6 Advanced SEO Techniques for Improved Rankings in 2023

Rankings can influence a wide range of elements for a company’s online presence. If a website is unable to successfully maintain its ranks across numerous search engines, everything from brand presence to product sales suffers. That is why business owners all over the world try numerous advanced SEO strategies in the hopes of skyrocketing their website’s rankings.

But the question is, do they actually work?

Not all advanced SEO tactics produce positive results. Giving up, on the other hand, is not an option. You must ensure that the appropriate tactics are used on your website in order for it to become more noticeable among its target audience. You may believe that you will have to go through the trial and error procedure with each strategy. However, this is the point at which you must rein in your horses.

We consulted with the leading SEO companies in Bangalore and produced a list of six advanced SEO tactics to effectively help your website get higher ranks across all search engines. So, let’s get started.

The 6 Most Advanced SEO Techniques for Obtaining Rankings in 2018

Meta Descriptions Can Turntables in Your Favor!

Previously, websites had less flexibility in defining their offerings to customers because their long meta descriptions were slashed in half. The influence of a shorter and less meaningful explanation had a later impact on their ranks. To address the situation, several websites had to rework the page descriptions and even titles.

However, in late 2017, Google ensured that sites no longer had to go through the process of totally updating their site’s descriptions. They increased the number of characters in the description from 160 to 230. Various websites were able to add more services to their descriptions by taking this step. This has helped websites get more visitors, putting them one step closer to improving their rankings.

Work Towards Improving Website Loading Time

It may be aggravating for website visitors to find when a site takes more than 40 seconds to load. They’d rather visit another site and find the services they’ve been looking for in less than 40 seconds. But how long can a company survive if it continues to lose clients at this rate?

At this point, you must intervene and strive to improve your website’s loading time. That is because the less time your visitors spend going around a website, the better they will be able to learn about your services and make an informed selection.

Check the loading speed of your website here.

Internal Linking Makes All the Difference

Another tip that experts provide website owners is to use an internal linking strategy to avoid having a high bounce rate. The strategy is simple to put into action. All you have to do is add internal links to your most recent blog post or current material on service sites.

In reality, this is an effective technique for developing a strong framework for your internal blog. As they read through the accessible content, your customers will return to your website rather than leaving it.

Include Keywords Relevant to Your Business

Keywords are important in the ranking process. If you don’t have the correct keywords in place, your site may never get the required rankings in SERPs. However, this is readily avoided if the keywords fit and support the services your company specializes in providing.

Aside from that, ensure that the keyword density of the major term in the content is maintained in proportion to the number of words written on the specific page.

Optimize Image Files At the Website

Naming the photographs online is a critical component that should not be overlooked. After all, the image name is important in optimising the site for higher SERP results. As a result, be certain that you do not name your photographs on the site at random. It will be even more welcomed if they are named after the service page where they will be added.

Make Your Website More Responsive

To make your website more responsive, you must first learn to identify and correct common errors that can easily degrade the user experience on the website. Once you’ve identified and addressed the difficulties, it will be much easier to make the site responsive and provide users greater freedom to explore the offerings at their leisure. However, if you are unable to design a responsive site from an SEO standpoint, it is recommended that you use expert SEO services to stay ahead in the competitive ranking-based industry.


Adopting modern SEO tactics can benefit your website. It will not only help to improve its ranking in SERPs, but it will also help to develop a strong and noticeable brand name in the market. These effects are directly tied to increasing the number of visitors (potential purchasers) on the site. Furthermore, these leads are more likely to convert into buyers.

So, when it comes to SEO approaches, don’t rely on trial and error when the strategies listed above can help you achieve better ranks quickly and easily.

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