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What Was Needed

Nankai is a Singapore-based high-end fashion brand that specialises in the design, manufacture and retail of authentic exotic skin handbags. Its handbags are made from quality luxurious crocodile, python and ostrich skins and have been perennial favourites among society elites, high net-worth individuals and diplomatic officials.

However, as well received as it was with its loyal regular customers, the brand has been over the years increasingly out of sync with the younger generation, especially the millennials, who prefer to engage brands via digital channels and social media, all of which are unfamiliar to the traditional ways of Nankai’s business.


What We Did

We recommended and built a brand new e-commerce website to showcase only handbags that appeal better to the younger target customer demographic, as an easy entry point for prospective first-time customers to experience the Nankai brand.

We advised Nankai to showcase on the e-commerce website products that are priced within the optimal sale conversion range. We also implemented an pragmatic and efficient workflow for product photography that allows Nankai’s handbags to be attractively taken for e-commerce display without the need to procure expensive photographic equipment or expert help.

To encourage an omni-channel retail experience, we also trained Nankai’s service staff in facilitating in-store customers to browse and buy directly on the e-commerce platform via tablets and mobile devices.

Subsequently, we also trained Nankai on digital marketing and advised them how best to leverage on it to create a sustainable environment of increasing customer acquisition and revenue growth.


With the e-commerce implementation, Nankai is now able to capture sales from a customer segment that it previously has no entry into, with sales from the younger customer segment accounting for 20% of total sales and growing.

Nankai is also able to lower its cost of acquisition by more than 50%, dropping conventional advertising activities for digital ones to engage its target customer audience more effectively than ever before. Data analytics from e-commerce activity also allow Nankai to see patterns and trendlines that help in fine-tuning ongoing digital marketing efforts to become more precise and efficient.

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