are new to structured data. It demonstrates how to set up the structured data online handbook. Then it guides you through the process of writing and testing your own structured data code.

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2. Avoid Structured Data Mistakes

Sites have been penalized for incorrectly implementing structured data. It is possible to make an honest error and be penalized for it.

The following are the five most common structured data mistakes to avoid:

  1. Using unsuitable structured data
  2. Structured data does not correspond to on-page content, which violates Google’s Guidelines for a certain data type.
  3. This is a violation of Google’s Structured Data General Guidelines.
  4. Taking liberties and taking shortcuts (aka manipulative behavior)
  5. Avoiding Structured Data Mistakes

3. Consider Podcasts for Your Marketing Strategy

Podcasts are becoming a more common way to consume content. You should look into whether potential clients are listening to podcasts relating to your industry. And if they are, it may be worthwhile to devise a strategy for reaching those listeners.

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Sponsorships, appearances on the podcast, and promotion of specific content that may be of interest could all be part of a strategy. Podcasts are digital formats of content that are consumed. Podcasting marketing can be thought of as an extension of content marketing.

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4. Focused Content

This is possibly the most crucial aspect of Internet marketing in 2019. Unfocused content is one of the most common faults I’ve seen for sites that have lost ranking this year.

In a post about how to write better content, I advised the following:

“Web pages rank because other websites connect to them. Websites connect to those websites because they solve a problem or scratch an itch.

Nobody has ever linked to a website based on its keyword relevance.”

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5. Improve Your Image SEO

Images are more than just decorations for your page. Images are essential for SEO. Treat them in the same way as you would your title and heading components because they all work together to improve the page’s ranking. Images might also help you rank higher by appearing in enhanced listings.

Image SEO Best Practices

Use images that tell a story

Readers gain a better understanding of concepts when you use symbols or visuals to illustrate your point. If the article is about getting a pet, include pictures of adorable kittens from a real animal shelter.

Consider an image of a ship about to hit a rock or a car with its tires falling off if the article is about the demise of a firm or a procedure.

Using an image to swiftly communicate a concept or a point can assist readers to comprehend what your post is about, which will influence their decision to read it.

Illustrate Step by Step Instructions

Readers and customers like step-by-step directions. Screenshots and drawings are quite useful, and Google frequently uses these types of visuals in enhanced listings. A single image that demonstrates how to do something can rank first.

Optimize Images

Using photos that are measured in megabytes may cause sales and rankings to suffer. Heavy photos will increase the bandwidth demands on your server, which may result in additional charges from your web provider. When a large number of site users arrive at your site at the same time, heavy graphics can contribute to the server slowing down.

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