Integrated Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO is Complex. So Are Our Strategies.

What exactly is it about our strategies that makes them so effective and efficient? A variety of factors other than search engine optimization are taken into account. In addition to considering all of the important search engine optimization factors, there are numerous other aspects of online marketing that influence your organic search rankings in addition to traditional search engine optimization strategies. It is important to maintain a social presence and to engage in physical activity. It is critical to consider the type of paid advertising you use as well as the location where it is displayed. Traditional offline advertising, such as billboards or television commercials, can have an impact on your organic search rankings, as can the language you use in online advertising.

During the strategy-development process, we take into account your company as a whole, your short- and long-term goals, as well as your timeline and available resources, in order to develop an approach that integrates seamlessly with, and even enhances, all of your other marketing initiatives and initiatives. Whether your team is working in-house or for a third-party agency, a fantastic road map will be provided for them to follow moving forward in their careers.

Generally speaking, an SEO strategy can be broken down into the following components (although the specific components will vary depending on your company’s specific requirements as well as its timeline, goals, and available resources):

  • On-Site Optimization –It is possible for us to provide detailed recommendations on how to improve the structure of your website in order to better serve both search engines and users. This includes on-site SEO elements, recommendations for usability and conversion optimization, site architecture, Schema markup, page load speed, and other aspects of website optimization.
  • Content Growth Strategy – Detailed recommendations on how to improve the structure of your website so that it serves both search engines and users can be provided by us. Included are on-site SEO elements, recommendations for usability and conversion optimization, site architecture, Schema markup, page load speed, and other relevant factors.
  • Link Building Outline – Using link profiles from sites that are currently ranking at the top of search engine results pages in your specific space, we can create a reverse engineering report that we can compare with your own. This enables us to tell you not only what you need to do to rank competitively, but also how to get far, far ahead of your ranking competitors in terms of search engine visibility.
  • Social Media for SEO – We can provide you with a plan for your social media efforts that will be optimised for search engine results. The platforms that are most appropriate for your space, the type of content and messages that should be used on each platform, and much more will be discussed.

Strategy Deliverables May Include:

  • SEO Strategy Document –It is delivered as an enhanced PDF file when the strategy is complete. In addition to the strategy itself, it contains links to a wide variety of resources that can be used to assist in the implementation of the changes that we have recommended. Every SEO Strategy engagement includes this service as a standard.
  • Keyword Research Document –We take great pride in the documents we produce based on our keyword research. We do a great deal of research to identify keywords that we believe will add real value to the bottom line in the long run. The keyword research will be delivered along with the audit if your strategy is being done in conjunction with one of our audits.
  • On-Site SEO Guide – This guide, which is extremely detailed, will assist your team in putting your new strategy into action.. If your strategy is being implemented in conjunction with an audit, the SEO audit deliverable will include an integrated SEO guide as part of the SEO audit deliverable.


  • $6,000 – Standalone
  • $3,500 – If done with an SEO audit 

The search engine optimization strategy we develop for you will provide you with a crystal clear road map to guide your company’s online marketing efforts for years to come, and we are confident that you will see results.

Last But Not Least:

Additionally, all strategies include up to one hour of review and consulting time via phone, Skype, Google Hangout, and other similar methods.

We require payment in full before beginning any audit or strategy services. Because of numerous problems with checks in the past, we no longer accept payments other than through PayPal (credit card, debit card, E-Checks and bank transfer.)

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