SEO in 2022: What Will Your SEO Strategy Look Like in 2023?


Taking your business online is excellent, but what good is it if you aren’t reaching your target audience via the appropriate search engine mediums? Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of internet marketing or the internet, in general, will be able to tell you this –

Your target audience is ONLINE, so reach out to them before your opponent does!

The major question here is, “HOW?” How can one target an audience using search engines with billions of websites? How do you reach the pinnacle? How can you get your website to rank high in search engines? Given that we are rapidly approaching the year 2020, it only seems reasonable to investigate the top SEO strategy in 2020, as well as the overall SEO landscape in 2020.

  1. Featured Snippets

One of the SEO techniques for 2020 is predicted to revolve around the inclusion of ‘Snippet-worthy content.’ On Google Search Results, the ‘Position 0′ is frequently discovered to be a Featured Snippet of the top relevant organic result. It should be mentioned that Featured Snippets give the most traffic to sites that are not even on the first page of Google!

  1. Artificial Intelligence

According to current trends, Artificial Intelligence will be a key SEO tactic in 2020. Google became an AI-first firm in 2017 and has since included various strategies to work in tandem with AI-equipped gadgets!

  1. Voice Searches

Did you know that by 2020, voice is predicted to account for more than half of all Google searches? Many of us now have voice search gadgets at home to help us with our daily lives. So, why not optimize your websites in order to keep up with this expanding trend?

  1. Video Content

Another aspect that will dominate search engine optimization techniques in 2020 is a greater emphasis on videos as a key source of information. This is unsurprising, especially given the world’s shift away from traditional television and toward Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services.

  1. CTR + Dwell Time Metrics

A good CTR + Dwell Time combination result clearly illustrates how well your website relates to the audience. It thus converts easily into a top SEO strategy for 2020, where working on your website’s content + deliverability + speed + general appeal remains at the top of the SEO in 2020 list.

  1. Mobile UX

Answer this question: mobile or desktop? According to research, cellphones account for more than 88% of all web searches! As a result, poor mobile UX will no longer be considered ‘acceptable’ or ‘ignorable’ from an SEO standpoint.

  1. Website Speed

Can you really afford a website load time of more than 2 seconds in the age of 5G and optical fiber? In 2020, a delayed website load is a major NO for SEO strategy. In the dictionary of a millennial, a slow website quickly equals an unworthy resource.

  1. User Safety SEO strategy in 2020

Is your website secure for your visitors? This is a question that every website owner should ask their web developers! There have been far too many incidents throughout the years of website data being stolen, leaving the general population vulnerable. As a result, having a secure website is one of the most important elements for a solid SEO strategy.

  1. Influencer Connect

Social media platforms are shifting from being primarily about interacting with people to being mostly about influencers and brand promotion. Thus, having an influencer promote your product will go a long way in terms of not only brand reach but also search quantity for your brand name.

Many individuals have the misconception that Search Engine Optimization is just about using the appropriate keywords. Many of the most overlooked components, however, are dependent on the phrase “Optimization” and what it genuinely means for SEO. SEO is all about optimizing your content and brand strategies so that they reach a larger audience via Search Engines! It is not restricted to keywords alone. In the realm of marketing, the year 2020 is likely to offer a slew of improvements and advancements. Keeping up with all of the updates up to this point will only help you better prepare for the next trends and updates. So, while much more is predicted next year, these are the top 9 SEO strategy considerations for 2020!

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