For Startups, Advanced SEO is Essential

  • Basic understanding of how to navigate the Internet and create Web pages, even if using a rudimentary page-building tool.
  • Even if you don’t know how to work with Web pages, this course will provide you the knowledge you need to manage an SEO team of Web developers.
  • You DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION… Because I’ll Teach You Everything You Need to Know About SEO!



Is your website listed in the Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search results for possible clients and site visitors? Is it possible to be at or near the top?

If that’s the case, this training can assist! You’ll have a solid understanding of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works and how you can utilise it to increase traffic to your website by the end of this course.

SEO That Works!

Search Engine Optimization appears to be a mysterious practise. There is a lot of misunderstanding, misinformation, and downright scams. But, at its core, SEO is rather straightforward, as this course demonstrates:

  • Picking the Best Keywords for SEO
  • Preparing Your Site, Including Avoiding Things that Hurt Your Site SEO
  • Understanding the Role of Content in SEO
  • Optimizing Your Pages – Meta Tags, Formatting Body Text & Images, etc.
  • Boosting SEO with Structured Data Markup
  • “Submitting” Your Site to Search Engines and Directories
  • Local-Search SEO
  • Understanding the Importance of Links in SEO and How they Work for You
  • Finding Places to Get Great Links to Your Site

Is This Course for You?

Perhaps you own a small business, and your online presence is critical to your success. Perhaps you’re a Web developer who wants to do a better job for your clients–and your clients do care about SEO!–or you’re in charge of your employer’s website and are under pressure to get it ranked in the search engines. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve hired an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm and aren’t sure if they’re doing a good job… If you’re ready to engage an SEO firm and have heard horror stories about SEO from friends and colleagues.

Whatever your situation, this course will guide you step-by-step through the process using common sense counsel and clear examples. Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science; there are some simple guidelines that, if followed, will lead to success.

Content and Overview

This seven-and-a-half-hour course, which includes 157 easy-to-understand lessons and 40 documents with connections to important resources, discusses the fundamentals of a successful SEO campaign.

You’ll learn about the importance of keywords in SEO, how to find out what people are searching for online and how frequently, and how to choose the best SEO keywords. You’ll also learn about what you can do to prepare your site so that it has the best chance of ranking well.

I’ll go through how to optimize the different crucial tags on your page, as well as the role of content – text – in your Web pages. You’ll also learn about structured data markup, which is a method of informing search engines about what the information on your website actually represents, such as products, software, reviews, people, music, articles, and more.

You’ll learn how to “submit” your site to search engines, how to deal with search directories, and how to use Webmaster accounts, specifically Google Search Console.

You’ll also learn about linking, which is frequently the most difficult aspect of SEO: acquiring links from other websites directing back to yours. I’ll go through why this is so crucial, how links should be organized, and how to obtain them in great detail.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a basic understanding of SEO and be able to optimize your own site or monitor SEO agencies to guarantee the job is done correctly.

SEO isn’t rocket science… or brain surgery. There is so much information regarding SEO on the Internet that it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, SEO is a rather straightforward process. Don’t let science deceive you. Kent walks you through simple SEO methods that actually work!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who own, manage, or construct websites…and are aware that they require SEO.
  • Excellent for Web developers who want to study SEO so they can improve the sites of their employers or clients.
  • People in charge of websites, even if they aren’t extremely technical, will benefit from the training in order to avoid the numerous SEO scams.
  • Whether optimising their own sites or using an SEO service, small business owners who desire increased traffic to their sites will find the course useful.
  • Businesses who use SEO agencies will be able to comprehend what the agencies should be doing… and whether or not they’re performing SEO correctly!
  • SEO knowledge is required for online marketers.

An understanding of how to use SEO to get a website to the top of the main search engines.

The skills you’ll need to run your own SEO or manage an SEO optimization team or an outsourced SEO service.

What you can expect?

This course includes:

  • 45 hours on-demand video
  • 53 articles
  • 10 downloadable resource
  • Digital access to all content
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Hands on practical assessments
  • Bonus course

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