SEO’s Importance in a Successful Website


SEO is a well-known acronym, but unless you’re a digital marketer or operate your own website, it may be alien to you. The importance of SEO for companies who need a presence online cannot be overstated – to the point where firms all over the world spend millions of pounds each year.

The principle is straightforward: SEO improves website presence in search engine results pages (SERPs). An effective approach should ensure that a site ranks higher in Google for its desired keywords, resulting in higher amounts of visitors. The aforementioned – keyword research – should be the first step in the plan. While ranking well for a slew of search terms may be good for vanity, it won’t be good for business if those terms aren’t thoroughly investigated to assure one of the following:

  • The keywords have a high search volume — if no one looks for them, a high ranking becomes rather meaningless.
  • The commercial advantage – if the keyword does not demonstrate buy intent or does not correspond to a specific stage in the sales and marketing funnel, it is unlikely to offer value to the business.

Once keywords have been correctly strategized, it is critical to put the plan into action. A terrific site with outstanding content, a robust technical framework, and a decent backlink profile is essential for success. And, like with keyword research, there are several tools that might help here:

  • SEMRush provides an excellent tool for analysing website content. The guru plan scrapes the on-page text and aligns it to target terms, taking into account frequency, content structure, and even salience.
  • Screaming Frog is excellent for analysing a site’s technical components — it examines broken links, meta data, canonical tags, and a variety of other factors.
  • Majestic SEO is an excellent tool for examining a site’s backlink profile. Not only does it consider quality and quantity, but new features of the programme now allow users to see connection density and clique hunting analyses.

While these tools are at the forefront of the bulk of digital marketers’ arsenals, they are typically used solely on smaller sites. Needs and demand alter when working on a larger, more sophisticated website. As a result, the tools employed should alter as well. Using business software for large websites offers a considerably more holistic approach to SEO and is ideal for sites with tens of thousands of pages, millions of inbound links, and a far more varied SEO strategy.

SEO is essential for website success, but so are the tools employed. A tool that focuses on one component is wonderful for smaller sites, but larger sites require a strategy and a tool that matters – and here is where enterprise solutions come into their own.

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