Digital Marketing


Real estate agents, hoteliers, and resort owners are increasingly relying on digital marketing. These businesses, who previously relied on traditional marketing, are increasingly relying on SEO for real estate and other digital solutions to promote their properties, with objectives ranging from increased awareness and visibility to increased sales, bookings, and reservations.

Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known brands in the Philippine real estate sector to discover how they use digital marketing to their advantage in this article.

Megaworld Corporation is making the transition from traditional to digital marketing.

Megaworld, as one of the country’s largest real estate companies, has all of the resources necessary to utilise and maximise every marketing channel. Harold Geronimo, Megaworld’s AVP and Head of Public Relations and External Affairs, revealed earlier this year in an interview with Orange Magazine that the company has begun to change from traditional advertising approaches to digital alternatives. In their marketing approach, Geronimo also mentioned the usage of internet promotions on social media, blogs, and websites.

Megaworld Corp.’s messaging of constructing integrated townships throughout their developments is consistent throughout their social media presence.

Social media, according to Geronimo, is the quickest and most cost-effective means to share content. “In the Philippines, almost all sectors of our consumers are on social media, and we want to be where our target audiences are,” he said. “With real estate becoming more competitive across the country, we’re taking use of the web realm to expand our innovation and stay ahead of the competition.”

Using Connections and PPC in Lamudi Philippines

Lamudi Philippines has made a killing in the internet real estate market thanks to two factors: they provided a solution that no one else in the market had provided, and they exploited contacts to become a major player in the online real estate scene without directly entering the sales process.

Their digital strategy is straightforward: use the website to connect potential buyers and renters with real estate brokers, landlords, and sellers. Consider it a real-estate-specific version of OLX. Their website allows you to restrict searches by region, budget, and transaction type (purchase or rent), all of which appeal to house hunters looking for simple options.

Lamudi has an aggressive text ad campaign that connects with their phone app and takes advantage of Google’s latest snippets.

Lamudi also operates a robust PPC campaign to increase their visibility. If you search for “apartment for rent in [ANY LOCATION], you’ll find a paid ad from Lamudi at the top.

Lamudi, too, has an integrated marketing strategy, relying on traditional advertising to entice offline property hunters to go online and browse available properties on their platform. Their television campaign, which debuted earlier this year, introduces traditional purchasers and tenants to online property hunting.

Lamudi’s earlier this year television commercial introduces their service while tugging at the heartstrings.

Content-Rich Marketing at Ayala Land Inc.

The excellent information that Ayala Land provides their target audience makes their digital marketing campaign stand out. They realise that their target market is tech-savvy, that these potential buyers and investors have money to spend, and that they are prepared to pay a premium for comfort and luxury in the centre of the city. As a result, Ayala Land’s marketing approach caters to this demographic.

The website of the real estate conglomerate is mobile-friendly, a trait that is no longer optional in today’s technological scene. In today’s era of smartphones, tablets, and phablets, mobile must always come first.

Here are some examples of Ayala Land’s pages:

A live chat box is also available on Ayala Land’s mobile-friendly website for quicker enquiries. Take note of the menu — their website is jam-packed with information tailored to a specific market.

The creation and dissemination of rich media is the focus of the rest of their plan. Their content is targeted and relevant, which makes it enjoyable to watch.

The posts of Ayala Land are relatable and easy to understand for a general audience.

Ayala Land can promote their properties and brand to the ideal target demographic without a hitch by giving various sorts of material in various formats while preserving their voice throughout their collateral.

Putting It All Together

What are the takeaways from these three examples? We’ve taken away a few key points to consider when it comes to real estate digital marketing:

Now, more than ever, content-focused marketing is critical. It’s critical to have a solid understanding of your target demographic and how to best reach them through your content.

  • Adapting to new technology is also important. Mobile devices will be used by a larger number of people to read your content. It’s critical to remember this while building your digital marketing strategy — you need to think “mobile first” right now.
  • Cross-platform promotion is crucial, but it pales in comparison to keeping a consistent tone across all platforms.
  • Creating a brand guideline and/or a content plan is critical for maintaining high-quality content and consistent message.
  • It is possible to combine traditional and digital marketing.

Allow these lessons to guide you as you explore the not-so-new horizons of marketing. Contact us and we’ll show you how it’s done with our digital marketing firm.