Important SEO Tools that help you reorganise and improve your website

For us, there is no such thing as an impossibility. Mankind is capable of resolving any problem. We, on the other hand, seek comfort and don’t want to work nonstop. We require technologies that will relieve us of our everyday job so that we may concentrate more on tasks that will provide results. Many tools have been created to help with the added effort. We’ll talk about free SEO tools for website optimization in this article.

SEO is a crucial duty in the world of digital marketing. It is the only reliable source of long-term revenue.

In SEO, there are a variety of tactics and strategies to use. To improve your search engine rating, you must study and execute them on your website. Analyzing the entire website, devising a plan, and then updating the pages one by one is a common process. This is why we require the assistance of certain beneficial tools that will help us improve our abilities.

There are several free and commercial tools available to assist you with the activities listed above. We’ve spoken about several free tools that can help you improve your website in this article.

We’ve categorized the tools into five different segments:

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Implementation Tools
  • Rank and Link Checker Tools
  • Page Analytics Tools
  • Content Creation Tools

Keyword Research Tools

Google search engine:

Although there are several SEO tools available, the Google search engine is the most reliable and accessible. It may be used for a variety of purposes, including keyword suggestions, title suggestions, image suggestions, weather reports, Word dictionaries, translators, and so on. Keyword > Keyword > Keyword > Keyword > Keyword > Keyword site:example Using this method, we may obtain all of the pages on that website that discuss the term mentioned.

–keyword2> During this procedure, Google only displays results for sites that contain the term Keyword and excludes sites that contain the word keyword2.

There are a number of ways to make the Google search engine work better for you. All of them should be tried.

Google keyword planner:

The Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that helps you come up with new keyword ideas as well as keyword phrases. Different criteria, such as country, language, and date range, can be used to search for keywords.

This programme may also be used to determine the seasonality of certain keywords. You may look at search statistics by month to see when the ideal time is to promote your items.

It’s a stealthy tool that’s utilised to obtain notifications on the terms you’ve chosen. It displays the most recent news, topics, or other relevant articles relating to a specific term. To stay on top of what’s going on in your business, set up an alert for your competitor’s brand name or your product name.

Implementation Tools:

Google tag manager:

The Google Tag Manager is a tool that assists you in creating various tags for your website. It enables you to add or change conversion tracking, site analysis, remarketing, and many other tags. Google Tag Manager ensures error-free tagging without the need for technical assistance.

Google has also produced a comprehensive tutorial to assist you in learning how to use the tool.

Google Structured Data:

Organized Data is a programme that saves organisational data in a file and provides it to Google in a structured format. The vocabulary is used. There are a variety of structured data formats accessible, which can qualify your material for various search functions.

Google search console:

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console are two distinct names for the same item. You may upload your sitemap, robot.txt file, index and crawl new pages, verify backlinks, optimise site performance, and search top keywords related to particular pages, among other things. This file provides all of the information you’ll need to monitor your organic traffic.


SEOmator’s online SEO audit tool scans a website’s whole content and gives detailed metrics and How-to-Fix suggestions for SEO components like:

  • Content Quality
  • HTML Tags
  • Internal Links
  • Structured Data
  • Site Structure
  • Social Media
  • Backlinks
  • Organic SERP Presence

SEO audit tool has various unique features, like White Label Fully Customized Reports with How-to-Fix suggestions, a Monitoring Alerts Tool, and Bulk Processing at lower costs.

Raven tools:

Raven Tools is a schema generator that allows you to generate a precise schema for your website. It is mostly for web designers to better understand and apply.

Rank and Link Checker Tool

SERP Keyword rank checker:

The PageRank Checker tool may be used to determine your domain’s ranking. It’s even more intriguing when you realise that PageRank Checker will also show you the local rank for the keywords. Backlinks are used to determine Google PageRank. A higher PageRank is the consequence of more backlinks. As a result, we can calculate the worth of backlinks using this tool.

Broken link checker:

Brokenlink Checker is a programme that may help you determine whether or not your website’s backlinks are broken. Websites with a high number of dead links lose ranking since they degrade the site’s performance.

If your domain has a large number of inbound and outgoing connections, it is necessary to keep track of them. The backlinks checker tool allows you to assess your off-page SEO efforts by checking all of the links.

Page Analytics Tools:

Google page speed insight:

It is a very useful Google tool that allows us to assess page loading speed and get ideas for improving page mistakes for mobile and desktop devices. The Page Speed insights tool assists us in optimising page loading time, site speed, and user experience.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most frequently used analytics tool for analysing a website’s whole content. The following are the basic categories in which parameters can be measured:

  • Who came to your website (Audience data, demographics etc.)
  • How did they come to your website (Source, Medium etc.)
  • What did they do on your website (Landing page, time spent, bounce rate, Goal Conversions etc.)

Page analyzer:

A crucial SEO tool is Page Analyzer. It directs us through the process of analysing page metrics. There are a variety of free Page analysis tools available. We can track website traffic, top searched phrases, and much more using this application. We can assess the present condition of website data, visitors, and traffic to determine which areas need to be improved.

Content Creation Tools:

Google trends:

Google Trends displays popular themes and news, which may help you come up with content marketing ideas. It aids in the development of our content marketing strategy and the identification of themes that will create traffic.

CopyScape / Plagiarism checker:

This tool is quite beneficial to content authors. It’s crucial to double-check if your information is original or curated from other sources. If there is any plagiarism, a plagiarism checker can assist us enhance the material. It indicates how much information is copied and how much is original. After that, you may make the necessary adjustments and publish it.

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