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Email marketing isn’t dead, despite common opinion. It is, in fact, prospering. It is still an important strategy for marketing and sales teams in a variety of businesses, no matter how big or little they are. It’s no surprise that email marketing continues to be a speedy and cost-effective tool to engage and nurture leads into loyal consumers, with some studies indicating a ROI of up to 3,800 percent.

As a result, email marketing solutions are essential in the arsenal of each marketer. With features and capabilities that expedite email communication and help you find eligible prospects and nurture those leads until you close transactions, these tools make the process of efficient email marketing easier.

But, with so many different types of email marketing software and platforms available today, where do you begin? Which tool will best fit your company’s specific requirements, and how can you tell one from the other?

We’ll look at four different sorts of email marketing tools in this article:

  • email is currently testing
  • email sending and scheduling,
  • as well as email cleaning.

Then, for each email marketing tool, we’ll give the five top solutions to help you narrow down your choices and choose the best one for your company.

Select the Most Effective Email Marketing Tools for Your Company


The design of an email differs significantly from the design of a web page. There are no recognised standards for displaying or presenting email in the email landscape. According to Litmus, each email can be rendered in over 15,000 different ways. This implies that email applications like Outlook and Google Mail each render an email in their own way. Problematic email software can distort your carefully created designs and language, lowering response rates and putting your emails at risk of being branded as spam.

Email testing software ensures that your message reaches its intended audience. It aids with text proofing, link checking, renderer testing, and spam filtering. Here are three of the most often used email marketing platforms for testing:

Mail Cake

Cake Mail is an A/B split testing tool that helps you enhance your open rates. It aids in the elimination of rendering issues such as invisible backgrounds, images vanish, typefaces change, round buttons become squares, and so on. Regardless of the device your readers use, you can generate attractive emails. Cake Mail also offers a “Spam Assassin” feature that ensures that emails don’t land up in spam folders rather than your subscribers’ inboxes.

Reach Mail

A/B testing options in ReachMail allow you to test up to five messages at once and analyze hard data before sending them out. You may create dynamic content that works across all devices, choose a sample size for the test, and analyze the findings. The A/B test reporting in ReachMail allows you to compare the results of each split, making it simple to choose the best performer and send it to your audience.


Litmus has great pre-send email testing options that can help you detect and fix problems before your message reaches your recipients’ inboxes. Simply link Litmus to your email marketing platform, and you’ll be given powerful capabilities to help you integrate, communicate, and assess your way to more effective email marketing. It combines dozens of manual processes into a single, seamless workflow, ensuring that the correct messages reach the right people at the right time. In every mailbox on any device, every email you send is error-free and on-brand.


Putsmail is an email marketing programme focused on HTML validation that was created by Litmus developers. It allows marketing teams to test several messages by sending them to separate mailboxes. Putsmail is a Chrome addon that allows you to send and receive emails.

Inbox Inspector

Inbox Inspector is a free email marketing tool that displays email previews in over 20 different email clients and devices. You may either copy and paste your HTML code into the application or send the email directly from your ESP to use the software. You can also examine how your email will look when images are prohibited using the email marketing software.


Using a scheduling programme to automate your email marketing campaign can improve its performance. You can segment your email list and send the correct message to the right prospect at the right time with good email marketing software for scheduling. That is where the beauty and power of automated email marketing lies. You can stay top-of-mind with your target audience as they go through their buyer’s journey by scheduling your emails ahead of time. Here are the top five email scheduling programmes you should consider using to streamline your sales process:


Mailshake is one of the best email marketing tools for sending messages because it provides excellent defaults when setting up your sending schedule, but you may change or alter them as needed. When you make changes to your scheduling or sending calendar, Mailshake automatically adjusts all of your active campaigns’ sending. You can also send emails as quickly as possible or spread them out over a time period you specify.


Events, holidays, new product releases, birthdays, and sales teams can all benefit from Activecampaign’s ability to schedule emails for a specified date and time. Segmentation allows you to personalize your emails and send targeted messages to the relevant people. You may also make your emails more engaging and personal by personalizing them based on whatever contact information you have.


