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Stridec is a branding agency in Singapore that specialises in formulating totalistic, integrated brand strategies and executing branding campaigns to help your brand win in today’s competitive markets.

Assembling creative talents with a combined expertise and experience of over 75 years, we bring our A game to every client and project, and always strive to achieve results beyond expectations.

We are a true one-stop shop that provides end-to-end branding services to grow your brand faster, stronger and better.

What is branding, exactly?

Branding is all about creating and sustaining a compelling identity for your business.

Yes, your company has a name in addition to great visuals, a fantastic logo, and appealing graphic designs. But do these components summarize a brand?

Unfortunately, many business owners and managers, not just in Singapore but around the globe, think so.

It’s true these features are part of the identity of your business but is that all?

To appreciate branding, let’s delve into an illustration.

When you say you know someone, you don’t necessarily mean their name and place of origin. Most likely, you could be referring to their character and behavior.

That’s why you’ll confidently say that you trust a particular individual and not the other.

What do you want your customers to say or feel about your business?

A brand is the totality of the experience that your current and potential customers experience every time they interact with your firm, whether online or offline.

Branding is about caring about every detail and level of your business.

It covers everything from the critical things like the vision and mission to your customers, employees, and any interaction that anyone will have with your company, no matter how short-lived.

All these go into determining how your current and prospective customers recognize and experience your enterprise.

Why do you need branding?

Our insightful description of branding hints at some of the principal reasons why every serious business should invest in branding.

Stick around as we explore the perks of excellent branding.

Customer Recognition

Branding makes your business stand out from the crowd of other similar companies.

Whether you operate a large or small business, chances are you have several competitors.

When a customer is out shopping and sees the distinct image/ images/colors of a brand they are familiar with, they are more likely to pick that product than the multitude of other similar products surrounding it.

Branding Gives You Credibility

An established and clear brand makes your business look and sound professional.

If you seem like an expert in your industry, people will most likely buy more from you.

Escalates Customer Loyalty

Excellent branding elevates your business and builds brand loyalty and recognition. Ask the experts, brand agency in Singapore knows pretty well how buyers behave.

People are generally attracted to brands that show and share similar values with them. A strong brand showcases what you value.

In turn, customers develop an emotional bond with your business and products/services.

There is more to customer loyalty than having consistent and trusting customers. These customers are an asset to your business; they help the company to grow. How?

Such clients often become effective marketers; they will most likely recommend your products and services to their friends and acquaintances.

If your marketing strategy involves the use of social media, your loyal customers will most likely engage with your posts and share them on their timelines.

You can imagine the magnitude of publicity that this can give the business.

Good Branding Attracts Talent

When your business has superb branding, people will notice. Some of these people are talented concept builders, social media marketers, and web-designers, among others.

By getting your brand right, you attract this caliber of gifted people who want to associate with business.

These are a few reasons why your business should have a strong brand. They all point to the critical role of the exercise in the overall health and profitability of your enterprise.

What are the qualities of an effective brand?

Here are some essential qualities of an effective brand. By effective, we mean a brand that produces the desired outcomes.

Audience Knowledge

A successful brand must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the target audience. Such a brand is not keen on appealing to everyone. Instead, it focuses on a well-defined audience and communicates to in a language they can identify with while addressing their specific needs.


It’s vital to differentiate your firm from the competitors. A great brand offers a unique proposition. Through this proposition, the client gets to know what sets you apart from other businesses offering similar products and (or) services.


For your brand to be effective, it has to be consistent. Your customers must be able to count on your business to deliver its promises. With a consistent brand, your clients are sure of what to expect every time they interact with the company.

Lack of consistency can have serious implications. Your customers become confused and don’t know what you stand for.


Singapore nationals are shifting from being passive consumers of information. They want something engaging. An engaging brand builds credibility, familiarity, and trust among its clients. People are more likely to buy from your brand if they find it appealing.


A brand can only be termed successful if it has adequate exposure in the market. Such a brand combines diverse marketing channels to attain maximum visibility among the target audience. These channels include experiential marketing, video marketing, web development, and social media marketing.

Is branding measurable?

Branding your business in Singapore is an investment.

Nonetheless, you might be wondering whether this effort is measurable given that by its very nature, branding is both tangible and intangible.

In a nutshell, branding is measurable. If you hire the right branding agency Singapore, you can easily measure the impact of your investment in branding.

A professional brand agency in Singapore will use the following measures to quantify the Return on Investment (ROI) of your branding effort:

  • The magnitude of direct traffic to your business website
  • The performance of your website’s external links
  • The number of blog shares on social media networks
  • Frequency and impact of engagement on social media
  • The magnitude of search volume

Using these and other relevant indicators, your branding agency Singapore can easily measure the outcomes and profitability of your branding exercise.

Why do I need a brand agency?

There are numerous reasons why serious companies hire brand agencies to actualize their branding effort. Some of the leading ones are:

Effective Return on Investment

A brand agency goes beyond your employees’ skill set. The agency generates new opportunities and injects professionalism in the branding process. You don’t have to apply the trial-and-error method, which would ultimately be very expensive to the business.

A branding agency gets it right quickly, thus saving you money, time, and energy.

