Because of the pandemic, your company, like many others, is still navigating unfamiliar ground. Should you scale back your marketing efforts if your firm suffers a setback?

No. Quite the reverse, in fact.

Small, medium, and enterprise organizations that are making a final push towards the end of the year will benefit from digital marketing. You can come closer to your end-of-year objectives using it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Put Your Money On Your Best Web Pages

Your website will always be your best business card, and SEO combined with analytics data can assist you figure out where to focus your efforts.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics rank your top-performing pages as well as the top search queries that lead visitors to your website. It won’t take long to analyze this, and you’ll have more time to plan.

Your SEO campaign approach should be built around your top-ranking pages. Choose the best based on views and search queries, and reoptimize them for content quality using on-page SEO strategies.

Fix your titles and meta descriptions, and restructure your content according to best SEO principles for readability (readable sentences, scannable, easy-to-skim content). Then go over the keyword strategy for these pages and make any necessary changes to the copy.

Always keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. Check to see whether the SEO-driven content you supply for your top-ranking pages and keyword queries may be matched or improved.

Repurpose Your Best Content in Content Marketing

Making content modular is a strategy that is underutilized. It’s just as important to think about how you deliver your content as it is to think about the content itself.

A How-to article may be turned into a series of infographics, or a textual case study could be turned into a short, informative film.

The next stage is to devise a distribution strategy for your content marketing.

Not only are LinkedIn and Twitter beneficial to B2C businesses, but they are also beneficial to corporate and B2B businesses.

Don’t underestimate Social’s organic strength. You may also use Facebook and Instagram stories, as well as your social feeds, if you’re releasing a huge report.

PPC And Email Marketing: Highlight Your Best Offers

We all know that connecting with other businesses for specialised items takes time, but PPC marketing kickstarts what you do strategically with SEO nonetheless. Examine your most effective keywords and concentrate on commercial search intent. You’ll be able to attract prospects who will be easier to progress down your sales funnel this manner.

Examine your bidding strategy carefully, whether it’s for Google Search and Display or social media advertising. At this point, you’re focusing on conversions rather than clicks and visits: signups, email subscriptions, and enquiries or quotation requests.

Take use of what your data informs you and concentrate.

If necessary, rebuild your audience lists.

Experiment with geolocation to reach out to local customers in key areas.

We understand that the pandemic has made many of your clients “always on,” but you can probably still figure out when they’re most likely to go online and see your adverts.

Refresh your ad creatives, both for brand and tactical campaigns, if you have the extra resources.

UX: Enhance the User Experience on Landing Pages

All of your digital marketing initiatives should include a call to action and a landing page for conversions.

Examine your client journey for each of your channels and make sure they’re ready to make a decision when they arrive on your landing page.

So they don’t have to scroll down to see your pitch, give them a compelling headline and effective lead-in material that’s above the fold.

Showcase your brand’s virtue through social evidence by using copy-driven or video testimonials, as we advised earlier.

This is certainly the finest time of year to cash in on your digital marketing promotional spending – earning those leads, finding new buyers, and signing new contracts.

It’s up to you whether you do it in-house or with the support of a digital marketing partner.

If you require assistance, please contact us or schedule an appointment to discuss your campaign requirements.