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Your ecommerce website development is not a vase; it’s useless for you to have a beautifully crafted and visually stunning ecommerce website development if it doesn’t move dollars into your pocket. Good, effective ecommerce web design means knowing that what you need is not necessarily a good design, but a sales-converting one.

For more than 15 years, Stridec has been helping brands and businesses scale great heights on the internet by emphasising on what matters most: the seamless and joyous experience of the buyer’s journey that encourages your customers to buy from you and keep coming back for more.

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What Makes Good Ecommerce Web Design

When designing an effective ecommerce website development, we always start with identifying the end goal: which is to convert site visitors into paying customers, or in the case of B2B commerce, leads and quote requests.

With that objective in mind, we work backwards through the user experience that the prospect has to go through, eliminating unnecessary steps along the way, while streamlining the rest, to build a path-to-purchase that delights your site visitors with relevance, ease and convenience all at the same time, thereby improving the checkout/conversion rates and ultimately your bottom line.

A good ecommerce web design also means taking care of the technical and structural aspects of the ecommerce web development, ensuring that your site is in compliance with Google’s SEO - or search engine optimisation - guidelines.

A critical success factor for your ecommerce site is how well it performs on Google search results, so having a strong, well- built foundation to start off from will help significantly towards your SEO efforts in the long run and instrumental to you beating out the competition.

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Your ecommerce site should also have a fast-loading, mobile-optimised experience because let’s face it, the digital world is a mobile one and everyone’s in it. If your site is not appealing to users on their smartphones, you are dead to them.

How To Start Designing My Ecommerce Website development

If you like to get your hands dirty and jump into the deep end of the pool, great. We suggest that you check out site builder platforms such as Shopify or Wix to get first-hand experience of how to build and maintain a ecommerce web development on your own, ecommerce or not.

But if you feel lost, or don’t have any idea where to start, what steps to take and so on, worry not. At Stridec we have a range of solutions that can help you get your ecommerce ambition going with clarity and focus every step of the way.

  • Free Ecommerce Audit

    If you have zero clue how to incorporate ecommerce into your business, sign up for our free ecommerce audit online.

    Based on the information that you provide, we’ll come back to you within 3 business days with a quick outline and set of recommendations to help you get started with developing your ecommerce capabilities.

  • Ecommerce Coaching

  • Managed Ecommerce Services

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Regardless of how you want to start building your ecommerce prowess, we can help you.

From free tips, consultation and coaching to strategy formulation, then design and development, as well as implementation and execution, Stridec is the only ecommerce agency that you need to provide total coverage of all your ecommerce and digital marketing needs.

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