When should you begin your SEO campaign?

When we take over a law firm marketing campaign that includes a site redesign, one of the most typical concerns we get is, “When should I start SEO?” It’s a critical question to ask in order to make the greatest option for you and your practice. It makes the most sense for most law firms to begin the optimization process as soon as possible. The reasoning is straightforward:

The sooner you start SEO, the sooner you will start to see your rankings improve.

Before you can begin ranking high for competitive keywords, Google must establish confidence in your domain. It takes time to establish confidence in a domain. This is actually a positive thing because it prevents most websites that utilize “spammy” strategies from ranking high in Google search results. It takes time for Google to scan the web and uncover new trust signals for the domain being optimized, which is why the SEO process normally takes 4-12 months to show significant ranking impact. Certain terms, when multiple legal firms compete for the same phrase in a highly competitive geographic location, can take even longer. The sooner we can begin optimizing your website and establishing trust signals with Google, the sooner we will be able to boost your results.

Obtaining links from websites that Google trusts are one of the most critical aspects of achieving high results on Google. Obtaining the correct types of links that give good trust signals to Google is a time-consuming and difficult procedure. What most people don’t realize is that a link generated today will normally take 10-12 weeks to have any effect on rankings. Google does this on purpose in order to increase the quality of its search results. As a result, if your objective is to rank as fast as possible, delaying the link-building process makes little sense when your competitors are ranking ahead of you and you are attempting to catch up in Google’s search results.

Website Redesigns: When to start SEO and when to wait

Are you keeping your domain name? If yes, start SEO

If you use the same domain name, the response will be affirmative 95 percent of the time; begin SEO as soon as possible. While the design of a website has a significant impact on how successfully it converts site traffic into leads and cases, it has little impact on most off-page SEO activities. This means we can start optimizing your current website. There are two types of SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page optimization refers to the optimization of your website’s HTML code and content. Off-page refers to all of the steps that can be implemented outside of the actual website that is being optimized. The vast majority of the time we spend each month optimizing a website is spent on off-page SEO, which has nothing to do with altering the website’s HTML at all. While most people associate link building with off-page search engine optimization, there is a lot more to running better SEO operations. Our off-page SEO strategy entails a variety of steps, including:

  • Creating citations
  • Citation corrections
  • Google profile examination
  • Analysis of link profiles
  • Google Analytics examination
  • Examination of the search console
  • Keyword investigation
  • Creating links
  • Outreach to influential people
  • Link tracking
  • File submissions must be disavowed.
  • Analysis of competitor links
  • Analyzing the content of competitors
  • Investigation of competitor paid advertisements
  • Analysis of content gaps

All of the above may be accomplished without modifying any code on your website. Because most site design and development projects take 90-120 days on average, the timing of the site launch will coincide with the new trust signals that Google will be receiving for your domain as part of the ongoing SEO process.

If you are changing domains or starting on a new domain, wait to begin SEO

Some of our clients’ domains have been harmed as a result of poor SEO techniques, and they would be better off starting over with a new domain. If this is the case, you should postpone your SEO efforts until the site becomes online. Yes, there are times when starting the SEO process makes sense, especially if it involves cleaning up poor links, disavowing connections, and NAP consistency issues. However, in most circumstances, we prefer to start SEO once the new domain has been launched. Similarly, if you are beginning a brand new website on a new domain, you will need to wait until the site is launched before you can begin SEO.

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