Fresh and Objective Outlook

A branding agency is external to your business. This means that unlike using your internal marketing team to carry out this exercise, the branding company will have no biases or skewed perceptions about your business and how it operates.

Access to Superior Branding Knowledge

A branding agency has up-to-date knowledge, skills, and experience to craft the best brand for your company. Remember, such an agency offers branding services throughout the year.

So, you can imagine the kind of branding insights that a branding agency can bring to your organization.

Use of State-of-art Tools

When you use the services of a branding agency, you benefit from the agency’s marketing tools, licenses, and software that aren’t available to your in-house creative team.

No In-house Training Costs

With a brand agency, you don’t have to incur extra costs training your in-house team for this exercise.

Cross-Industry Experience

Your brand is not confined to your industry. Instead, your brand affects and is equally affected by stakeholders from across the business, social, political, and cultural realms.

A brand agency offers the benefit of having worked in a variety of industries.

Your company benefits from the cross-industry experience that the branding agency brings on board. This kind of fresh perspective can help you to differentiate meaningfully from your competitors.

Ongoing Brand Management

A brand agency offers long-term value to a business. As the business environment changes, you’ll need to rebrand or enhance your branding.

Your brand agency accumulates in-depth familiarity with your brand. It can effectively work with your firm in the long term to ensure your brand continues to be relevant, consistent, and useful.

How do I evaluate if a brand agency is good?

When selecting a branding agency, consider the following elements:

Branding Effort

Before they help you brand your business, how good is their brand?

Establish whether their brand has all the qualities of an effective brand, as highlighted earlier.


While this does not mean you can’t give a new agency the job to brand your business, it’s always safe to work with tried and tested branding partners.

You don’t want them to learn the job as they work along.


Any good branding agency should back its claims with positive reviews from satisfied clients.

If you are sure the agency you intend to hire has overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials, try them out.

How is Stridec different from other branding agencies?

There is no lack of choices in the market when choosing a brand agency in Singapore to work with. Every reputable player in the industry has a few tricks up their sleeves that set them apart from the rest.

At Stridec, we too have a few defining qualities that make us different.

Strong digital edge

Stridec was born an IT company and still possesses a strong technical blend even today.

In fact, because of our technical foundations and expertise in core IT disciplines, we have a competitive advantage compared to other branding agencies, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

We are recognised as a leading Ecommerce and SEO agency in Singapore, highlighted in the media through our past interviews and thought leadership sharing. Our enablement programmes are also recognised and approved by top government agencies such as Enterprise Singapore.

Stridec is the #1 ranked SEO agency in Singapore, having clinched the top position on Google search results for keywords such as “seo singapore”, “singapore seo” among others.

With internet marketing being a key aspect of any business’ marketing efforts, our experience and achievements can definitely be of value to any client who engages us.

Perfect blend of creative and technical expertise

There are branding agencies in the market that can conjure out-of-this-world visuals but not the production and execution capabilities - especially in the digital channels - to implement them in a manner that delivers tangible results for the business.

On the flip side, there are also brand agencies that can do the leg work competently but just don’t possess in their DNA the imagination to create winning ideas that wow the market.

Stridec possesses both the creative and technical capabilities in equal measure, delivering to our clients branding services that are greater than the sum of their parts.

We deliver measurable results

Anyone who says that branding is intangible and cannot be measured doesn’t know the next thing about doing branding work.

Being of commercial intent, any work performed in the name of advancing a brand’s coverage in any given market has to be measured so that analysis can be made to benchmark the ROI and subsequently optimise it.

While branding can sometimes be a fluid subject and an unspoken experience, its impact can - and should - be clearly determined.

At Stridec, we make sure the numbers look right when it comes to measuring brand performance.

What is Stridec’s brand development process?

We follow a simple yet effective process to help our clients achieve branding excellence, as follows.

Brand audit

The first step to solving a problem is to recognise that there is a problem and what the problem is.

Through a brand audit exercise, we uncover details of your brand’s current position, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities.

The diagnosis then becomes the basis of how the solutions are formulated.

Brand strategy

With the assessment from the brand audit, we then develop the approach and direction of the solution, outlining required actions and efforts to take your brand towards your desired business objectives.

Brand development

The required brand assets - e.g. identity visuals, literature, website, marketing collaterals, corporate gifts etc - are created, optimised and assembled as called for by the strategy.

Through this development process, the instruments through which your brand message will be spread, come to life.

Brand execution

The best weapons in the world won’t win you any war if they are not used effectively, with accuracy and precision.

In the execution phase, the go-to-marketing efforts are deployed and being constantly tracked and monitored for performance.

The constant feedback and review allows us to adjust the ground tactics whenever required, to ensure that we march towards your branding goals and success as planned.

Bringing your brand to the next level

Branding is simple, but far from easy. A lot of work and discipline is needed to take your brand to where you want it to go.

Having a competent and reliable branding agency that perfectly understands what your brand is about, and able to articulate it into an actionable roadmap to success, will significantly increase your chances of winning.

If you’re serious and ready to take your brand further, talk to the branding agency in Singapore that’s just as fired up as you are. Talk to us today.

About the author

Alva Chew is the Lead Consultant at Stridec, and directs all major search engine optimisation efforts for our clients as well as our own website.

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