How does Email Marketing Compliment Your SEO Results

Emails will not have a significant impact on your SEO results, but the good news is that they can be used to drive them.

You may not have considered it in the way that you are about to read, but emails are a fantastic way to connect your SEO campaigns and raise your awareness. Google does not search through your entire newsletter list, and having a large number of MailChimp subscribers does not help your reputation. Emails, on the other hand, are still a great way to ensure that your audience stays with you and engages with your website or any other avenue you want them to. For anyone looking to boost their SEO efforts, here are three methods that are both underutilised and underappreciated.

Inspire Reader Engagement

Google will not rank you higher in SEO just because you sent out 50 emails with the same title; they are smarter than that. Including a plethora of resources relevant to your topic will earn you some points. Google wants to see people engaging with your content and leaving comments all over the place. Email is ideal for two things: interaction and engagement.

You may be posting articles on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which may result in some organic traffic, but your engagement will suffer eventually, if not immediately. Sending an email to your list and encouraging them to interact with your content will earn you lots of points and comments that Google will notice. Include a call to action encouraging visitors to leave comments. Any feedback is welcome, and responding to it is even more so to get the process started. For the best results, target specific users who comment frequently and interact with your content.


Use not only the engagement method described above, but also this one in conjunction. You must provide content that your subscribers can hook onto, similar to a fishing rod. Simply hoping that your emails will generate interaction is a time-consuming method that can be easily abandoned if the results are poor. Find ways to provide readers with content without having to remind them to click here or there and visit this page or that product, and then follow the examples below:

  • Include links to your articles and blog in your email, as well as a reminder that they should subscribe via RSS if they absolutely love it.
  • Readers who are interested can sign up for subscriptions to specific daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly content.
  • Add links to your YouTube channel and ask people to subscribe, and do the same for your social media accounts.

By connecting all of the above, you will be able to keep your readers engaged at their leisure, without you having to provide specific content to entice them in. It even works while you’re sleeping! If you use these methods, your search rankings will skyrocket now that people are visiting all of your accounts and content!

Saved Newsletter Content

Emails take time to write, no matter how short they are, and if you do it correctly, the time should be considerable. The issue is that no matter how much time and effort you put into your emails, Google doesn’t seem to care; or do they?

You can recycle any of your blog content and send it out as a newsletter to increase reengagement. Use the same content you’ve already created and related links to elicit some action. You don’t have to do anything else, and your old posts can be revived. It won’t be long before they’re shared on Facebook and Twitter.

You could provide an overview of the content on your posts or pages in a shorter newsletter. Include a headline, title, and subtitles, as well as a brief summary of the content. This is frequently the most popular method for getting a variety of engagement started across their webpages. The best part is that it works; we tried it ourselves and saw amazing results!

Increase your subscriber base while keeping your current ones satisfied (many may have missed your earlier content).

In Conclusion

It is now clear that using the aforementioned email marketing methods can significantly improve, if not raise, your SEO efforts on their own. Combine the methods mentioned above to create your own effective method and improve your SEO results.

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