9 Factors of 2023 SEO ranking


Today’s digital world is one that is constantly changing. Users prefer to search for answers on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. There are numerous changes in user behavior that cause search engines to modify their algorithms on a regular basis. The tactics you used to achieve a top ranking in 2018 will not work in 2019. With that in mind, what is the best strategy for you to get a high ranking this year? Let us investigate.


According to Ranking Factor 2.0, 65% of secure websites score in the top three SERP positions for high search traffic keywords. HTTPS is mostly used to foster user trust. Search engines always favor those that are user-friendly. As a result, switching to HTTPS can significantly boost your ranking factor in 2019.

When you convert to HTTPS, your site’s load speed will increase slightly. Despite this, migration is still advantageous since marketers believe that a safe server is required for a site to rank.


Backlinks have always been a significant ranking component. There was a period when Google primarily weighed a website’s amount of inbound links when determining its rank, giving rise to link-building organizations where collecting links for a website was all that an SEO guy would do.

Backlinking will continue to be important in 2019. However, you should be more selective while creating links this year, as the relevance and authority of a domain will not influence your ranking alone. You should hunt for websites located on several servers, as the total number of referring IPs will be an essential SEO element this year.

You should also ensure that the site you’ve chosen has an understandable structure, a clear layout, and a reasonable amount of traffic.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is intended to accelerate the delivery of material to mobile devices and to improve the traditional method of browsing the internet on mobile devices. AMP is a significant benefit for most marketers that want to provide mobile customers with an app-like experience.

AMP can also help with SEO. According to Google, mobile-friendliness is one of the most important ranking factors.

Assume you offer digital marketing services in Toronto and there isn’t a single AMP page ranking for the keyword “SEO services in Toronto.” That indicates that if you upgrade to AMP, you may be able to maintain a good rank in the mobile SERP for the same keyword.

Length of Content

Google favors long-form content. Pages with more content have a better chance of placing near the top. However, you must guarantee that the material is suitably long and meaningful in terms of satisfying users’ pain points. Simply study what your competitors are doing and build your content creation strategy on that.


You can’t get a high ranking by putting a bunch of keywords into your titles, meta tags, and body content these days. Google’s algorithm has become wiser, and it now prioritizes context over keywords in H1 and meta tags. As a result, it is best not to include too many keywords in the header tags, titles, and meta, as this may cause your material to be labeled as spammy.’ It also implies that keyword-based hyperlinks aren’t as important as they once were. Google recognizes that a normal backlink will not have the same anchor text over and over, and classifies it as spam. Several guest blogging sites do not accept service page links in blogs at all.


Traffic to a website has long been an important ranking element. Make certain that your efforts to increase traffic do not result in a high bounce rate, as this indicates that your page is not relevant to the users’ inquiries. You should strive for more page sessions because they are directly related to ranking.

Load Speed

You only have three seconds to entice your users to visit your website, after which they will simply hunt for alternative options. Naturally, you will have a high bounce rate, which will result in a decline in your site’s ranking. So, look for external files that can be reduced further, delete third-party tags if you aren’t using them, optimize images, migrate to a faster server, and keep your CMS constantly updated.

Social Branding

According to Google, your social activity can help you generate a lot of brand value. Your Facebook likes and the Twitter following might also help your site rank higher. If you have a large number of people associated with your social media profiles, they will be visible on your company knowledge graph.


There may be some on-page content that is no longer relevant. You must locate the relevant material and make the appropriate adjustments. Experiment with different titles and meta tags. By doing so, you will have another opportunity to have your sites indexed and may get ranking for blogs that were previously unranked in the SERPs.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

Though indirect, CTR is a strong ranking signal because it reveals how relevant your website’s link is to the Google query. It primarily aids in the testing of proposed algorithms for quality control. This is the only place where Google can learn about user involvement and satisfaction with search results. This is what allows Google to fine-tune its fundamental algorithm even further. As a result, keeping a high CTR will be a key ranking element in 2019, as it will alert new algorithms to your search engine presence.

Bounce Rate

A higher CTR can have a detrimental influence on your rankings if you also have a greater bounce rate. People bouncing back without spending much time on your site suggests that your landing page lacks important information. To obtain a good ranking on the SERP, you should have a clear design and quality information on the landing pages so that consumers spend more time on your website, lowering the bounce rate.

Today’s Google is more concerned with the intent of its consumers. Create your plan in such a way that users can profit from it. This will help you build yourself as a powerful brand. Google will begin to rely on you soon.

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