SEO Services with a Focus

Getting your articles to the top of Google’s search results is difficult in a congested landscape. That is entering the picture. We offer a variety of experienced SEO consulting services, including:

  • Publishers’ SEO
  • Audits of SEO Websites
  • Strategic Search Engine Optimization Consulting
  • SEO Workshops & Training

Our SEO strategy is built on three pillars: technology, relevance, and authority.

SEO: Technology

A website that can be fully crawled and indexed by Google is the foundation of SEO. This is easier said than done, as specialized content management systems frequently have limited built-in SEO functionality. Features such as XML sitemaps, human-readable URLs, structured data, and canonical pages are critical for SEO but are frequently overlooked by web developers.

Proper technical SEO, particularly for large websites such as news publishers, can make a significant impact in your visibility in Google’s search results and help set you apart from your competition in order to capture a larger percentage of visits and income.

It provides specialized SEO audits for publishers, reviewing websites for all aspects of technical SEO and providing detailed recommendations on how to improve this critical and foundational aspect of SEO. We can also provide technical SEO training to your product teams to guarantee that their work maximizes your platform’s SEO potential.

SEO: Relevancy

When you have a completely crawlable and indexable website, you must ensure that your content is optimized for the correct keywords so that Google understands what each page on your website is about and for which search phrases it may be ranked. First and foremost, you must guarantee that you are targeting the appropriate keywords for your news items (keyword research) and that you can compete with and outrank the publishers who now dominate Google for those keywords (competitive analysis).

You must then ensure that your content is adequately optimised for those keywords, including optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and body content. Your navigation structure, URLs, graphics, and internal connections are other important parts of your site that should be optimized for optimal relevance.

At, we provide strategic SEO advice, assisting you in implementing the necessary processes to integrate SEO into your editorial workflows. We also provide SEO training to help your journalists understand what it takes for their stories to rank in Google.

SEO: Authority

Even if your website is technically good and thoroughly optimized for the right keywords, Google will not rank it highly in its search results. To choose which websites to rank highly, Google considers the ‘authority a website has gathered over time, which is decided by the number and quality of links and mentions it has across the internet, as well as the topical expertise you have built up as a publisher over time.

Improving a website’s authority, and hence its rankings in Google is a continuous process with multiple components. Your website must establish itself as a reliable source of information, which may be accomplished through smart SEO strategies used by your editorial team. Furthermore, your website must collect links and mentions from other credible websites, which implies you must post stories that set the news agenda.

We provide continuing consultation to assist you with these techniques and to ensure that you apply the proper processes to achieve success. Contact us immediately for a no-nonsense discussion about how SEO consulting can help your company.

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