Process of Search Engine Optimization

How do we approach SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a difficult and ongoing process that necessitates the leadership and management of a highly competent search engine marketer. We will assist you in developing your own SEO strategy and will train you on SEO concepts regularly so that it becomes a natural part of your content/site development process.

Introductions to how we engage clients, as well as each of the four critical steps of our tried-and-true SEO approach, are provided below:

Discovery & Audits

Our initial step is to meet with you to learn about your company, requirements, and ambitions. Then, in comparison to your top competitors, we evaluate your strengths and shortcomings. We then execute a variety of SEO audits, including:

  • Technical Audit 
  • Authority Audit
  • Content Audit 
  • Velocity Audit (Competitor) 
  • Social Auditing
  • Audit of Local Search (if appropriate)

SEO Strategy

At a high level, we will collaborate with your team to guarantee that your organization’s objectives are realized through customer journey-focused search tactics and ongoing planning.

Following on from the SEO Audit findings, we do extensive industry, competition, and keyword research to make you aware of the present and future risks, as well as methods we may assist you in capitalizing on both immediate and long-term opportunities.

We will create an SEO Action Plan based on the audits, the results of this further research, and your defined goals to prioritize and plan out SEO actions based on value, complexity, resources, budget, and competition.

The Content Theme Strategy (CTS), which lays the groundwork for future SEO implementation, is one of our critical strategic services. The CTS serves as a beginning point for a concentrated content marketing program, providing keyword recommendations, discipline, and focus for your content generation activities.

Aside from that, we provide a variety of strategic enterprise SEO consulting services, such as a Business Opportunity Assessment, which helps you understand your market share (by theme, top keywords, and long-tail keywords) and how much monetary value exists that can be capitalized on with SEO to lower your overall CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). This exercise allows you to assess the high potential ROI of SEO, and we can assist you in creating a clear business case for your executive team to clearly comprehend the importance of investing in SEO.

SEO Implementation

To begin, configure and administer search marketing analytics and tracking tools.

Next, link your strategy to tactics and assist in completing tasks using industry-leading methodologies. Provide content recommendations and maintain a content roadmap that combines internally driven content objectives with our recommendations aimed at satisfying your audience’s demands throughout their customer journey.

In addition, continuously, apply documented SEO tasks and adjustments. This will most likely include the creation of numerous types of content (e.g., text, photographs, infographics, video, slide decks, ebooks, pdf, podcasts) that will be distributed through one or more channels (e.g. your website, social, email, blogs, and other websites).

Implement local search marketing methods to increase exposure if necessary.

SEO Optimization

Monthly monitoring and measurement of SEO success allow us to examine progress, validate efforts, and continue to learn to respond to changes in your business, industry, and rivals.

To monitor and demonstrate success, our team employs SEO Analysis as well as executive visualizations and dashboards. Depending on the scope of your project, you can share these spectacular real-time SEO data with key stakeholders to boost buy-in and excitement about SEO efforts.

SEO Training

Custom SEO training and governance are provided to assure standards, consolidated resources, effective processes, and developing corporate SEO and digital marketing maturity. Standards and guidelines are created specifically for your sector, business objectives, and marketing execution.

In addition, to make the most of your team’s resources, we offer continuous or ad hoc training to educate them on our SEO methodology, strategy, techniques, best practices, and tools.


You must evolve and adapt. SEO is not a one-time solution; it must be a continuous effort to sustain and develop a competitive advantage and drive significant qualified traffic that immediately benefits corporate income.

We have set processes to assist you in the benchmark, measure success, and improve your SEO Maturity over time to better explain the immediate and long-term value we help businesses achieve in SEO. This helps stakeholders understand how we are assisting you in meeting your objectives and adding value through training and governance, both of which have long-term effects on company success.

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