SERanking Launches a Major Update for SEOs

SE Ranking, one of our toolbox partners, has recently made a significant modification to its UI. I’d like to write about it because the new features will benefit both new and experienced SEOs. Here’s your chance to try out the updated tool for your optimization efforts if you’re a webmaster seeking an all-in-one SEO solution.

I prefer to undertake manual audits or random inspections on websites because automation can only do so much compared to the skilled eye. With over a decade of SEO experience under my belt, I’m picky about the tools I employ, which is why we only work with a few partners. Since SE Ranking has shown to be effective in assisting my team in meeting their KPIs, I’d want to share it with you, my fellow digital marketers.

Comparison of Old and New Dashboard

This was announced as a major update by the SE Ranking team, which is why I took the time to investigate it more. In comparison to the previous edition, I am surprised to see a cleaner layout and easier navigation.

This is an older version of the tool; as you can see, the dashboard is rather simple. The rankings report will appear immediately, providing a straightforward way to monitor the performance of the sites you enhance. The new interface, on the other hand, makes the old one appear busy because it has additional features that make the tool easier to navigate.

The new and improved SE Ranking features a cleaner look with redesigned buttons and navigation bars. Although the new interface is simpler, it is more useful, particularly if you are a newbie looking for ways to improve your site.

It’s also cleaner, with a sidebar on the main dashboard that can help you browse the tools you need to improve your site more simply. The sidebar contains features such as:

  • Rankings report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analytics and Traffic
  • Website Audits
  • Marketing Plan
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Social Media Metrics

The adaptive data display allows you to examine all of the SEO parameters that need to be optimized, as well as your SERP performance. The old platform that we have come to know is now faster and more welcoming in terms of User Experience thanks to the new interface. One of the more noticeable updates to the SE Ranking platform is the addition of a modern design, as the previous version’s clean and straightforward style made it appear antiquated. The main dashboard’s straightforward summary of all your projects has been kept, making it easy for you to revisit the rankings data from time to time.

Update on the Rankings Report

The new interface might help your platform load faster, no matter how many projects you have. The new dynamics tab in the keyword platform is something I really like about the latest release. It’s a comprehensive tool that will show you how your rankings have changed or improved over time. The new layout of the rankings module, which places the data in the top half of the page, makes it easier to see performance indicators without having to look at each keyword individually.

Competitor Research Integration on the Main Platform

The competitor analysis tool, which was previously part of the navigation bar but not the main platform, is now highlighted in the latest update. You used to have to go through a few steps to go to the competition analysis tool, but now you can switch between them with just one click. The tool now loads easier and faster, thanks to the SE Ranking team’s declaration that they have enhanced every single line of code in the platform.

Because you can identify who you’re up against, the SEO/PPC Competitor Research is beneficial to your SEO efforts. You will be well-equipped with this knowledge, allowing you to determine which areas want improvement and which ones you can currently rely on.

Keyword Research Module Improvements

It is now provided with new elements as a standalone tool within the platform. Keyword research is an important part of SEO core techniques, thus having the correct tool to assist you can help you boost traffic and leads to your website. You can see terms that have the most potential to boost your internet presence using a simple keyword research tool. With a reputable tool like SE Ranking, you can have your pages placed among the top 10 in Google’s search engine results pages. The Keyword Efficiency index was replaced with the Keyword Difficulty score in their latest version, which will assist you to determine how the value of a keyword can aid your growth.

Quick notes on the SE Ranking Update

This isn’t the final time the SE Ranking platform will be updated, but given how drastically it’s changed from its original design, it should come as little surprise to SEOs. I expect the tool to provide us with more in the future. The tool’s major overhaul exemplifies what an all-around SEO tool should be: simple and functional. This removes needless attention and distractions from regions of your website that will not help you rank in the long run.

Check out SE Ranking’s latest update and let me know if you enjoy it as much as I do.

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