With a global SEO strategy, you can reach a wider audience.

What is International SEO?

International SEO adds an additional layer of targeting, stretching beyond local, regional, and national audiences. SEO is the technique of optimising a website with the goal of enhancing the quality and number of visits via search.

A local SEO approach focuses on enhancing a company’s local presence by utilising relevant listings and citations to target a local audience. Regional SEO extends geographic targeting to a larger area, such as metro areas, groups of states, or geographic regions within a country. The goal of an international SEO strategy is to optimise a website to attract visitors from countries other than the company’s immediate geographic region.

Does My Site Need an International SEO Strategy?

Similar elements may be found in all SEO strategy. Targeting keywords and phrases, developing meaningful content geared at answering these user enquiries, modifying technical features of a site to assist crawlers, and assessing results using key performance indicators are the unifying elements that link SEO strategies (KPIs).

If your company’s products or services are available in countries other than your base country, this is one of the most essential elements in assessing the requirement for an international SEO plan. If your products and services are available on a global scale, an international SEO plan can help you expand your reach, penetrate new markets, and outsmart your competitors.

Implementing an international SEO strategy

When developing an international SEO strategy, think about your target audience, geographic locations, and languages first. Consider how language and geography affect key parts of your current strategy, such as contextual clues in content, domain and URL structure, and search engine preference in the targeted country.

Language Targeting

Although it may appear that creating material in the target country’s language is a no-brainer, international SEO encompasses more than just translated information. If you are inexperienced with the language, contextual translations can be infamously tough to QA. To verify the accuracy and intent of translated text, work with a trusted translation supplier. You should use hreflang annotations to define your language, or alternatively, the nation targeting of your pages, in addition to finding reliable translations.

Country Targeting

If you have a specific audience country in mind, targeting your audience by country can be beneficial. If your organisation has a physical location in Spain, for example, you might want to target the Spanish-speaking region rather than just delivering a translated version of your material. Language targeting, on the other hand, may be sufficient if your products and services are equally relevant in other Spanish-speaking areas.

Country targeting can be done in a variety of ways, but understanding the technical architecture of a site’s targeting will help you get started.

International SEO Best Practices

International SEO best practises are similar to the best practises you may already be familiar with. To suit your audience’s searching behaviours, specialised demands, and intent, adjust your objectives to hit their area and language.

SEO professionals are well familiar with the concept of regionally targeting keywords to appeal to a certain audience. The basics of international SEO are similar, with regional and local targeting for individual nations. The following are examples of international SEO:

  • Proper URL structure using country-coded top-level-domains (ccTLDs) or alternatively using subdomains and subdirectories
  • Setting international targeting with Google Search Console
  • Publishing of targeted content contextually translated to the target audience’s language
  • If appropriate, addition of hreflang tags

International Targeting

Identifying your target demographic is the first stage in establishing an international SEO strategy. Would it be more beneficial for your company to target a specific audience based on their location or language? Determine the best techniques for attaining the most visibility with your target audience after refining your target demographic.

Beyond targeting — structuring your site for technical global SEO

The technical challenges of establishing a globally oriented website that appeals to a worldwide audience might be daunting. Behind the scenes, technical improvements can be done to ensure top international performance. Our SEO specialists are well-versed in technical advancements and recognise the value of properly organising the site for best performance.

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