Top 20 SEO technologies to boost traffic on your website by 2023


Do you consider about increased and useful website visitors in 2020 on your website? Then you must consider about your website’s SEO. Let’s explore some top SEO strategies on the search engine results pages to improve your website.

1. Website keyword research: Find SEO keywords for each page of your website. Search for terms relating to your products and services.

2. Website analysis: use SEO tools to analyse your website. The examination of the website will tell you all website data, such as whether titles, meta tags, keywords or not have been supplied. It checks your website’s speed. This report offers you an overview of the performance of the website.

3. Seo Titles, Meta tags, Description: Make a decision on the website title. It should fit in 50-65 words and incorporate SEO keywords. The description should be page-specific.

4. Find the best keywords for your competition: investigate your opponent who is highly placed. Find the best keywords on the webpage of those keywords.

5. Find Broken Links: Find any broken links on your website. It helps a lot in the classification of your website. If it happens by coincidence, work on it.

6. Modify old material: Modify old content on your website. Edit title and content instead of creating a new article on your website. This is the easiest approach to classify your site in less time.

7. Share Fresh Material Blogs: Write updated, informative and extensive content. As we say “content is king,” long-distance keywords are employed in blogs in search queries. The content should be user-friendly, appealing and beautiful. So you should keep users on your website.

8. Responsive website: Work on a website to make it mobile and pleasant for any device.

9. Image Optimization: Keep an eye on pictures you use for this website. Images take longer to load, which might impair your website’s performance. Use optimised pictures and provide them alt tags as SEO keywords.

10. Manage Internal/External Link: Assign internal connections to your site’s legitimate website and provide external links to websites such as Wikipedia and social networks.

11. Google Analytics Use: Google Analytics helps track your website. Sign up for your website’s Google Analytics account. It helps a great deal to analyse how your site operates. You may view real-time users on your website by utilising it. You can also track which backlink sites are clicked on your site and which social media channels are most beneficial for a particular company.

12. Build Website Backlinks: There are numerous websites utilised to create backlinks. Send your website to search engines, utilise local listings and many other backlink submissions. Post your articles and material on websites with high domain authority so that you obtain backlink quality.

13. Use the Google Search Console: You may detect any problems on your website utilising the Google search console. This offers your website an average rating and how much work you need to rank your website.

14. User rating: Ask your website users for social media platform ratings of your services. It enables people to understand your services’ quality. It’s a major element of SEO, too.

15. Install SSL Certificate: The Secure Socket Layer Certificate is a key element of SEO technology. It is very vital today to purchase an SSL certificate in order to protect your site against fraud and spamming IP blockage.

16. Share more infographics: infographics are only graphical information. You can quickly put essential information by generating infographics. This helps to obtain your website clicks.

17. Guest posting: as a guest, you may make comments on blog rankings of search engines and add a link to your website to distract visitors from them. Also answering questions on sites like Quora helps others comprehend.

18. Social media share posts: Social media is the finest backlink to your site. Make for your website interesting pictures, movies and gifs that help to attract traffic.

19. Video Posting: Many today like to watch videos rather than to read material. It works better than any other visual effect. By 2020, 80% of traffic can only be obtained via video.

20. Voice Search: Today all people search by voice search exclusively. Using 2020, 60% of individuals will search by voice search. Make your material a response to the query terms on your website/blogs.

These are therefore the top 20 SEO methods that may be employed mostly by 2020. See SEO continues to change year by year. When changes to Google’s website ranking affects. The most essential thing, however, is to update your website using the above approaches, which helps you to rank your website at the top of SERPS and increase organic traffic in 2020.

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