Enabling a New, Disruptive Retail Brand to Grow Fast through SEO


Stridec provided our customer with Enterprise SEO solutions in four major areas



stridec assisted in removing Technical SEO impediments from our client's website in order to increase organic results.

Content Marketing Strategy

We developed timely material related to events of relevance to the target demographic, such as World Cup and Super Bowl advertising.

Strategic Communication

Content placements and natural backlinks were obtained from high-profile websites such as Bleacher Report, BuzzFeed, Barstool Sports, The Chive, Ask Men, Vault, and The WOW Report as a consequence of outreach efforts.

Insights & Analytics

stridec refined website optimization through constant analysis. We also supplied additional recommendations on a regular basis, such as branded SEO techniques, the insertion of CTAs to the blog, and the creation of social media recommendations.