Four SEO Techniques Every Digital Marketer Should Know


There are various sorts of SEO, each with its own set of methods. Here’s a rundown of the distinctions, along with instructions on how to use each one.

When it comes to SEO, there are various different types, and each one requires a somewhat different technique. I’ll break them down and give advice on how to use each one as part of a digital marketing strategy to assist highlight the distinctions.

Four SEO Approaches You Need

Local SEO

A local SEO strategy boosts the exposure of brick-and-mortar businesses when consumers in the business’s radius search on a mobile device or make a desktop search for items and services in a certain geographic area.

Keywords and phrases relating to companies in their neighborhood, city, community, or anything else relating to a specific location and its surrounding area will be included in local searches.

Local SEO strategies go beyond just your website and include things such as:

  • Attending chamber and community activities (and sharing about those events on your blog and social media)
  • Making a local presence on Google My Business, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Places for Business
  • Creating an account on top directory websites and uploading data to data aggregators

Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO functions similarly to the marine species, which attaches itself to a much larger solid surface and feeds on particles that float by in the ocean. A company with a low search ranking can connect to a much larger site with a much better search ranking and feed off of the search results they receive. When someone searches for the larger site, the smaller site that is linked to it can now be found within the larger site.

As an example, consider a Dallas-based plumbing company. We can all agree that Yelp would most likely rank better in search results than a local plumbing firm, therefore if the company focused portion of their SEO efforts on growing their number of good Yelp reviews, they would be attaching themselves to Yelp-like a barnacle to a ship. When someone searches for Yelp and plumbers Dallas, the company will be able to “feed” off Yelp users in search results. Yelp is one such example. Optimized profiles and company listings are another method.

Here is where to start:

  • Identify the sites that provide the most by running searches utilising the most popular terms, phrases, or categories in which the company competes.
  • Examine the sites and directories that typically appear at the top of those search results to assist you decide where to direct your efforts.
  • To get the best results, when looking for sites to include in your barnacle SEO plan, be creative and think outside the box.

National SEO

National SEO is the inverse of local SEO and would apply to firms that are not limited by a geographical place but may instead service everyone in the country. Amazon is a good example of a company that uses a nationwide SEO approach rather than a local one. They do not have a physical location to which they are attempting to drive traffic; instead, they sell items and services that can be purchased or used by anyone, anywhere.

A national SEO approach focuses on providing information to search engines so that consumers may find the business regardless of where they are looking.

To do this:

  • Remove or leave out any references to a specific location.
  • For example, instead of “digital marketing services Plano,” the focus would be “digital marketing services.”
  • Examine additional websites that appear in a national search and examine the aspects on their website.

One thing to consider when not incorporating a local focus in your SEO plan is that getting your business recognized with only a national focus can be difficult unless you can compete with large brands like Coke and Pepsi.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the backend of a website, and if you are unfamiliar with the backend, you should employ someone to assist you. You cannot afford to overlook technical SEO.

Technical elements:

  • Page load time, page optimization, and mobile friendliness are all factors to consider while developing a website.
  • Page titles and URLs, title tags, and picture titles and descriptions have all been optimised.
  • Keep an eye out for 301, 302, and 404 problems on the site.

This is only a summary of the technical components. There are plenty of others.

The most essential thing to remember is that whichever SEO strategies are employed, they must all complement the overall SEO strategy and digital marketing strategy in order for the company to rank higher in search results than the competitors.

As you can see, SEO is much more than simply putting keywords on a page. What kind of SEO methods have you been employing? Let’s talk about them and the outcomes you’ve been getting.

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