This age-old saying has become a mantra for every organization. It’s a credo that the pay per click industry lives by, despite the fact that it’s neither innovative nor ironclad. And if you spend money on PPC advertising, there’s a good chance you’ll make money on it, making the expense of PPC advertising worthwhile.

In 2019, Google Search and Ads provided an 8:1 ROI, or $8 for every $1 spent on advertising by businesses, according to a conservative estimate by Google. An 8:1 return on investment is incredible when you consider the costs of supplying a product or service. A competent, data-driven PPC management business, on the other hand, can often outperform the industry average and assist you in achieving a high return on investment.

So, how much does Google Ads management cost on average? How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth?

We’ll walk you through the PPC management pricing costs in this article.

What Is Google Ads Management, and How Can It Help You?

Let’s first clarify what a Google Ads management campaign comprises before delving into the complexities and mathematics of typical Google Ads agency price.

Google Ads is a fantastic way to get your company in front of your ideal customers. You may target the correct people using extremely specific keywords and match types, as well as take advantage of the possibilities of high-quality ads built on a shoestring budget.

Paid search, on the other hand, isn’t a one-and-done tactic. You must regularly monitor and optimize the success of your Google Ads campaigns to get the greatest results. After all, you don’t want to squander money on low-quality leads.

That’s where Google Ads management services and PPC managers come in handy: figuring out what’s working and what isn’t, identifying new opportunities, and changing budgets to maximize ROI.

Yes, paid search marketing is a highly effective strategy – but only if the staff in charge of your campaign has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Let’s get down to business: Management fees for Google Ads. / What Does It Cost to Use Google Ads?

Google Ads management and services vary in price depending on the agency. It’s critical that you grasp the distinction between ad expenditure and ad management fees before we go over them. Ad spend refers to the amount of money you pay Google directly to have your adverts run. You pay a business to handle your account through ad management fees.

The following are some popular pricing models for PPC agencies:

A percentage of your overall advertising budget

For Google Adwords management price, this is a conventional methodology that many organisations employ. They simply take a percentage of your overall Google Ads spend. Let’s imagine you spend $1,000 every month on advertising, or around Php50,000. A 20% fee is charged by the PPC management firm (industry standard is 20-25 percent but many companies offer lower). You pay them management fees of $200 or Php10,000.

The more money you spend or the larger your ad budget, the lower the percentage you pay using this PPC price system. This isn’t always the case, though.

Because the reduction in percentage occurs with an increase in overall budget, this form of Google Ads agency pricing model is excellent for firms with larger or growing ad spend.

Managed pricing with a fixed rate

Management firms supply you with a bespoke, fixed charge for the solutions you’ll need for your Google Ads account in this form of PPC services pricing model. They frequently provide packages. The cost of Google Ads management is determined by a variety of factors, including your business kind (ecommerce vs. lead generation) and the type of campaign you choose to run (Search, Display, Remarketing, etc.).

For organizations with a significant budget, this type of PPC pricing structure is beneficial. Because the rate is set, the smaller the fixed cost becomes as your budget grows. For example, if your monthly ad expenditure increases from Php1 million to Php1.5 million but the fixed cost remains the same at Php50,000, the fee remains the same. Just because you spend more on your ads doesn’t guarantee you’ll pay more for their services. Increasing your daily ad spend budget is frequently all that the PPC management firm needs to do.

Cost of setup

When it comes to PPC management services and pricing, the setup fee is another issue to consider. If you don’t have a Google Ads account yet or if they believe your Ads account may be improved, many PPC management services will charge you a one-time setup fee. However, if you already have an excellent Google Ads account or a huge budget, you may be able to get away with it. Some of the fixed rate packages include the one-time setup fee.

The Big Idea: Campaign management should account for 20% of a company’s overall advertising budget. You’re getting a bargain if a Google Ads firm offers PPC management services at a discount of less than 20%.

What Does Google Ads Management Cost Include?

Isn’t it true that we all want to know where our money goes? Sure, why not?

We noted before in this essay that PPC is never a set-and-forget strategy. This is due to the fact that running a PPC campaign entails many phases. When considering the cost of managing a Google Adwords campaign, consider the following:

Creatives Creatives Creation Creation

In order to attract your target audience, your PPC ads, particularly display ads, must be visually appealing. A competent designer who produced the ads to grab attention and convey your message is usually part of a PPC management team. They employ a mix of graphics and videos to match your branding and make you stand out to visitors.

Copy for the advertisement

Ad text that is well-written will set you apart from the competition. With competent copywriters that create witty and original headlines, a PPC management team may do this. Through engaging calls to action, they also inspire users to take the desired actions.

In addition, professional ad copywriters consider the following:

  • Who are your direct competitors writing and producing?
  • The kind of people who will be interested in the copy
  • What will be done with the copy?
  • The type of response you want readers to have after reading the copy
  • If the copy matches the landing page’s objectives

Budget Controlling

When planning a PPC campaign, keep in mind that Google is designed to optimize your expenditure rather than your return on investment. Only a PPC management firm can assist you with the latter.

Consider this: when the quality of the advertisement improves, the cost per click decreases. If you work with a good PPC management business, you’ll obtain high-quality ads that will help you reduce your CPC. A huge corporation, for example, signed up for Stridec in the hopes of lowering its cost per click from Php22 to Php12. We were able to achieve a CPC of only Php4 and 3x the traffic that the budget promised to produce throughout the duration of the campaign.

For some firms, the usual Google Advertising agency fee of 20% of total ad spend may seem excessive, but if you’re getting quality leads and traffic from your ads, you’re getting more bang for your buck than you could achieve in-house.

PPC companies can also manage bids with ease because they have years of experience and can precisely track analytics on how users respond to your website. They can adjust the bids based on the information they collect so that you get the best return on investment. They also have access to advanced big data management tools that allows regular keyword bids to be optimised.

Targeting Audiences

Any PPC campaign that uses audience targeting benefits greatly. A PPC management company that analyses behavioural and other audience data to segment consumers is a good approach to ensure that your advertisements only appear for the most relevant queries and audiences. You can be confident that the clicks you pay for will result in leads and conversions. They also include Google remarketing in their total cost and pricing, allowing you to reach out to previous site visitors who could become clients in the future.

The Cost of PPC Ad Management Is More Than Justifiable

Apart from “What is PPC?” One of the most often asked questions among marketers is “Is it worth it to outsource my PPC despite the cost of Google Adwords campaign management?”

While it’s simple to set up a basic PPC campaign, the harsh reality is that PPC administration grows tough and sophisticated with time, and it’s not something you can master without the right knowledge and experience. Although the average cost of PPC management may appear to be a significant portion of your ad budget, you are paying a fee in exchange for an exponential return on your ad dollars.

If you attempt to do it on your own without a thorough understanding of the platform, your budget could go in the blink of an eye rather than generating a steady stream of income.

To discover more about the advantages and expenses of using a PPC management company, contact Stridec now.