Ways to Improve SEO Ranking in an Unusual But Effective Way


After you’ve mastered the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s time to advance your SEO expertise. Continue reading to learn SEO tactics you may not have heard before, but that will help you push your website to the top of Google’s search results.

But first: What is SEO?

Higher Visibility’s SEO Guide outlines the main points that any SEO marketer should keep in mind.

The technique of improving a website’s organic ranking in a search engine’s search results page (SERP) in order to increase online traffic is known as SEO.

The higher a website’s SERP ranking, the more likely it is that people will visit it. The term “organic” refers to search results that are not paid advertisements.

Ranking high on SERPs necessitates the use of numerous tactics, some of which are widely used in today’s marketing environment. These tactics involve finding and employing the proper keywords, creating eye-catching headlines, and connecting to pages on your own site as well as sites that search engines consider to be “trustworthy.”

These strategies are essential for ranking on Google or Yahoo, but how can your company stand out if everyone else is using them? Check out these unique ideas for getting your website to the top of your preferred search engine.

How to Improve SEO Ranking?

1. Write for people, not for bots

Producing content only for the goal of SEO ranking is a typical blunder made by organisations. To make their articles longer, they load them with keywords and employ complicated sentence structure.

This approach goes against the entire goal of SEO, which is to assist consumers in identifying websites and web pages that would offer them with the most relevant and well-written information on a given topic.

For two reasons, your company should invest in high-quality content. The first is that search engines do not purchase or use your items or services. Content creation is not just effective marketing, but also excellent customer service. Articles should not just exist for site spiders, but also to enlighten and amuse people.

The second reason to hire competent writers is because if you don’t, search engines will not rank you. Keyword stuffing may have worked five years ago, but search engines have evolved. They are capable of detecting duplicate material as well as poorly written articles. If you’re going to try your hand at content creation, you may as well do it well.

2. Compress your images

The importance of site speed to a company’s SEO efforts cannot be overstated. Visitors are discouraged from visiting slow websites, even if they do remain long enough to read the site landing page. There are a number of strategies to improve the performance of your website, including increasing your hosting plan and minimising the usage of videos and effects on your pages. Compressing pictures, on the other hand, is an often-overlooked method.

Logos, for example, seldom take up more than a few hundred pixels on a website. If you submit a photo with a resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels, the server will load the entire image, even if the site only shows a portion of it.

Remove the EXIF data from your photographs and utilise online programmes like JPEGmini,, or to compress your photos.

3. Skip the pop-up ads

Pop-up ads that urge users to subscribe to mailing lists or take advantage of a product discount are not only irritating, but they also sabotage your SEO efforts.

Google stated in early January 2017 that if information is not readily accessible to users, web sites may not rank as high as they could. This statement is aimed firmly at pop-up advertising that cover the majority, if not the whole, web page on initial visit. Pop-up advertising with hidden or difficult-to-find close buttons are much worse.

There are a variety of additional ways to let people know about your fantastic whitepaper or insane deal. Here are a few examples:

  • Use a banner. A banner ad can be placed at the top or bottom of your website. These spots are inconspicuous but nevertheless capture the eye.
  • Place call-to-actions strategically. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons should be included in your blog entries. After every thousand words and/or towards the end of an article, CTA buttons perform best.
  • Use in-text hyperlinks. The more subtle an advertising is, the higher the level of engagement it receives. When appropriate, include links in blog articles; just make sure they don’t sound forced, otherwise the objective will be defeated.

Bottom Line

Everyone is putting money into SEO, and you should as well. However, if everyone is attempting to stand out, you’ll need to go above and beyond the standard commercial strategies.

You can ensure that both search engines and customers will love your website by investing in useful material targeted to your audience, speeding up your website, and being more accommodating toward user experience.

Always keep in mind that SEO isn’t only about getting high rankings on Google; it’s also about giving your consumers the greatest possible experience.

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