85 percent of these companies believe their blog to be a critical component of their business.

Is it the same for Filipino businesses? Yes, and you, like your competitors, should start a blog.

Here are a few reasons why you should start writing a blog for your company right now:

1. It makes the company more human.

It’s all about brand loyalty when it comes to customers. And they’re willing to show their allegiance to a company that understands and caters to their requirements. They seek out a brand with which they can identify.

In terms of customer retention, a more human approach to connecting with customers goes a long way. You can be as casual as you like with a blog as long as it is consistent with your brand. Technical topics, for example, can be explained in less technical language to make them more understandable.

Tip: Make your blog readers’ experience more personalised. Simple changes, such as the ability to pick how many posts to display on a page or the presence of a social media sharing button, can help them have a better experience.

2. It establishes authority.

Taking up industry-related issues allows you to demonstrate your expertise and persuade buyers to click the “Buy” button. A company blog allows you to answer potential concerns while demonstrating your knowledge and competence in your field. And you can do so without sounding like you’re trying to sell them your products or services.

Tip: Before you publish your blog, double-check your facts. Each post should sound professional, with some room for levity.

3. It Builds A Community

Building a bridge between you and your consumers isn’t the only benefit of having a blog. It also promotes discussion, particularly in the comments section. If you share your most recent blog post on your social media sites, you’ll be able to reach out to even more people.

Tip: While your blog is a great location to build relationships, set aside time to frequently monitor your posts for nasty comments that could harm your brand. Your neighbourhood should be inviting and open. If people are talking critically about your brand, jump in to address it publicly and fix it privately.

4. It advertises your goods and services.

Address your clients’ wants and how you might help them while writing material about your products and services. You can’t cover every possible scenario in your website content, but you can cover a lot more in your blog entries by stressing your brand’s usefulness.

Tip: You can use your blog to promote your items to some extent. If you’re using an SEO business for content writing services, specify how much you want your product endorsements written in the blogs in the content brief.

5. It Encourages Participation

Consumers in the Philippines are similar to those in other countries. When they have a query, they expect answers right away. Your social media accounts are great for quick questions, but your blog post is the perfect place to go if you need to explain a method or product, or perhaps simplify a topic that has piqued your customers’ interest. Customers will be able to locate more useful information while being connected with your brand.

Tip: Ask a question or include a call to action at the end of your blog post to urge readers to participate in a discussion.

6. It gives your audience a chance to get to know you.

You may have a general concept of the target demographic you’re attempting to reach, but publishing a blog and seeing how they react is a good method to learn more about their preferences. You can, for example, compare a popular post against one that did not receive as much attention. This allows you to notice the changes in how the content was presented, allowing you to write a better post the following time. This will also help you figure out what your viewers want to see in your future piece.

Tip: Experiment with alternative headlines. A/B test your headlines to discover which of them rake in more views.

7. It’s a Long-Term Investing Opportunity

Because they don’t know how to write a blog post, many businesses forego having one. What they don’t comprehend is that they are squandering an opportunity to increase website visitors. Leads can be generated through blog postings that target the proper keyword. You’re increasing the authority of your blog and making each of these blog entries more powerful as you create it.

Tip: For each blog post, concentrate on one keyword and use it in subheadings and meta descriptions. This aids Google’s ranking of you for the appropriate term. There are also numerous resources available to assist you in getting started.

8. It aids in the generation of ideas

A single blog post with high-quality material might elicit a variety of responses. These responses can assist you in brainstorming the next idea to post and even spark ideas for new types of content to include on the website.

A company selling appliances, for example, could blog about the various types of washers and then follow up with a post about choosing the right detergent. Different content types for the same blog provide customers with different chunks of useful information. They will bookmark your blog and return for new posts if you continue to provide them with useful information.

Tip: Keep a list of the topics you’ve already written about. You want your data to be up to date and relevant. If something new appears, link to the previous post to keep the link juice flowing.

9. It increases the number of subscribers.

Blogging is a great strategy to grow your mailing list and increase your subscriber count. Encourage readers to sign up for your mailing list at the end of each post so they can receive notifications when new posts are published. You can also market your products to your mailing list.

Tip: Don’t try to sell everything in every email. Your major goal is to provide them with useful information. They may unsubscribe or designate your email as spam if you keep trying to market to them.

Last Thoughts

A blog may appear to be superfluous, yet it could be the missing link between your business and your customers. Your blog allows you to communicate with them and expands your sales opportunities. Its relevance in your content marketing plan should never be underestimated.