How to Pitch Influencers (and Get 29 Million Brand Impressions)

1. Make a list of who you're looking for

It's rarely enough to limit your audience to "moms" or "fashion." Instead, create the ideal persona you want to attract and then go out and discover people who suit that description.

It's vital to know how to pitch influencers if you're developing an enterprise SEO strategy. Every week, online publications receive hundreds of emails from brands. Follow these ideas if you want to cut through the cacophony (without putting your foot in your mouth).

Yes, it takes a lot more effort up front. However, your campaign will yield considerably better results. It's perfectly acceptable to be fussy.

Fashion Brand Case Study

A high-end luxury fashion label wants to engage with premium female fashion bloggers in the 40+ age group. We created a marketing specifically for that persona. What's the end result? We were able to pitch influencers and form relationships with 93 different outlets. Each person contributed original, engaging material that resulted in a total of 4.7 million brand impressions.

You may believe that limiting your potential list of strategic partners will limit your influencer campaign's reach and efficacy. However, as the fashion influencer pitch demonstrates, hyper-targeted outreach leads to better success.


Because website owners and their communities are more receptive to the message. To cut through the clutter, pinpoint exactly who you want to reach.

2. Be aware of who you're pitching to.

If you don't know how to pitch influencers, it'll be clear right away. In fact, most publishers will be able to tell if your email is genuine or a generic template. As a result, never email a website blindly. Instead, look into it to see who owns it.

Take a look at their website. Take a look at their social media accounts. Discover their passions and what makes them tick. Take a look at their most recent posts to get a sense of what's going on in their lives.

It's also a good idea to seek for their contact details at this point. After all, there's no point in learning about an influencer if you can't get in touch with them. You might also want to double-check their email address before attempting to contact them.

When you do reach out, you'll have a better understanding of their motives, objectives, and drivers. As a result, you'll be able to make an instant connection.

Case Study – Luxury Automobile Manufacturer

One influencer who crossed the gap between auto enthusiast and online gamer was sought out by a premium automobile brand. We spent a lot of time and effort researching a shortlist of influencers in order to identify the ideal candidate, and it paid off. We pitched the influencer, and he realised the importance of the brand relationship and the fit with his audience right away. 20 unique Tweets, 2 tailored YouTube videos, and 1.7 million brand impressions were the end result.

3 Attempt to match their tone

Have you ever been approached by a vendor who was clearly unable to communicate in your native tongue? Nothing can ruin a commercial partnership more quickly than a difficult start.

Have you ever been trapped at an industry conference while someone launches into a million-mile-per-hour elevator pitch? That scenario is not worth any amount of swag.

We all prefer to communicate in different ways, and online publishers are no exception. Consider your tone and professionalism while deciding how to pitch each influencer. This can frequently be deduced from their content!

Should you approach bloggers with a business-like tone or with a more personal, cheerful, and pleasant tone? Do they like communications that are straight-forward, to-the-point, and devoid of BS? Should you take a more informal, creative approach? While research people takes longer, you'll end up with stronger connections and a higher conversion rate.

4. Make Influencer Pitches More Personal

DO NOT. USE. EMAIL BLAST is a service that sends out emails to a large number of Templates are fine as a starting point (if they're genuinely decent), but they don't provide much possibility for personalization. Ascertain that they are aware that you have completed your due diligence. Tell them what you think makes them special, and why you chose to contact them. Comment on a recent post they've made that relates to your campaign's theme. Include a personal anecdote about yourself that relates to a life event.

Is it true that they've lately published a book? Read it and leave an Amazon review!

Is there a new product that they've just released? Give it a go!

Is there a new video series that they've lately released? Keep an eye on it!

The more specific you can be about their content, the better. That's when genuine ties begin to form. Influencers want to work with genuine people rather than faceless brand reps. Don't be afraid to get a little chum.

5. Make Your Pitch More Valuable

Do you want to know the top blunder brands make when it comes to pitching influencers?

They contact online publications with nothing to offer. Make sure you don't make the same mistake.

Bring something new to the party! Many influencers prefer to collaborate rather than work on their own. Offer them something exclusive, brainstorm innovative content ideas with them, or share an interesting piece of proprietary data with them. Influencers are first and foremost creators, followed by company owners. Your campaign will truly take off if you give them something to get excited about.

Electronics Brand Case Study

We followed exactly similar strategy while working with a disruptive electronics startup. Having the inside scoop on a new product launch is extremely valuable to IT influencers. It aids in the development of their cache.

To drive excitement and interaction with tech influencers, we used unique information about a planned product launch.

Is it really worth it to give them early access and get them excited?

AFTER JUST TWO DAYS, the campaign had reached its month one presale goal of 1,500 orders.

6. Take Care of Your Relationship

Do not cut and go as soon as the influencer releases their content, regardless of whether you plan to work together again. Keep in touch with them and let them know how the content performed for you. Inquire whether they received any positive comments from their audience.

Let them know how important the relationship is to you. Even if you try, you won't be able to recall their birthdate. Influencers talk, and building a reputation within an influencer community is simple. When all is said and done, make sure you leave a positive impression.

Retail Brand Case Study

We collaborated with a Greek yoghurt company to pitch influencers in the food and beverage industry.

What were the outcomes? During our two-year cooperation, we successfully executed various initiatives, resulting in unique content from over 1,600 distinct influencers and 29 million UNIQUE BRAND IMPRESSIONS.

We protect your brand's good name and go beyond the low-hanging fruit to go deep into your target group for full saturation.