2019 is quickly approaching, and it’s time to assess your SEO techniques to see if they’re still effective. You must be prepared with updated and enhanced SEO methods for the future year.

Because you have invested a significant amount of time and resources in SEO, it is critical to determine whether your techniques are effective. This will allow you to better allocate your resources. Because SEO is a continuous and continuing process, it is critical to remain at the top of your game.

Google’s algorithms are updated and changed regularly. As a result, you must ensure that your material remains at the top when compared to your competitors.

Do you want to know how to tell if your SEO approach is working?

This essay will discuss the most critical metrics to observe and monitor when it comes to SEO techniques. These will assist you in determining whether or not your SEO techniques are effective.

1. Keyword Rankings

This is one of the simplest KPIs for tracking the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Your goal is to boost your website’s ranks by using keywords related to your business. As a result, it makes perfect sense to keep track of your website’s ranks for certain keywords.

You can also run a manual Google search for the most important terms. The results will show you where your website ranks in search engines.

However, if you want a more in-depth view of your website’s ranks, you should use tools. SEMrush and other similar tools will provide a thorough view of your website’s ranking for all keywords.

The tool’s Organic Search Position report will provide you with an overview of all keywords. The locations of the keywords in which they rank will be included in the summary. Use these reports regularly to track changes in your website’s visibility.

2. Organic Traffic

One of the most significant metrics for measuring the performance of your SEO strategies is organic traffic. The overall traffic data might help you comprehend your website’s overall performance. The organic traffic data, on the other hand, will show you the direct impact of SEO methods on your website.

Remember that the primary purpose of SEO is to raise the visibility of your website. As a result, if your SEO methods are effective, the number of visitors to your website should improve.

Google Analytics may be used to acquire organic traffic data. Navigate to “Acquisition,” then to “Overview,” and last to “Organic Search.”

The acquisition report shows you how much organic traffic your website receives every month. The monthly reports will assist you in comprehending the impact of your SEO techniques. You can also specify a time window to obtain a more comprehensive picture of your organic traffic.

3. Bounce Rate

The importance of quality content in your SEO strategies cannot be overstated. So, to see if your material is working for you, you should track your bounce rate.

Your bounce rate is a useful statistic for determining whether your website’s information meets your visitors’ expectations.

If your visitors leave rapidly and visit other pages from search results, your bounce rate will be high. This means that the page on which your visitors land lacks important information.

However, a low bounce rate suggests that your web pages include information that is relevant to your visitors. This can help your web pages obtain high rankings in search engine results and help you meet your SEO objectives.

The following is a broad breakdown of bounce rates:

  • A bounce rate of less than 30% is excellent!
  • Bounce Rate between 35% and 60% — This is average performance, therefore there is no need to be concerned. However, you should look for ways to improve the content on your web pages.
  • Bounce rate of 70% or above – This is quite high. You must assess your website and, if necessary, contact an expert to assist you.

4. Domain Authority

One of the most significant aims of SEO is to achieve a high Domain Authority. However, manually assessing the impact of links obtained on your website is impossible. As a result, tools like Website Authority Checker exist to make the process easier and more pleasant.

It is simple to use. All you need to do is type in your domain name. And the tool will assign a score to your site ranging from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the more authoritative your domain is.

Constantly checking your Domain Authority will allow you to determine whether or not your SEO strategies are effective. It will also aid in the credibility of your website.

5. Conversion Rates

Your conversion rate is also an important factor for determining the efficiency of your SEO methods and determining if they are working for your brand. Why? Because conversion rates are directly proportional to revenue creation.

One of the primary objectives of SEO is to produce high-quality leads and improve sales. Without a question, it is a critical indicator for determining the overall performance of your SEO initiatives.

To track conversions, you may use Google Analytics and create custom goals. Goals can be established for email newsletter signups, lead form submissions, and online transactions. Alternatively, you can put up any type of conversion objective for your organization.

This will allow you to track the actions that your website visitors take. Based on this, you can make the necessary changes to fulfill your objectives.

The following is a broad breakdown of conversion rates:

  • A conversion rate of 3.5 percent or more is fantastic! This is an excellent conversion rate.
  • Conversion Rate between 1% and 3% — If you own a non-eCommerce business, a conversion rate in this range is acceptable. However, there is still room for development.
  • Conversion Rate between 0% and 1% — If your website conversion rate is 1% or less, you need to pull your socks up since you are losing high-quality leads. If necessary, seek the assistance of a specialist.

6. Referring Domains and Backlinks

New backlinks and referring domains are two more indicators to consider in addition to Domain Authority. All new links to your website that you have obtained are considered new backlinks. And referring domains are those from which you receive fresh backlinks.

Although these indicators may appear to be related to one another, it is nevertheless crucial to keep track of them all. To properly monitor these metrics, you can utilize Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker tool.

Every new backlink you obtain has a favorable effect on your Domain Authority. Backlinks from new, high-authority domains, on the other hand, will have a higher influence than links from websites that have previously linked to you.

You must track these two indicators to get an overall picture of your link-building efforts. They will also assist you in determining whether or not your SEO methods are effective.

If you aren’t already tracking these KPIs, now is the time to start.

7. Page Speed

When evaluating the efficacy of your SEO strategy, page speed is a crucial measure to consider. It is critical to focus on the user experience you deliver to boost your search engine results. The better the user experience, the more likely it is that a visitor will become a customer. And how quickly your web pages load is critical to providing an outstanding user experience.

As a result, you must optimize your web pages for speed. Check to see if any new modifications you make to your website affect the loading speed of your web pages. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to monitor your page speed.

This application will assist you in monitoring some technical characteristics of your web page, such as the upload time in DCL and FCP. However, if you are unfamiliar with these technical phrases, you may just compare your results to Google’s optimization score.

In any case, it will give you a good idea of how long it takes your web pages to load. You may then use this data to detect problems and improve the user experience even further.

8. Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate is one of the most useful measures for determining whether or not your SEO techniques are successful. It enables you to determine how well your pages capture the attention of users.

This also aids in the evaluation of the quality of your meta descriptions and title tags for your web pages. In search engine results, these two crucial characteristics display alongside your site pages. Users select whether or not to visit your website depending on these elements.

If your click-through rate is low, you may need to improve your meta descriptions and title tags.

9. Pages Per Session

Pages per session is another useful metric for measuring the success of your SEO strategy. This number reveals how effective your site’s funnel and navigation are, as well as how engaging your website content is.

If the number of pages per session is high, it shows that your website’s users are visiting several pages. And a low count suggests that your website’s content is not engaging and intriguing enough for users to visit.

It may also suggest that your website’s navigation is inadequate. Users may leave your website if they are unable to find new content due to poor navigation.

But how will you calculate the number of pages every session? Simple. You can do this with Google Analytics.

10. Local Visibility

If you manage local SEO operations, it is critical to track local exposure. It is one of the most effective measures for determining whether or not your SEO techniques are effective.

You must keep an eye on the following metrics to ensure that organic traffic is coming from the appropriate people.

  • Session Location

You must pinpoint the precise location from which your online sessions originate. This can assist you in determining the local traffic to your website.

  • Google Maps Rankings

To track your Google Map ranks for your business, you’ll need to select a rank tracker tool.

  • Insights into Google My Business (GMB)

Set up GMB Insights to track how frequently your company’s page shows in local search results.

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