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Filipinos spend 4 hours and 15 minutes every day on social media, according to We Are Social’s Digital Report for 2021. The 18-34 age group, which includes older Gen Z and younger Gen Y customers, is particularly susceptible to social media marketing.

Your clients are online, therefore using social media to reach them has never been easier. You might start by profiling the social media version of your brand’s target personas to reach these customers.

Using Social Media to Reach Digital Customers

Applying considerable effort toward segmenting your consumers, as we learned in a recent Stridec Webinar session, is a strong strategy to reach numerous digital audiences.

According to Laszlo Lim, Managing Partner of Invictus, who was a guest speaker at the webinar, it is possible to segment brand personas into deeper segments through research and testing in order to maximise audience reach. For example, a milk brand might target mothers who are concerned about their own or their children’s health. A male hygiene product could be aimed towards athletes, office professionals, or men who spend most of their time at home.

These people may be found on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as newer ones like Tiktok.

He argues that platforms like Facebook may be used for “conventional” advertising that generates public awareness.

Lim is a fan of Facebook’s custom audience features as well. He claims that Facebook’s advertising technologies can direct users to specific actions and “push individuals down the funnel.”

Let’s take a closer look at how Facebook’s audience building and audience targeting can help you achieve your goals.

Facebook Insights on Audiences

Facebook Audiences, which was first launched in 2014, is an audience targeting platform that may help you reinforce your communications by reaching out to new audiences or customers who have already interacted with your company.

These audiences can be created with Facebook Ads Manager on a Facebook business account that is linked to a page that is different from your personal account. Audiences can be chosen based on whether or not they are linked to this page, as well as specific audience profiles you’ve built.

Building Social Audiences On Facebook Has Many Advantages.

Creating several custom audiences in Facebook may be done in a matter of minutes once you’ve created your audience matrix and know who your audiences are.

You may use Facebook Audiences to execute A/B testing on your messaging, creative collateral, and overall campaign performance against your chosen audiences.

You’ll need time and money to test these audiences in order to evaluate your campaign, but Audiences provides you the flexibility to fine-tune any of your given variables to assist you better it.

If you don’t get the results you desire, you can rapidly pivot your campaign – and do so without breaking the money, as Lim pointed out.

Retargeting And Remarketing On Facebook

Customer lists are the simplest way to build these audiences on Facebook. These lists might be segmented lists from your CRM or newsletter database, or if you have one, a list of your mobile app users.

You can use a Facebook Pixel to track specific activities made on your website and drive specific messages or actions when they come to Facebook if you’re targeting users who came from your website. You can entice these visitors to return to your website by reminding them of a product they looked at or upselling them a product based on their previous purchase.

Facebook Audiences is an excellent retargeting/remarketing tool because these customers are already familiar with your brand in some way. All of these retargeting/remarketing tactics are quite effective in increasing your brand’s visibility in ways that lead to conversions.

Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences: Create New Audiences

Would you like to reach out to new audiences who might be a good fit for your brand? Then you’ll love Facebook’s unique Lookalike Audience option.

The audience-building tool makes it simple to create new audiences. Location, demographics, interests, habits, and relationships are all factors that can be used to develop personalized audience profiles. The key to this method is to match your existing audience segments with these lookalike audiences.

A lookalike audience strategy is a terrific way to expand your target market, find new prospects, and convert them into leads. To speak to these new demographics, you’ll need to alter your messaging, therefore testing your campaign is essential for evaluating your efforts.

When it comes to time and money, PPC experts like Lim advocate giving your campaign at least two weeks to saturate with audiences.

Future Changes

In 2021, certain platforms will undergo modifications to address customer privacy concerns. Starting July 1, 2021, this will affect Facebook’s Audience Insights panel. Following that, audience insights will be available in the Facebook Business Suite and other Facebook business tools.

Marketers do, however, have a very powerful digital tool to reach audiences on the world’s largest and most active social platform, as well as access into its product ecosystem, which includes Instagram and WhatsApp.