Advantages of good SEO project management

SEO project management is a methodology for more precisely

Greater efficiency and productivity are among the advantages of SEO project management. When you have structures, procedures, and protocols in place, you'll be able to accomplish more in less time.

We work with a wide range of clients as an Enterprise SEO firm, and we occasionally run across companies that still manage SEO tasks via email.

You can't only use email to organise different departments, people, schedules, files, and communications. You must also consider competitive analysis, keywords and subjects, website architecture and organisation, content strategy, content management, technical SEO, and strategic outreach.

And that's assuming you have an internal SEO team. Effective SEO project management becomes even more important when you work with an enterprise search engine optimization business like us.

I'll expose some essential procedures and workflow tools in this piece, including the tool we use to manage our projects, that will save you a lot of time, resources, and effort.

Key Points

  • SEO project management gives a structure for more precisely and consistently tackling enterprise-level search visibility projects.
  • Use technology to help you grow your efforts and reach bigger goals faster.
  • There are at least 138 collaboration software packages on the market, as well as 105 project management/workflow solutions. What are the best ones to use?
  • An SEO project manager must be well-organized, have excellent communication skills, be able to effectively cooperate with others, and think analytically about long-term organic search goals.

Advantages of good SEO project management

SEO project management is a methodology for more precisely and consistently tackling enterprise-level search visibility projects. It's all about keeping track of scope, team members, workflows, resources, time, and money in order to meet project objectives and KPIs.

Greater efficiency and productivity are among the advantages of SEO project management. When you have structures, procedures, and protocols in place, you'll be able to accomplish more in less time. Furthermore, when you effectively manage your team, you will gain deeper insights and produce better SEO results, which will enhance team morale!

That, however, is only the top of the iceberg. You'll be able to: Manage your search engine optimization efforts effectively and you'll be able to: 

  •  Ensure that your SEO goals and objectives are met.
  • Appropriately allocate resources
  • Produce deliverables on schedule and within the allocated budget.
  • Boost the quality of your deliverables.
  • Automate time-consuming chores and processes.
  • Keep track of the different versions.
  • Improve your team's communication.
  • Tasks and progress should be more visible and transparent.
  • Reduce the likelihood of disaster.
  • Keep track of the time.
  • Team members' efficiency and morale will improve.
  • Increase the size of your efforts

Project management tools for SEO

When you use the correct tools, managing SEO tasks becomes a lot easier.

There are at least 138 collaboration software packages and 105 project management/workflow solutions on the market, according to the Chief Marketing Technologist blog. And perhaps only a few of them are suitable for your company. To assist you, we combed through hundreds of articles, tools, and software suites to find the finest options for managing massive projects.

According to a survey conducted by Search Engine Journal, 41% of SEO professionals use Trello to manage their SEO tasks, while 22% use Asana and 18% use Basecamp. The remaining 19% employ a variety of additional methods.

Although knowing what's popular in the market is useful, there are numerous additional platforms that provide a variety of benefits. Before we go through the entire list, let's have a look at the tool we use to handle SEO initiatives for our clients.

TheHive (our top pick)

Hive has recently become Stridec's principal project management tool. We required a scalable system that could handle difficult duties because we have over 200 employees in several places across the United States and a global client base.

Hive provides a configurable process that allows us to manage projects across many departments. But it's much more than a calendar or a to-do list. Through time tracking and Salesforce connectivity, it also assists us in forecasting future demands and allocating resources.

Hive is a fantastic communication hub as well. Team members don't have to look for an important thread across various platforms because it interfaces with Gmail and Slack.

All of your chores are organised in one place using's task management software. Tasks can be readily assigned, prioritised, and viewed, as well as due dates and project progress tracked. Furthermore, templates make it simple to set up, and they can be customised to make them your own.


Trello is a kanban board that is simple to use. The platform's boards are made up of lists that are filled with useful cards that help you manage and prioritise your projects with ease. You can also add comments, checklists, files, labels, due dates, and more to the cards. According to Search Engine Journal's survey, Trello was the most popular SEO project management solution.


Asana is a goal-setting, project-management, and task-management tool. You can follow the status of your SEO efforts in real time using "Portfolios," which keeps your project initiatives on track. You can also use established templates to turn recurrent tasks into repeatable operations.

The Forrester WaveTM: Collaborative Work Management Tools for the Enterprise, Q4 2018 research ranked Asana in the "Leader" quadrant. In addition, it was named a Editors' Choice. 


Basecamp helps you boost accountability, improve communication, and keep your team on the same page. Basecamp provides real-time group chat, with a separate chat room for each project, in addition to message boards, to-do lists, and schedules.

Because Basecamp Check-ins automatically ask your team questions, they reduce the amount of project status meetings. Furthermore, all of the responses are aggregated into a single thread. However, unlike many other project management software solutions, Basecamp's framework is more freeform.


Podio helps your SEO team work together by organising material, interactions, and processes in one place. With clearly defined roles and an unique tool tailored to your team's workstyle, the platform allows for close cooperation. You may customise your processes with Podio's automated workflows to fit your team's defined procedures. Furthermore, the platform is highly expandable, allowing you to manage more projects and teams as your business expands. named Podio an Editors' Choice.


Wrike was another solution highlighted in The Forrester WaveTM study as a "Leader." At Microsoft's 2018 Windows Developer Awards, it was also voted Commercial Innovator of the Year.

Wrike makes SEO efforts more visible, streamlines planning, and centralises communication. More importantly, it aids in the preservation of context and the streamlining of procedures. Custom Workflows in Wrike remove status-update emails and allow you to assign the correct task, to the right person, in the right order, automatically.