For good reason, MailChimp is one of the greatest email marketing solutions available. It’s a one-stop shop with a comprehensive set of tools to help you write attractive, dynamic emails and build useful subscriber profiles that track your recipients’ responses to your communications.

MailChimp now includes a mobile app that lets you send emails, add new contacts, and view statistics for your lists while on the go. It can determine the best time to send emails based on subscriber time zones and other initiatives in real time. It also includes a configurable form and landing page builder, as well as drip tools for scheduling and sending email campaigns.


You can schedule and send emails directly from Gmail using HubSpot. You can send as many emails to as many different recipients or lists as you desire. Simply select the icon in the Gmail compose box that allows you to plan emails and set a time for them to be sent.

Scheduled emails are automatically kept as draughts, allowing them to be modified or edited at any moment before being sent on time. You may also use it to design templates based on your most successful emails, send sequence emails, and track opens, link clicks, and downloads.


User Engage allows you to send event-based emails that are triggered after a page view on your website and are sent on a specific date and time. You can also create segmented lists and add tags, allowing you to send emails to specific contacts and track the amount of emails opened, link clicks, downloads, and unsubscribes. UserEngage also lets you rate prospects and customers so that your email marketing and sales efforts are more targeted.


Email deliverability failure is one of the most prevalent causes of lost quality leads, according to email marketing service providers. Why? Because it is frequently the one that is overlooked. It occurs when the intended message is sent to the Spam folder instead of the recipient’s inbox. This happens when you send messages to inactive users or fall into spam traps.

This is when email marketing tools that allow you to sanitize your email list come in handy. List-cleaning software for email marketing To offer you with a new email list with quality, genuine email addresses, examine each email address in your list and eliminate all duplicate, invalid, and unsanitary email addresses. Choose from the following choices to get the finest email marketing software for cleaning your list:


Clearout’s robust features like duplicate removal, catch-all verification, syntax validation, blacklist verification, risk verification, and more help you maintain your sender reputation. The email marketing platform may be accessed from any device, making it convenient to utilize at any time.

Never Bounce

Never Bounce is widely regarded as the best email marketing software for cleaning and verifying email lists. Never bounce will categorize the IDs in your email list as Valids, InValids, Catchalls, Disposable, and Unknown after you upload it. The programme essentially shows all of the invalid email addresses in your list so you can eliminate them from your mailing list. Never Bounce claims to be able to sanitize your email list without any issues, regardless of how long it is.


Kickbox is a list-cleaning email marketing programme with a lot of cool features. It connects with other email marketing software to make your life easier. Drag and drop your email list into the cleaning tool, and it will perform the work for you automatically. You may quickly export the findings after cleansing your email list.


Another email marketing service is DataValidation, which allows you to clean and check emails en masse by simply submitting your contact list to their system. It thoroughly checks each and every email address using a variety of methods. Numerous ESP integrations, email list monitoring, multiple file uploads, real-time APIs, and batch verification are all available with DataValidation.

Quick Email Verification

Quick Email Verification is a drag-and-drop email verification programme as well. It includes full API automation as well as seamless integration with common email marketing platforms. Multiple upload formats, anti-greylisting technology, verification of up to 100,000 emails per hour, in-depth verification reports, and more are among the key features.

Utilize Email Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales Process

Today, email marketing solutions are essential for organizations of all types and sizes across all industries. Email marketing software enables organizations to build strong relationships with prospects and existing customers while keeping them informed throughout the buyer’s journey.

The majority of email marketing tools and platforms include all of the necessary functionality to create basic newsletters, and some even include advanced features without the need to switch to a paid plan. Even if you need to upgrade to meet your business’s goals, you’ll find that many email marketing solutions provide flexible and cheap plans that fit your budget.

Finally, the finest email marketing software for you is determined by your team’s goals as well as your company’s specific requirements. So, to get started, have a look at the tools we’ve listed above, as well as their features and pricing.