SEO Importance: 15 Reasons to Focus on SEO in 2023


Why SEO?

This is a question that SEOs and digital marketers are asked both within and outside of marketing organizations. SEO has been around for over a decade and a half and now accounts for a massive portion of traffic for successful websites.

According to research, organic search is the leading driver of Web traffic for most industries and a critical component of revenue. The power of SEO in boosting organic traffic is undeniable.

The rise of organic search usage and share is surpassing that of other channels. In 2019, organic and paid online traffic dominated. SEO for Google and other search engines will become even more crucial in 2021 as organic search traffic continues to outnumber other search traffic.

Importance of SEO in 2021

Use this SEO guide and these fifteen principles to improve your grasp of SEO and its place in the marketing mix.

  1. Share your channel. Organic search accounts for 53% of all website traffic (source: Organic Channel report). By far the majority traffic to websites comes from organic search.
  2. Look for Share. On average, SEO accounts for 83% of search engine traffic, while paid search accounts for 17%.
  3. Share of Attention. Despite the fact that organic search generates the majority of traffic, most businesses spend more money on sponsored search. In 2019, paid search accounted for 15% of all web searches.
  4. Long-Term Traffic Equity is a term used to describe the value of traffic in the long While SEO does necessitate an initial expenditure of resources, once achieved, SEO rankings have a long shelf life.
  5. Traffic generated via natural means. SEO traffic has no media costs and can deliver a significant ROI – significantly more than most other channels. Content that is relevant to readers and written for them rather than bots is valued and rewarded by search engines. Concentrate on optimising for your intended audience.
  6. Structure. Proper SEO aids in the organisation of your website and makes it easy for users to explore and transact.
  7. Alignment. Marketing works best when all channels – including organic search – are focused on the same topic. Multiple channel alignment enhances performance across the board.
  8. Elevation of the brand SEO performance ensures a share of voice on search engine results pages, which is an important component of building brand trust.
  9. Conversion. Because SEO rankings generally express confidence from search engines, SEO traffic frequently converts better than other channels. While paid search generates results rapidly, it lacks authenticity and should thus be used with SEO methods as well.
  10. Synergy should be channelled. Your other marketing channels build demand for individuals to look for items and services like yours on search engines. Your competitors will collect the demand you spent money developing if your website is not there to collect it.
  11. Consider the market. Organic search is an important element of the research process, particularly for items or services with a lengthy sales cycle. People use search engines to generate a list of potential candidates for a product or service, and then they use them again to gather comments and reviews to assist them make judgments.
  12. Search and social media. SEO works in concert with social media; some searches are more sensitive to “fresh results” and social signals, which can influence and determine positioning in search results. Social media may assist shape your brand’s online profile and bring traffic back to your website.
  13. Research. SEO research enables you to comprehend user interest and intent and then create content that addresses and captures that purpose.
  14. Distribution of Content Concentrating on SEO and genuine link building leads to the creation of relevant, helpful content that people want to share, resulting in digital word of mouth.
  15. Global Influence. SEO has a global reach and may even offer dynamic translation and localization, bringing in new and unexpected clients from all over the world.

That is a list of 15 compelling reasons why SEO services should always have a prominent place at the marketing table.

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