How to Use Reels in Your Marketing Strategy?

How to use reels in your marketing strategy

The years when social networks were just that – social networks and a way to connect with friends – are long gone. Over the last decade, social networks have become an integral part of our lives and our daily lives. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in the last few years TikTok, have not only changed the way we communicate but also the way we consume content, including marketing content.

To make the long story short: these days, social media platforms are an unavoidable aspect of marketing.

Short-form Videos

However, it is not social networks that determine the direction in which communication and consumption of content will go, but users. It is the brands, i.e. their marketing content, that are directed and changed according to the trends that users establish. The wonderful thing that social networks have enabled us is two-way communication between the brand and the users, and that is, in fact, the essence of their existence.

A social network should not be used to house a creator’s audience. To establish your creative business, you spend endless hours each week growing your audience. Through back-and-forth comments on your posts or dialogues in your direct messages, you get to know your audience. Your true fans are identified by their usernames. However, if social media sites choose to favor paid ads over organic postings or change the type of material they push to the explore pages, all of your hard work could be in vain. Your viewers will be unaware that they are not seeing your stuff as frequently as they formerly were.

You do not ever want to hand social media platforms complete control over your brand. Creators should keep their consumers on an email list so that they have immediate access to their fans no matter what happens on social media. You can deliver newsletters, updates, and product promotions to your email list. Email lists created with systems like VerticalResponse, which allow for more comprehensive template modification, assure the sustainability of your creator business.

However, there is no doubt that video has become an indispensable part of every social media marketing strategy for several years now. Short videos are nothing new because they became incredibly popular when Vine appeared, and from the moment Vine ceased to exist, a huge gap remained to be filled. TikTok and Instagram took advantage of this opportunity, so now we have platforms that offer great options for easily creating short video content. It is this ease of creation that has raised the popularity of this type of content. Instagram Reels is one such feature introduced by Instagram.

Instagram Reels, which appeared in August 2020, has quickly become one of the hottest current post formats on the platform. TikTok is related to reels. Users can record, edit, and post short videos that include audio, pace, and visual effects. Adopt Instagram Reels as a way to use built-in features to create interesting and trendy films. Reels, unlike stories, are permanent and available on the Explore page to all Instagram users. Users can produce 60-second movies and share them on Instagram.

What Are the Benefits of Using Instagram Reels?

  • Reels include short videos that quickly capture the interest of potential customers.
  • Because reels are displayed on Instagram’s Explore page, using them will help you raise brand exposure.
  • Reels has a plethora of video editing options. This will save you time, effort, and money.
  • Reels are more effective in increasing engagement than articles and stories.
  • Reels can be shared and re-posted on Instagram (and on the remainder of social outlets as posts and stories).

We will go over five great strategies for employing Instagram Reels for promotion in this article.

User-generated Stuff Can Be Shared

User-generated content, or UGC, is original content about your brand contributed by customers. It may be tagged, mentioned, or shared on Instagram by your consumers. Focus on distributing user-generated content because it represents real customer experiences and increases your brand’s trustworthiness.

It is important to remember that your clients are micro-influencers. They will assist you in reaching a huge audience. You do not even need to develop your own material; simply choose acceptable UGC and share it.

More than almost any other promotion, your audience trusts content provided by your consumers. So, to fill your feed, turn a UGC reel into an Instagram reel or share a UGC reel as a reel. As a result, you may use UGC in your Instagram Reels to increase interaction.

Display Your Goods

Displaying your product’s features while also promoting it is known as showcasing your product. You may do this by using Instagram reels. You can develop innovative videos to emphasize the benefits of your product.

Your audience will be able to tell your products from those of your competitors if you use creative reels. Also, Reels will be more advantageous now that they appear on Instagram’s Explore page. Your clips will be visible to anyone who is not following you. They will buy your stuff once they are drawn to it. In the caption, you can include a link to your product’s purchase page.

Simply put, demonstrating your service is a terrific approach to enlighten your audience about how to utilize it and attract potential buyers.

Undergo a Comprehensive Analysis

Before you start making Instagram reels, do a lot of research. Examine and inquire about the preferences of your target audience. Their demographic information, psychological information, and other information should be included in the study. These are crucial for determining consumer personas and getting a thorough understanding of your target market. Organize your reels depending on the specific interests of your target audience.

Spend more time concentrating on reels that will be seen by your target demographic. Also, before commencing your plan, consider the tactics of your competitors. It is also vital to figure out what is popular in terms of music or reel format.

Select Reels Hashtags That Are Relevant to Your Niche

On hashtag pages, reels will grab people’s attention. Hashtags will assist your clips to stand out and expand your audience. Using trending hashtags will help you reach a wider audience with your clips.

Pick hashtags that are relevant to your content and niche. Examine hashtags that will help your audience stand out. You can also undertake competition research for this. For your reels, try to include both low and high-competition hashtags. Examine the popularity and search volume of the hashtags you’re employing.

Choose a Good Time to Publish Your Reels

To figure out how to beat the Instagram reel algorithm, you will need to figure out when the optimal time is to upload your reels. It is a little tough, but it will boost your Instagram engagement and views.

Consider your target audience’s location and the moment they are awake to determine the optimal timing. When your readership is most likely active, post your clips on Instagram. It is preferable to schedule your Reels in advance and upload them on a regular basis. Use trending audio for your reels, air high-quality videos, employ vertical video format, and use trending filters, in addition to the preceding ideas.


After all, you want to make sure that the content on your reels is interesting. Make an effort to connect with your audience on a personal level. It will boost your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. Keep in mind that these brief videos have a good impact on your company’s image.

So get to work on something creative and fun. Best of luck…