Google receives about 63,000 queries per second, or 228 million per hour and 5.6 billion per day, according to estimates. This implies that practically everyone is now online; whether it’s for amusement or information, the internet is where it’s at. With more than 70% of Filipinos getting online on a regular basis, the Philippines is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to populating the internet. These figures signify opportunity for a digital marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner. Not only does your company need to be online, but it also has to be noticed online.

As a result, SEO marketing has become a critical component of business. However, many businesses are still unaware of its significance. In most situations, they see the necessity for SEO on their website when they notice how their online visibility and, ultimately, revenues are impacted by a lack of it.

What they don’t realise is that SEO should be a key factor when creating the layout of your website, not a secondary consideration. SEO, when done correctly, brings potential clients to your business by positioning your site towards the top of search engine results pages.

When creating your website, keep SEO in mind.

A website’s primary objective is to drive visitors and generate leads for your company. However, in order to achieve those objectives, your website must not only look attractive, but also be visible to the people who matter to your organisation. The optimal recipe for a website to drive traffic and social media shares is to nail these two combinations. Assume you’re working as an SEO consultant for car dealerships. As a digital marketer, you should already be aware that your website may be an effective lead generation tool. Optimize it for your target niche, supply them with useful information, and see how much more revenue you generate.

A responsive website and SEO go hand in hand. Web crawlers may simply scan and explore pages on a website that adheres to SEO standards. It ensures the initial step to the site’s online presence by making the site recognisable to search engines.

This necessitates meticulous and deliberate planning. If visitors find it difficult to browse your website, or if consumers find it difficult to learn about your company even after they’ve seen it, expect them to click away and maybe visit a competitor’s site.

As Part Of A Redesign, Optimize Your Website

Even if you already have a website, it’s not too late to incorporate SEO into it. In reality, this provides an opportunity to improve it. When your website isn’t generating as many leads as you’d like, it’s time for an upgrade. Consider crucial issues like user experience and interface, mobile optimization, and proper web design concepts that reflect your brand while revamping your website.

You must, however, exercise caution when rebuilding your website. Due to a variety of factors, most businesses who redesign their websites see a large decline in traffic. It could be due to abrupt changes in content or target keywords, even if the site already ranks for them. All of the site’s ranking advantages could be essentially erased if the procedure is badly conducted. This is the worst-case situation for your website, and you don’t want it to happen. Work with recognised digital marketing organisations to avoid any blunders. This will ensure that you obtain the best-looking design for your business, as well as secure and up-to-date SEO services.

 How to Include SEO in Your Site Redesign

While numerous SEO training programmes may have given you an idea of your site’s problematic areas, it is recommended to do a full SEO audit of your website that will help you uncover all of its strengths and flaws. This is the first thing you should ask a website development firm for if you’re working with them.

Examine the keywords you’re tracking and see if there are any other keywords you could target and rank for. You might also want to strategically include some important keywords in your URL. This will help you gain authority and enhance your click-through rate dramatically (CTR).

Make sure your site is simple to navigate, doesn’t take too long to load, and is mobile-friendly. Remember that mobile devices account for the bulk of internet traffic, which means that the majority of your potential clients are looking for you and your content on their phones. A front-end-optimized website will also encourage people to stay and explore your page. Otherwise, they will exit your website right away.

Plan Your Success Carefully And Strategically

The benefits of SEO won’t appear overnight, but a well-thought-out and well-executed site will yield incredible results. And, because rankings and algorithms are constantly changing and evolving, your site’s SEO strategy should as well.

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