How to Create a SEO Marketing Plan?

SEO Marketing Plan

Perhaps you’ve had a brilliant idea for a new service business or service… You might even be considered an expert in your field… Do you simply want to start and grow your own company but lack a marketing strategy?

Finding a cost-effective way to sell your service and build a customer base is just as (if not more!) important than having a great idea or expertise.

How Does Stridec Global Marketing Develop a SEO Marketing Plan?

Stridec will conduct a comprehensive competitive and competitor analysis on your company before establishing any marketing strategy. We will identify all of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can strategically structure your marketing campaign to take advantage of all of the discovered strengths while avoiding all of the discovered weaknesses.

It’s really that simple to duplicate business success. We’ll simply look for the most successful business models and emulate them. To achieve the ultimate business marketing plan and business model, we will need to invest time and money, but it is available for the taking. Using competitive analysis, we can combine elements from several successful systems to create the most effective marketing model for our clients’ businesses.

Local SEO, Google My Business Maps for the Small Business Owner

Stridec will find all of your industry-related Search Phrases (Keywords) for both Local Place and Maps (now known as GMB – Google My Business) and Local SEO efforts.

The words that your potential customer types into a search engine to find something on the internet are known as search phrases or keywords. Words with a lot of meaning are called search phrases. We use the intent and popularity of a search phrase as criteria for selecting search phrases for search engine optimization.

The link between you and potential customers is Search Phrases.

The importance of selecting ‘Buyer’ keywords to optimise is critical to your SEO success. It’s pointless to optimise your website for the search term “how to paint your house” if you’re a painting company; that’s the job of the painter!

No matter how many visitors your site receives as a result of that search term, they are all looking for information on how to do it themselves rather than hiring a contractor. It is far better to use key phrases and keywords like “Painter in Patna,” “Patna Painter,” or “Patna Painting Contractor.”

You may have found this website by searching for Patna SEO, SEO in Patna, Patna SEO marketing experts, Patna Business Consultants, or any of the other numerous keywords for which we have optimised this site. Because we do SEO work – but not to teach people how to do SEO – you would not have found this site by searching for the keyword “how to do SEO.” As a result, the keywords should be tailored to what you’re selling and the type of customer you’re looking for.

The Basics of doing SEO in Patna

Web pages that are optimised for SEO are well-organized. They have a main heading and subheadings, and the content or words within each heading and subheading are related to the company.

When writing a page, the most basic, bare-bones layout we use is a main heading with two subheadings. However, as the domain becomes more competitive, we become more elaborate. There could be a main heading and four or five sub headings, each with nested sub headings and sub headings in the sub headings and sub headings in the sub–sub headings.

Why is there so much emphasis on the headings? For starters, search engines give more weight to the words in the headings. As a result, we always include our primary keyword in the main heading.


The sub and sub-sub headings are used to organise our secondary and latent semantic keywords.

The html tags h1>, h2>, and h3> are used to designate headings on web pages. Etc.

The top heading is designated by the h1> tag.

The words Google expects to find on a webpage relating to your business words and phrases that they would expect to find together are known as latent semantic keywords.

For example, you would expect to see words and phrases like “keyword,” “ranking,” “web page,” and “Google” when reading about Patna SEO and search engine optimization, and Google does as well. In the eyes of the big G, the presence of latent semantic words in your copy helps to validate the content and legitimacy of your web pages…

I warned you that this was the geeky part, but if you’re interested, keep reading; if not, contact us and we’ll get started on your business.

Crawl errors, check the robots.txt, check duplicate content, check duplicate meta-tags, geographic targeting to the correct country/state/city location, update the sitemap, increase relevancy of any existing keywords, have the maximum amount of internal linking for all pages, make the website’s complete structure Check for low-quality pages that are SEO friendly. Create a Google My Business post, a contact page, and a thank you page after the contact page.

On-page checklist, title description, keyword targets, landing page, missing title, non-informative title, contextual linking, alt tags, footer links, canonical issues, HTML site map, XML site map, KML file, content check, Google Webmaster, Google analytics, Bing Webmaster, check forms, check thank you page link, broken link check, browser compatibility, cross browser compatibility, IP address chnage, IP address chnage I warned you – this is geeky stuff…

Your competitors aren’t going to do any/all of this!

Need help with getting your business found online? Stridec is a top SEO agency in Singapore that can help you achieve your objectives with a structured and effective SEO programme that will get your more customers and sales. Contact us for a discussion now.