Is Keyword Research Still Important for SEO

Keyword Research

It might be tempting to overlook keyword research when developing an SEO plan for your company. It’s your company, therefore you should be aware of the terms people use to discover you online, right?

The fascinating thing about keyword research is that we can learn a lot about the words and phrases people use when searching online – and it’s often quite different from what we expect.

You could also believe that search engines value terms less than they used to, but those assumptions should be questioned as well.

The fact is that keyword research is still crucial for SEO, and I would say that it is the most essential phase in the process.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why this is important.

You Could Choose the Wrong Keywords

You could be utilising the wrong terms for your business if you don’t do keyword research. One of the initial phases in the SEO process is research, therefore getting it wrong (or not completing it at all) will lead to disappointment.

Poorly selected keywords include ones that include:

  •      Low Search Volume
  •      Incorrect Usage

There are few to no persons searching for keywords with minimal search traffic. The content linked with these keywords is unlikely to be found since no one searches for it using those phrases.

High-competition keywords indicate that your content may take a long time to rank, or it may never rank at all. For this term, there are just too many different pages to choose from.

Visitors who do click through are unlikely to stay on your website if you pick keywords that have no relevance to your content. This raises your page’s bounce rate, which has a negative influence on SEO.

Your content may not even be found in organic search if you use the specified keywords improperly on your page.

Keyword research is crucial for SEO since it allows you to view the volume and competition statistics for the phrases you’re considering. It also supports any future adjustments you might need to make to your chosen keywords.

Keyword research provides valuable information on search volume and competitiveness.

Keywords Give Information about Your Pages

After you’ve finished your keyword research, you’ll start assigning the best keywords to each page of your website. Keep in mind that the keywords you select must be relevant to the website and utilised correctly.

Keywords are important for SEO because they assist search engines understand what your website is about. These keywords are used in a variety of ways to help your optimization efforts, including on-page and off-page SEO.

However, without the framework that keyword research provides, you won’t be able to communicate the tale of your website to search engines. It’s that critical!

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Research is the Backbone of Keyword Clustering

Keyword clustering is gaining popularity in SEO since it allows you to optimise a single page for several keywords while also increasing your ranking potential.

However, before you can begin clustering, you must first do keyword research. To develop a core subject, seek for particular themes within your keywords, such as this:

Keywords can be thematically grouped into a core subject with relevant subtopics using research. To help your sites rank higher in search engines, you may create your content around these main subjects.


Keyword research is still quite important for both your SEO strategy and your search engine ranking success. You might be selecting the incorrect keywords without it, resulting in little to no traffic to your pages. You can start driving more traffic to your website, engaging more people, securing conversions and income, and – most importantly – constantly improving your rankings and possibilities to reach more and better audiences with it. Explore our Digital Marketing Training programme to discover more about various digital marketing methods.

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