Convey, connect, and evolve. This is the power of narrative. It has the ability to disseminate information, which in turn helps to raise consciousness. Second, it has the power to connect people to knowledge and solutions, not simply to other people. Last but not least, successful storytelling has the ability to alter people, influence them, and motivate them to act.

People enjoy reading and listening to stories for one simple reason: they are simpler to relate to.

Many businesses are looking to digital marketing firms to conduct a website revamp, believing that a responsive web design is all they need now that more people are realising the significance of ecommerce SEO. With Google’s algorithm changing on a more regular basis, having an adaptable company website is a good start, but it’s not enough. To keep the traffic from your ecommerce SEO efforts on your website, you’ll need another crucial ingredient: Content Marketing.

Content is the driving force that drives their purchasing decisions, not just retaining the visitors produced by your SEO approach. The more powerful the material, the greater the influence, which will reflect not only in increased revenue but also in the establishment of authority in your field.

Before you start looking for a content marketing agency, you should first familiarise yourself with the various ways to use content to fuel your business and the various content marketing services or tactics that are accessible to you. Many brands employ a storytelling strategy to capture the attention of online consumers and increase traffic. A basic web copy will no longer suffice. Instead, a compelling storey that effectively explains the dimensions and characteristics of a product, along with targeted SEO content, is a big component in connecting with buyers and letting them know that the brand can meet their demands.

Here are some examples of how you may use storytelling to market your products and services:

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content that has been created by your actual customers. Customers who have purchased and tested your goods or services. Take a look at how user-generated content receives more attention than branded content. Why is this the case? Customers have faith in actual people. They believe in the stories told to them by other customers in blogs and videos. These are one-of-a-kind and have a relatable backstory. Customers who share their experiences, in turn, become mini-influencers who help your brand.

User-generated content benefits you by acting as a link between your company and your customers, allowing you to develop customer trust. Customers want to be a part of the process, and they expect you to pay attention to what they have to say. Encourage your consumers to leave reviews about your product or service as part of your internet marketing efforts, but don’t forget to thank them for their time.

Having testimonials displayed on your website would also be a good idea. Include snippets on the homepage and landing pages. This may appear straightforward, but it is an effective digital marketing technique for any ecommerce business.

Personalization of Content

According to the poll, personalised content is more effective than “unpersonalized” material for 48 percent of B2B organisations.

Personalizing content for your location and target demographic gives you the power to clearly communicate your message while also expanding your consumer base. This entails defining your target market and collaborating with them to create content that is both valuable and relevant to their needs. When sending emails, for example, address consumers by their first names. It could be as simple as that, but you’ll enjoy the benefits in the form of higher conversion rates.


Your YouTube channel can provide material tailored to specific personas, segments, or leads. Videos don’t have to be long to be effective. You can get your brand’s message out and motivate viewers to take action in only a few minutes.

Another method is to provide user-generated content, such as reviews and unboxing videos, to encourage user involvement while also pique other people’s interest. Before they choose a brand, the majority of your clients seek for reviews. Customer reviews, according to Neil Patel, increase brand confidence.


Storytelling can also take a visual shape, and infographics are one way to do it. This type of content is simple to comprehend and contains only the most pertinent information. It’s not difficult to interpret visual data, especially if you’re displaying patterns and statistics. You may make the content more intriguing by utilising appealing design elements; this is why many marketers employ infographics to boost traffic.

Instead of utilising unnecessary stop words and product descriptions that may cause buyers to become confused, get right to the point. Show why the buyer should buy your products or use your service by informing and explaining.


Part of successful storytelling is keeping your audience guessing about what will happen next, which you can do with podcasts. Because they are both non-text content, podcasts work similarly to videos. Podcasts can also attract a large audience, especially if you break down major topics into a series of episodes. Use cliffhangers as a call to action to get your audience to listen to the next podcast. For example, speaker Tyler Basu’s website traffic and email subscribers have increased as a result of a monthly podcast with a CTA featured in Lifestyle Business magazine.

Podcasts are an effective way to communicate with your target audience, but they are frequently used in conjunction with other forms of content. If you decide to use podcasts in your content marketing strategy, be sure to include supporting content as well.

Storytelling’s power isn’t restricted to the written word. If you provide your company a good storey to construct its content around, it might be able to attract a larger client base. What’s more, what’s the benefit of a wonderful storey? There may also be offshoots. Your next infographic may be that guest article you wrote. So start adjusting that website and brainstorming for fresh ways to tell a tale – you won’t run out of fantastic content to advertise anytime soon.

Posts on the Blog

It’s a big honour to be regarded as a thought leader or an industry expert. It provides you the ability to influence people and give advice, and it proves that what you preach is successful, useful, and trustworthy. Blog articles are one approach to establish a powerful thought leadership brand.

To be effective, your blog entries must be well-researched and should try to solve people’s problems or provide advice and information that is useful to your target audience. Of course, thorough keyword research is required to ensure that the relevancy is accurate and that it will appear in search results.

Product descriptions that are optimized

If you own a Shopify ecommerce site, you’re probably aware of what Shopify SEO can do to enhance your search engine ranks and sales. That is why Shopify SEO specialists are in high demand these days. However, this is true for all e-commerce stores; it’s just that Shopify does a great job of teaching new customers how to use on-page SEO for ecommerce.

It’s not just about keywords, though.

As an ecommerce business owner in the Philippines, you face a slew of online competitors. What sets you apart from other companies that provide the same products and use the same keywords as you? It’s the manner in which you tell a narrative.

Product descriptions can, in fact, tell a storey. When creating the description, don’t merely think about the product or service. Consider who it is for. Why should the client or customer buy it? Don’t just talk about the service or product you’re delivering; talk about the customer, whether you’re an insurance agency or someone selling a french press online. What are your plans to make their life easier through your insurance agency? What will that french press do to brighten their day? Your product descriptions should paint a picture and connect with your audience in addition to explaining what your service or product is all about.


Your approach and priorities should change as ecommerce evolves. One thing will never change: your main focus will always be your consumers and clients. They will always be at the center of your strategy. The success of your ecommerce business hinges on your ability to connect with them through an effective content marketing approach.

Your firm will stand out among the hundreds of e-comerce enterprises in the Philippines with properly optimised and well-positioned content.

Pull out all the stops, check into content marketing and web design services, and pick the ones you know will be beneficial to your business. Work with a web development business that can also offer high-quality content if you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself. You’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone this way. Simply ensure that you create the greatest content that reflects your brand’s personality, together with the best SEO approach, to ensure that you come out on top.