Why Should You Use Topic Clusters in Your SEO Strategy?


Blogging used to be a set-it-and-forget-it marketing channel.

Previously, when you ran a business blog, you would brainstorm topics related to the keywords you wanted to rank for, write a post framed around one of those keywords, and then publish and promote the post via social media and online ads. 

Keywords and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) are now the norm. These standard SEO practises are being followed by everyone on the internet.

Dare to be different and deviate from the SEO norm. Come on out and put a new set of rules on your content strategy!

Where do we even begin? Allow me to introduce you to a new method of organising and optimising content for search engines: topic cluster SEO.

Continue reading to learn about topic clusters and why this new SEO strategy works.

Why Use Topic Clusters Instead of Keywords

Topic clusters provide search engines with an SEO lens into your website’s architecture. The higher a page ranks, the more trustworthy it appears to Google.

Detail pages

Google attempts to understand a website’s hierarchy and then assigns importance to where content is located. Its search crawlers gradually lose interest as they delve deeper and deeper into a website’s architecture.

So, how does the topic cluster strategy work in practice? By developing pillar pages.

A pillar page (also known as cornerstone content) is a comprehensive webpage that serves as a content hub for a high-volume keyword while linking to a cluster of related, detailed pages (such as blog posts) on the same topic.

A cluster or group of detail pages should only link to one another using the same anchor text. This demonstrates to Google that the related pieces of content are all part of the same family.

This strategy works because Google examines backlinks and seeks related pages in order to understand the overall hierarchy.

A Pillar Page Should Be:

  • Broad, but not exhaustive
  • Evergreen
  • Optimized for questions
  • Updated consistently when appropriate

It is critical to keep your pillar page up to date because Google rewards new content.

Do you require pillar page inspiration? Take a look at these five pillar page examples to get started on your own. 

How to Use the Topic Clusters SEO Strategy

Give your website an audit to see which content and keywords are performing the best to help you come up with topic cluster ideas.

If you can match a high-volume keyword with consumer demand for a topic cluster, you’ve struck gold in SEO.

When you’ve decided on a topic, collect all related blog posts and pages and create something like this:

For this example, I created a pillar page for an automotive client in Bozeman, Montana, and grouped together all content centred on the keywords “used vehicle.” Then, I used the HubSpot Strategy tool to organise the web above.

The centre oval contains the high-volume focus keyword “used cars in Bozeman” and represents the core pillar page that ties the group together. Within the details pages, the surrounding keywords all have the same anchor text link back to the main pillar page.

What’s particularly appealing about this grouping technique is that when one of the blog posts or pages performs well, they all do.

A Piece of Advice:

With this SEO strategy, you must be patient. It can take up to six months to see real results.

Make changes if you haven’t noticed a difference after six months. Perhaps you should change the keyword or topic entirely. Remember that Google will only send you traffic if it is certain that your content is valuable.

Google is most concerned with user intent and providing relevant answers to searchers. Make certain that your content meets the needs of your target audience.

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