SEO – Google Ranking Factors to Ensure a High SERP Rank

There have been many discussions regarding SEO and how to rank high in search engines, and you have most likely tried them all. But hold on! Have you been successful in your endeavor? I’m sure not in entirely satisfactory terms.

So, where do you believe you have fallen short? No, it’s not your SEO knowledge; it’s your comprehension of the criteria that result in top-tier search engine rankings.

Your mastery of SEO ranking elements is most likely the most essential factor that will lead to your website being identified by search engines. You may have read hundreds of postings about the same topic over and over, but now you need to know which point will have a direct influence on your business.

Now, the most important question is regarding the primary aspects that can significantly increase your website’s rating on search engines! The following are the most important factors:

Having A Mobile Responsive Website:

  • Having a Mobile-Friendly Website:
  • Utilize Local SEO for Desktop and Mobile:
  • High-Quality Content and Website Links:
  • What Are the Best Promotional Strategies for 2017?
  • Use a variety of content formats:
  • Keep an eye on your competitors:
  • Keep an eye on your backlinks on a regular basis:
  • Make use of Rich Answers:
  • Platform for Social Media:
  • Search by Voice

Google, the world’s largest search engine network, and other search engines have expressed a preference for websites with mobile responsive design. The cause for this is technological improvement and mobile becoming a part of everyone’s life. The search engine prefers websites with responsive design and layout to make life easy for searchers.

A responsive website design means that the website should work on all of the four devices listed below:

  • Desktop in widescreen mode.
  • Cellular phone

The responsive design rule states that as the device size reduces, the information and layout should shift position to properly fit in the displayed screen. With this type of structure, the search engine aims to provide their audience with a fantastic onsite experience, adding value to the website that has this function.

Make Use Of Local SEO for Desktop And Mobile:

Before venturing into the worldwide market, you should always target your local market through the use of local SEO and mobile optimization. Once you are at the top of the local search results, the search engine is bound to show you in the global search results since the value of your business and its reliability will be indicated.

Use your local location in your keywords and be sure to fully optimize them. These keywords should also appear in the headers, main page title tag, page content, URL, and ALT Tag Attributes. This increases the likelihood of a search engine scanning your website when someone searches for a certain service in a specific place and helps your website rank high.

When it comes to Local SEO, many amateurs and professionals forget the importance of link building. It is a critical aspect and strategy for your company. Your Local SEO is heavily reliant on the local website links that your company may obtain, therefore never be afraid to engage in link building. Focus on obtaining links from websites with a strong market position and greater Domain Authority, and gain strong backend links for your website.

Have High Quality Content & Website Links:

 As is always the case, content must be strong and distinct. Its quality must be unrivaled, and you must post it frequently. Google prefers websites that are active. Your material should not be written for Google or any other search engine, but for your target audience, in clear language that they can understand. This gives your website an advantage over the competition.

While creating or building links, keep in mind that they should not be spammy. Having organic and transparent links is the key to ranking high in search engine results. Your link is considered spam if it has no connection to the context in which it was posted, if it is not legitimate, or if it does not come from a trusted and respectable source. Avoid these variables and watch your website’s ranks rise.

What Are The Promotional Strategies To Indulge In 2017?

Another aspect to consider is how to promote your company or website. The more flourishing and popular your business is, the more Google values it. Let’s take a look at some of the best promotional strategies for 2017:

Use Multiple Content Formats:

Content isn’t just a long blog post or written words; it comes in a variety of formats such as audio, video, infographics, and others. Use multiple formats to generate more leads and attract a wider range of target consumers. It also aids in the authority of your website.

Keep A Close Look On Your Competitors:

 Your strongest competitors are your inspirations, so don’t miss out on what they’re up to. Keep an eye on their search engine rankings, content quality, and social media updates, and don’t be afraid to take their greatest marketing possibilities. It has the potential to be an amazing optimization technique for your company.

Track Your Backlinks Regularly:

As previously said, your website’s backlinks should be free of spam. Always keep an eye out for unwelcome connections to avoid being penalized by Google. You can utilize a variety of tools on the market to check that your website’s backlinks are trustworthy and relevant.

Use Rich Answers:

Rich answers account for 19.45 percent of Google Search Results. As a result, the major key to promotion is to use it to optimize your target keywords.

Social Media Platform:

In this day and age, it is impossible to overlook social media platforms when it comes to reaching out to a huge number of people and establishing a strong presence for your website.

Voice Search

Voice search is changing the future of SEO, thus it is critical for you to produce voice search-optimized content that will benefit your visitors and provide them with a unique user experience.

Set up your promotional strategies and build a solid market position for your website, including a presence on search engine networks.

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