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Looking for a Google Ads agency to improve your online visibility and impression share, beat the competition and dominate your market? Then you've come to the right place.

Stridec is a recognised Google Partner for running PPC ads

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A recognised Google Partner SEM agency with proven results

Google Partner SEM agency

When it comes to search engine marketing, the numbers don't lie.

As a certified Google Partner, we know exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to building and managing profitable Google Ads campaigns that generate high-quality conversions for your business.

Hence, we are ruthlessly efficient and precise about our SEM and PPC approach to ensure that every action we take produces the maximum results that help you achieve your business goals.

Which means you can get ahead of your competition and dominate your market in the shortest time possible.

Over 95% of our clients achieved their ad campaign objectives on time and on budget using our Google Ads methodologies and continue to stay with us to scale their campaigns further for even more growth.

Why is Stridec the best Google Ads agency for You?

There are many SEO agencies and service providers in Singapore and it can be overwhelming and confusing to decide on the right partner to work with to help you achieve your search marketing goals.

Here are the reasons why we think we are the perfect fit for you.

Why is Stridec the best Google Ads agency for You?

Conversion focused

We continuously optimise your campaigns to drive the most profitable conversions (sales and/or leads) for your business.

Expert management

Your campaigns are monitored and managed by certified search marketing specialists with years of experience executing high-performing ad campaigns.

Transparent pricing

We use a simple pricing structure that is easy to understand; no add-on billing or hidden costs.

Clear reporting

We regularly send you easy-to-understand updates on your ad campaigns so that you know exactly what is going on and what to expect.

No long-term contracts

Stay with us for as long - or short - as you want; you decide what is comfortable for you.

Full ownership

Retain complete access and ownership to your Google Ads accounts and the assets inside, even if we built them for you.

Start running better Google Ads in 3 easy steps

We have a proven onboarding process to get your Google Ads campaigns launched within a week.



Get in touch with our Google Ads consultants to discuss your challenges, needs and objectives.



Our team of search marketing experts will create a custom action plan geared toward helping you achieve your goals.



Let the campaigns go live and start generating better conversions.

Our ads management pricing

Our fee starts from USD 1,000 and scales up accordingly as a percentage of your monthly ad budget, and that’s it. No other add-in billing or hidden fees.