2023 SEO Keyword Research Strategy


When you first start with SEO Keyword Research, you will encounter a plethora of tools, tactics, and suggestions. We have a straightforward keyword research technique for search engine optimization. You might begin by creating a simple keyword list for your company. We will not only assist you in locating your top keywords, but we will also provide you with advice on how to locate the keywords of your competitors.

You may view our Keyword Research for SEO video straight below or on YouTube. It will assist you in developing an SEO plan that will help your company rank high on Google and drive profitable search engine traffic.

SEO Keyword Research

The video instruction below demonstrates a straightforward way of determining the most popular keywords for your organization. While keyword research is vital, you must also apply a content plan in order to rank for your most popular keywords.

Keyword Research Strategy for SEO in 2020

You can then learn more about keyword research by watching our revised keyword research tutorial. Our comprehensive keyword research guide may be found here.

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of a successful search engine optimization plan. You need to come up with content ideas for your business, and by researching keywords, you may develop material based on the terms that people look for the most frequently. My method is to collect a large number of keywords, enter them all into Google Sheets, and then utilize the Unique feature to identify my top keywords and rank them by average monthly searches.

1. Use The Google Keyword Planner

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a good place to start.

Please keep in mind that you can only get actual search volume data in the Keyword Planner if you have an active Google Ads campaign.

2. Enter Your Top 10 Keywords

Start by entering your top keywords into the Google Keyword Planner via Google Ads to locate the most relevant terms for your business. You may use filters to ensure that you only see the top keywords based on average monthly searches, as well as the most relevant and targeted search engine terms for your business.

You can begin by inputting up to ten of your most important keywords, or by supplying a URL. I’ll sometimes start with a competitor’s URL to see what their top keywords are. Alternatively, you can add your primary keywords into Google Keyword Planner, as I did below.

3. Download Keywords from Google Keyword Planner

Then, at the top, you click Download Keyword Ideas to acquire a CSV file of the keywords that people use the most while looking for the items and services that you sell. Then, return to the Keyword Planner and enter some competitor websites. If you don’t know who your competitors are, use Google to search for your top keywords and identify the most relevant competitors with specialized websites that are comparable to yours. Conduct a search for their full website, download keyword ideas again, and create a spreadsheet with keywords and average monthly search traffic for each.

Combine Your Keyword Lists

After repeating this process with your competitors’ and own top keywords, you should have a list of organic search terms for your SEO keyword research, as well as their corresponding average monthly searches. You can copy those two columns and paste them into Google Sheets via Google Drive. Here is where we will conduct the remainder of our Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research.

Use The Unique Function in Google Sheets or Remove Duplicates in Microsoft Excel

You can use the Unique function to locate unique terms in the list as well as the average monthly searches for those keywords. You now have a list of the most popular and relevant search engine terms for your company. From there, I usually build a list of content ideas, which you may get from a variety of places.

Then, while developing content for search engine optimization, you can utilize a combination of Google Keyword Planner and UberSuggest to locate the most popular and relevant terms for each short-tail keyword.

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