As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to wreak havoc on the country, more Filipinos are turning to the internet to maintain contact with the rest of the world. People are adjusting to the new manner of spending time with loved ones while staying at home, from Netflix watching parties to Zoom hangout sessions.

It’s no surprise that people, particularly in the Philippines, are using social media more than ever before. According to a Global Web Index report, the Philippines has had the largest increase in social media time in the globe. Since the epidemic began, 64 percent of Filipinos say to have spent more time on social media, compared to a global average of 47 percent. This provides businesses with the ideal opportunity to connect with their target audience via social media platforms.

However, in times of crisis, previous techniques may not be as effective as they once were. As the country undergoes significant changes in the way people live, consumer behavior undergoes rapid transformations, which businesses must respond to rapidly.

Last week, Kankan Ramos, Managing Partner of InvictusPH and one of the country’s premier social media specialists, had an interesting conversation with Stridec’s Bernard San Juan about the best social media tactics during the lockdown. Many firms, according to Ramos, were already aware of the enormous potential of having a social media presence. Since the epidemic, though, a social media marketing plan has become more than a nice-to-have; it’s become a requirement.

Ramos focused on three C’s when asked about the best ways to bridge the societal divide during a pandemic: Connect, Converse, and Convert.

Throughout the webinar, she emphasized the need of forging genuine connections and investing time in learning about a brand’s target audience. According to Ramos, relying solely on demographics is insufficient; an in-depth examination of client behavior and psyche is always recommended.

The next phase, according to Ramos, is to build dialogue and tales when a company has managed to capture and contact their target audience. She emphasized the importance of stories and dialogues in fostering human connection. To stay top of mind, a company must empower its people and start a movement. “You must cultivate sincere believers – true admirers.” It’ll all snowball from there.”

Furthermore, Ramos stated that while a company must be present on social media at all times, this does not mean that it must always be selling. All you have to do is be present for your community and audience. Kankan says, “It’s not about you or your products.” “It’s always about the people,” says the narrator. Customers need to be empowered by customized content that speaks to them and addresses their requirements.

She emphasized the importance of connections and creating genuine relationships with customers when asked what firms should focus on instead of hard-selling their products or services. “The beauty of digital is that you can target certain audiences with your communications,” she explains. This allows users to view content that is relevant to them and gives them a sense of belonging. They will develop loyalty to a brand if they feel like they belong and the brand is speaking directly to them.

She used Del Monte as an excellent example. Del Monte provides quick and easy recipes that use their goods to a variety of moms, including working and stay-at-home moms. The brand isn’t focused on selling things, but rather on assisting mothers in preparing wonderful meals for their families.

“Using social media is a long-term commitment. It takes time, effort, and resources,” 

Near the end of the webinar, Ramos noted that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Every business, including its products, customers, and the community it serves, is unique. If someone is serious about succeeding in social media marketing, they must be dedicated. “Using social media is a long-term commitment. “You have to put in the time, effort, and resources,” Ramos stated emphatically. If a company wants to engage with its customers and sustain a genuine connection, it will take time to build something lasting, just like any other relationship.

Are you interested in hearing the complete conversation? We’ve merely scratched the surface of the discussion between the two digital marketing professionals! To get a video replay of the whole webinar, go to Stridec’s Facebook page.