The New Google Search Console

The new Google Search Console, which had been in testing since the start of the year, was eventually released in September of this year. Not only does Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) have a new look, but it also has new functionality.

We’d like to talk about the most essential improvements in the new Google Search Console interface in this blog post because it’s still one of the most crucial SEO tools.

The new Google Search Console provides customers with a variety of data to evaluate their website’s performance:

  • Check the website with the Index Coverage Status report.
  • See Search Analytics data for the last 16 months in the Performance report.
  • Check the links that lead to your website in the Links report.
  • Check how Google crawled your website content using the URL Inspection tool.

The New Interface

The new UI appears to be considerably more user-friendly than the old one.

Reports may now be accessed by using the “Open Report” button.


One of the most significant modifications is that instead of only the last 90 days, data for the last 16 months may now be presented. This enables data to be compared to the prior year.

URL Inspection

With URL Inspection, live testing and indexing requests are now possible.

Index Coverage

You may use the Index Coverage Status report to see which pages on your website have been indexed and how to fix problems on sites that were not indexed. Each column in the graph represents the total number of URLs with a specific status, such as “Error” or “Valid.”


The new layout also makes it easier to see all of the links. The top connected pages are now displayed in the external links.

There are changes between the new Google Search Console reports and the findings from the prior version of Google Search Console, according to Google. This issue has been detected, and Google claims that the new report’s data is more accurate than the old “Links to your site” report. As a result, the new report’s numbers are occasionally lower, although this does not always imply that the number of connections has dropped. Google would want to emphasise that reporting in the new reports is more accurate and secure.

New Filter in Search Analysis

The Search Analysis report displays the frequency with which your website appears in Google search results. The data may be grouped and filtered by categories such search query, date, and device. You may now filter by query, page, clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through rate), or positions with the new filter.

In summary, the new Google Search Console:

  • Is available on mobile.
  • Provides more insights in the reports.
  • Shows the user workflow.
  • Is more process-oriented.
  • Helps problems be detected more quickly.
  • Ensures data is more profound.
  • Allows optimizations to be carried out directly.
  • Allows reports to be shared directly.

Status of the Roll-out of the New Google Search Console

Google wants to get the new Search Console up and running as quickly as possible. As a result, there are certain features that have yet to be implemented. Google is looking for input on the new Google Search Console in order to make it a reliable and functional solution. Google can get input in the form of comments on the Google Webmaster Central Blog. There is also the opportunity to give comments to Google straight through the Google Search Interface.

In conclusion, new versions of old technologies are always a change of pace, as seen by the launch of the new Google Ads Interface earlier this year. A new interface’s structure is generally distinct from that of an older one. Many features have been merged and partially renamed in the new Google Search Console.

Users may continue to use both versions of the Google Search Console for the time being, although reports claim that not all features of the new interface have been fully deployed. When the entire transition to the new interface will take place is yet unknown.

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