SEO blogger outreach is a strategy that entails collaborating with established bloggers to publish high-quality content on their well-known and well-trafficked blogs. This increases the number of links to your website and improves its search engine rankings.

Your business can benefit from link juice by writing blogs on popular websites with high domain authority. Link juice is that magical combination of increased website traffic, brand awareness, and lead generation.

As a result, blogger outreach is an essential component of SEO and activity that any ambitious online business should actively participate in.


Writing a blog has evolved from a hobby to a monetized internet phenomenon in the last decade, with over 500 million blogging websites publishing countless new posts every day.

Because of the growing popularity of blogs, the blogger’s role has evolved from that of a mere web writer to that of a consumer influencer who is trusted and respected by the public. According to Medium, 81% of consumers trust the advice and information they receive from blogs.

Bloggers, in essence, have exactly what any motivated and driven business craves – a loyal and engaged following.

But, as more businesses become aware of the benefits of SEO blogger outreach, how do you connect with brilliant bloggers and gain their support?

This blog will walk you through five expert tips for developing a strong SEO blogger outreach strategy that will propel your business to new heights online.

Make a cup of tea and settle in with our expert advice.


The first step in developing a successful SEO blogger outreach strategy is identifying the bloggers best suited to promote your brand and its offering. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Finding the right blogging platform for your business necessitates extensive research, which primarily entails reading blogs to learn more about the owner and determine whether their vision and interests align with those of your company. You should narrow your search to bloggers who write about your specific niche so that your blog pitch meets their editorial requirements and your posts fit in smoothly and naturally on their site.
  • Another advantage of contributing to relevant blogs in your niche is that you gain access to an audience that is already interested in what you have to offer. As a result, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to drive high-intent visitors to your website who can turn into qualified leads and, eventually, paying customers.
  • There are numerous ways to find bloggers on the internet, but Google search and social media are good places to start. For example, if you want to write a blog for a popular industry website, you can use Google to find out who the webmaster is and contact them with a polite proposal. You can then use social media to assess their influence and authority by examining the level of engagement their posts receive and the size of their following.
  • Finally, use tools like SEMrush to evaluate the blogger’s trust flow and traffic – this will reveal just how juicy the resulting links will be and help you decide whether they’re a worthwhile partner who can help you climb the ranks of engines like Google.


Search engines, such as Google, prefer well-structured content that expertly untangles difficult consumer queries. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your content creation journey:

  • SEO blogger outreach allows you to deliver delightfully delicious content to search engines by publishing content on high-ranking sites that demonstrates your expertise and provides relevant advice, information, and entertainment to your target audience.
  • If you’re not sure what content topics will be most useful to readers, it’s a good idea to look at popular previous posts on the blogging platform to get your blog brain working. For example, when writing an outreach blog for a travel site, you may notice that a blog on summer travel tips received a lot of engagement and decide that a piece on winter travel tips would be a good fit.
  • In addition, consider whether there are any gaps in the blog’s content that you can fill. If you can highlight these in a subtle way, it shows the blogger that you’ve read their blog and that your new content will add genuine value to their site.
  • If you want your blog content to be data-driven from the start, consider using tools like Buzzsumo and AnswerThePublic to help you generate content ideas based on relevant topics, keywords, and questions that people are currently discussing online.


SEO blogger outreach is a long-term strategy in which you should constantly seek out new blogging platforms to promote your company so that it remains relevant in the eyes of both consumers and search engines.

But don’t fall into the trap of using the same stale email template for every blogger outreach pitch. Webmasters for high-quality websites will find their inboxes overflowing with requests, so a unique, memorable, and personalized pitch will stand out from the crowd and emphasize the mutual benefit of any new relationship. Here are some pointers on how to set yourself apart:

  • Reach out using their name, referring to background details gleaned from their blog posts or onsite profile, and, if you followed the previous tip (engaging with them on social), you can also remind them of your existing connection. For example, “Hello Alex, my name is Sarah.” “I’m a fellow dog lover, and I’ve been reading your pet care blog for the past three months,” is a sweet and subtle approach that immediately puts them at ease.
  • Include some guest post content ideas in your initial pitch to increase your chances of success; just make sure they’re tailored to the blogging site by reading submission guidelines, scanning the ‘About Us’ section, and checking past posts.


Before suggesting a formal blogger outreach partnership, use social media to build relationships with bloggers. Because social platforms are the most open spaces for brands and individuals to interact, they are ideal for maximizing the impact of any blog. Here are a few ideas for breaking the ice and introducing yourself:

  • Commenting is the most effective method of engagement, but your comment should be more than just a brief “nice blog”– it should be substantive, add constructively to the conversation, and demonstrate your interest in the topic. For example, something along the lines of “I really enjoyed your blog, especially point 2 where you discussed research methods” should be well received.
  • Social media is also a great place to find a variety of blogger outreach opportunities. For example, you can use Twitter to look for hashtags associated with writers seeking assistance, combined with a keyword relevant to your industry, such as #JournoRequest or #HARO (Help A Reporter Out). You can also search for “Guest Post + Relevant Keyword (e.g. SEO tips)” to find bloggers who accept blogger outreach posts.


A lot of work goes into securing a strong blogger outreach partnership, and the work doesn’t stop once you’ve written your post – you then need to think about how you’ll promote the blog. The following steps will be beneficial:

  • The blogger will most likely promote the blog because it is on their site, but if you publicise it at the same time by sharing it on social media, responding to comments, and encouraging colleagues to do the same, you can significantly increase the reach of your content and help ensure that your hard work is used to its full potential.
  • If you belong to a local Chamber of Commerce or business networking group, you may be able to share your most recent outreach blogs on their website, extending the reach of your blog even further. This is especially useful in business-to-business transactions.


SEO blogger outreach allows you to satisfy search engines while also building relationships with a ready-made audience of new customers who are interested in your services and products and primed for conversions such as newsletter sign-ups and sales.

However, in order to get the most bang for your blogging buck, you must base your strategy on research and take the time to build a rapport with the trustworthy bloggers you want to work with on a long-term basis.

You can thank us later for these five SEO blogger outreach strategy tips, which will add a dynamic, results-driven dimension to your digital mix.

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