Simple SEO Tips and Tricks for Rank Improvement in 2023

If you operate a business, you are surely aware of the importance of SEO. SEO is an abbreviation for ‘Search Engine Optimization,’ which is the method by which internet marketers and SEO professionals rank a web page on Google’s search results for terms relevant to the business and user query.

If you’re still having trouble with SEO in 2020, you’ve come to the right place. This piece will discuss several easy and practical techniques to boost your website’s organic search position.

Keep in mind that SEO is a time-consuming process, so don’t expect to see results right away. However, if you continuously use these tried-and-true white hat SEO strategies, you will see a noticeable improvement in your website’s SEO score.

Use Rich Snippets for More Clicks

Rich snippets are informational chunks that appear alongside Google search results. Recipes, reviews, and events are all examples of rich snippets. Because rich snippets have been shown to increase organic click-through rates by more than 50%, it makes sense to prioritize this feature in 2020. Google uses structured data from your website to display rich snippets in search results. To implement structured data, several websites employ markup.

Secure your Website with HTTPS

Google emphasizes search results from websites that use the HTTPS protocol, thus it makes sense to switch from HTTP to HTTPS in 2020 for a variety of reasons. Your users are also more inclined to trust and interact with safe websites, providing you with even more incentive to implement this change as soon as possible.

Focus on Producing Your Best Content

While many SEO fads come and go, when it comes to improving your SEO in 2020, content reigns supreme. As a result, we encourage you to create the best content possible for your website or blog. High-quality and useful content engages the readers and keeps them on your site longer, which is another positive SEO signal.

Improve your Website Load Time

Improving the time it takes for your web pages to load leads to improved user experience and ultimately benefits your website’s organic search engine ranking. A one-second delay in the website load time can translate into a major loss for your business.

Find out the factors that are slowing down your website and address them periodically. For instance, you may have to compress images, enable browser caching, and/or reduce plugins.

Link to Your Older Posts

Google considers the number of internal and external links to a post when determining its ranking. As such, it makes sense to link to your older posts to increase your website’s organic traffic.

Use Long-tail Keywords

It is important to use a mix of long-tail keywords to get high-quality and targeted traffic to your website. With SEO getting more competitive in 2020, the use of such long-tail keywords makes even more sense now than ever before.

Claim your Google My Business Listing

If you have a physical address, you can claim your Google My Business listing on Google Maps for that address. It may take a couple of weeks for Google to verify your business address. Once verified, you will show up on Google Maps when someone searches your local area.

You can also set up a simple, user-friendly website for your ‘Google My Business (GMB) listing from the GMB portal if you don’t have the budget to build a full-scale professional website.

Besides your main local city, if your business has a presence in any other cities, then you should claim your GMB Maps listings for those locations as well.

Backlinks are Still Relevant

Like content, backlinks are still an important ranking factor. Try to build high-quality backlinks to your site from high-authority web pages. You can do this by guest-blogging and/or forum commenting. Keep in mind that many forums are now ‘No-follow’ in 2020, meaning that they do not share any link juice. Some websites charge you a fee for guest post submission, but it still makes sense to invest in this option especially if (1) the website has authority, (2) the website is related to your niche, and (3) you’re getting a ‘Do-follow’ backlink from it.

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