Branding Agency Singapore

Let's make your brand awesome. Looking for a Singapore branding agency to bring your business to the next level?

Stridec is a top agency based in Singapore that specialises in helping brands craft high impact branding campaigns to beat the competition and dominate the market.

Over the last 15 years we have helped numerous brands big and small sharpened their brand communications that elevated their businesses to new heights.

If you're looking to elevate your brand in Singapore or regional and beyond, don't wait; your competition isn't.

Why work with us

At Stridec, we take a different approach to branding Singapore businesses.

We are very clear and focused on the factors that drive your brand and what it represents, based on a proprietary methodology that we have designed to help bring out the true voice of your brand.

Unlike most of the branding agencies in the market, we don't shove superficial production services (e.g. logo redesign, brand identity revamp, web design, social media engagement) down your throat regardless of whether you need them or not.

So, instead of simply beautifying the visual expressions of your brand, we help you formulate and fortify an internal core belief system that stays true and aligned into the future that your brand is heading towards, and only recommend solutions that aligns with what your advertising brand wants to achieve and can get real results from.

Ultimately, what we help you develop is brand identity clarity; a precise understanding of your brand by both internal and external stakeholders so that the right customers and business partners will congregate and converge towards your brand.

Advantages of working with Stridec

Over the years, we have built up a formidable set of capabilities and advantages that are made readily available to brands that choose to work with us.

1. Strong digital edge

We are a recognised leading Ecommerce and SEO agency, being regularly featured in the media through interviews and thought leadership sharing. Our enablement programmes are also recognised and approved by top government agencies such as Enterprise Singapore.

Stridec is a top ranked SEO agency in Singapore, consistently ranking on Google page 1 for highly competitive keywords such as "seo singapore", "seo expert singapore" among others.

With internet or digital marketing being a key aspect of any business' marketing efforts, our experience and achievements can definitely be of value to any client who engages us.

There are creatives agencies in Singapore that can conjure out-of-this-world visuals but fall short on production and execution capabilities - especially on the digital channels - to implement them in a manner that delivers tangible results for your business.

On the flip side, there are also marketing agencies that can do the leg work competently but just don't possess in their DNA the imagination to create winning ideas that wow the market.

As an experienced branding agency in Singapore, we possess both the creative and execution capabilities in equal measure, delivering to our clients a complete suite of branding, design and marketing solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.

2. Perfect blend of creative and technical expertise

3. We deliver measurable results

Anyone who says that branding is intangible and cannot be measured doesn't know the next thing about doing branding work.

Being of commercial intent, any work performed in the name of advancing a brand's coverage in any given market has to be measured so that analysis can be made to benchmark the ROI and subsequently optimise it.

While branding can sometimes be a fluid subject and an unspoken experience, its impact can - and should - be clearly determined.

A credible brand agency that knows what it is doing, understands that ultimately the success of a branding exercise is judged by its ability to deliver quantifiable returns for you, the client.

At Stridec, we make sure that all the branding and marketing efforts carried out for your are monitored and tracked diligently.

Our brand development process

We follow a simple yet effective process to help our clients achieve branding excellence, as follows.


The first step to solving a problem is to recognise that there is a problem and what the problem is.

Through a deep dive discovery process, we uncover details of your brand's current position, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities.

The diagnosis then becomes the basis of how the solutions are formulated.


From the audit findings, we craft a brand strategy that sets approach and direction of the brand, outlining required actions and efforts to take your brand towards your desired business objectives.


The required brand assets - e.g. identity visuals, literature, website, branding marketing collaterals, corporate gifts etc - are created, optimised and assembled as called for by the strategy.

Through this development process, the instruments of your brand communications come to life.


The best weapons in the world won't win you any war if they are not used effectively, with accuracy and precision.

In the execution phase, the go-to-marketing efforts are deployed and being constantly tracked and monitored for performance.

The constant feedback and review allows us to adjust the ground tactics whenever required, to ensure that we march towards your branding goals and success as planned.

The constant feedback and review allows us to adjust the ground tactics whenever required, to ensure that we march towards your branding goals and success as planned.