The Wrike Proof tool can be used to visually exchange comments on digital materials. Wrike Dashboards provide you a bird's-eye view of SEO task management, with shareable reports that allow you to analyse work by project, team member, timetable, and more.


Teamwork is project management software that allows you to efficiently collaborate, meet deadlines, and achieve objectives. Portfolios from Teamwork provide a high-level overview of numerous SEO jobs at the same time. If you're in charge of SEO projects for a large corporation, this information is priceless. You'll get real-time updates on each project's progress in one place. With just one click, project summaries give you complete visibility and insights into your team's performance. named Teamwork an Editors' Choice.


Airtable is a simple online relational database application that lets you keep track of almost anything in its flexible structure. The software also functions as a collaboration tool. At first glance, Airtable resembles a spreadsheet, making it approachable and familiar to new users.

The database tool comes with a variety of templates to help your team get up and running quickly. It also has a variety of perspectives, including a grid, calendar, gallery, and kanban, so you may see your SEO initiatives as a grid, calendar, gallery, or kanban. You may also use Airtable Blocks, which have app-like capability (video blocks, map blocks, data visualisation blocks, and so on) to rapidly and easily expand your SEO project management skills. Despite the fact that it didn't make the aforementioned rankings, this tool is rapidly rising in popularity.

Workamajig and Function Point

The project management and collaboration tools we've discussed so far are applicable to a wide range of industries. Function Point and Workamajig, on the other hand, market themselves as an agency solution for creative teams. Any type of marketing agency can use the feature, but it's especially useful for companies who use external, outsourced services.

Not only does the software help with SEO project management, but it also helps with resource management (workload forecasting, staff utilisation, and so on), accounting, invoicing, and collaboration.

The fact that Function Point integrates QuickBooks into its solution versus Workamajig's built-in accounting tool is a significant differentiator between the two platforms.

Process Street 

You'll need to build, install, and manage specified procedures as an SEO project manager so that you can eventually replicate them across teams, projects, and departments. Process Street, a business process management (BPM) tool, comes to the rescue. Process Street allows businesses to construct repeating workflows, checklists, forms, and structured process documentation. This tool provides much-needed visibility into the status of any workflow.

Process Street is not to be confused with tools like Trello, Asana, or Basecamp, which are used for project management and collaboration. Process Street, on the other hand, is a suitable fit for your SEO project management technology stack if you have repeating workflows.


Pipefy, like Process Street, is another BPM solution. This application allows you to do more than just set up workflows and structured processes. You may also make Pipefy Apps that allow you to personalise card actions and add a custom view to an external app. You may even link your cards to relational database tables. This software uses process automations, email templates, escalation, forms, connections, and autofill to automate tedious, repetitive tasks. There are also hundreds of ready-to-use "lean process" templates for your team to use to get started.


Kissflow, like Process Street and Pipefy, assists in the standardisation of workflows and organised processes. It has about 45 pre-configured templates to work with. Kissflow is simple to use and inexpensive. G2 Crowd dubbed the product a "Leader" in the business process software area.

The abilities of a good SEO project manager

Technology platforms for SEO project management are excellent tools for increasing efficiency and oversight, but only if they're used by capable teams with the correct balance of skills and industry experience.

Knowing your skills and shortcomings as an SEO manager is crucial so you can fill in the gaps and offer better-than-expected results. On each of these essential competencies, how would you grade yourself?

SEO expertise

Tools are helpful, but if you really want to dominate SEO, you'll need a lot of stuff. Setting the correct tactics, guiding your team, making tough decisions, setting priorities, multitasking, sticking to deadlines and budgets, and understanding which levers will move the needle in the SERP the most will all benefit from industry expertise. Read as many industry blogs as you can to expand your knowledge, and produce as many articles as you can!

SEO software and tool knowledge

SEO technologies will assist you in achieving more, faster, and better results. Fortunately for you, the SEO software ecosystem is vast. There's software for everything from project management and workflow tools to software for:

  • Crawlers of the web
  • Analyzing log files
  • Checking the HTTP/HTTPS headers
  • Checker for HTML errors
  • View from the perspective of a search engine spider
  • Testing the page load time
  • The condition of the site
  • Audits of content
  • Tags with hreflang
  • Protection against infringement of copyright
  • Trends in search
  • Discovering new content
  • Intent data from customers
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of content
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Comparisons of staging and live websites
  • Searching for keywords
  • Mobile compatibility
  • SEO audits for websites
  • Microdata generation

Project management and organisation

You must be organised if you want to be a world-class SEO project manager. There's no getting around this one. The project management and workflow tools outlined above will, fortunately, keep you on track.

From competitive analysis to technical SEO, keyword research, strategic outreach, content audits, SEO copywriting, and more, you'll have a lot on your plate. If you're working at scale, you'll almost certainly be in charge of a multi-person team, and you'll need to make sure that deliverables are done on time and on budget.

Plus, the more Marie Kondo you do with your SEO efforts, the happier and more motivated your staff will be. Nothing demoralises your greatest SEO analyst or all-star strategic outreach specialist like turmoil and disarray.


When dealing with a flood of data and tasks, you must be able to communicate effectively and swiftly with team members and guide them. Internally and externally, it's also critical to communicate with upper management and other key departments. Fortunately, conventions, templates, and periodic reporting can help you keep track of essential conversations in an easy-to-understand manner.

As an SEO project manager, you'll frequently collaborate with other team members to generate deliverables, therefore great listening skills are essential. What are the points of friction? What is a point of contention among team members? What can you do to better help them, for example?

Ability to work together

Collaboration and communication are inextricably linked. An SEO task manager must work in unison with the rest of the team and across departments, such as content, design, and IT.

Create structure for your team by holding daily scrums, weekly standup meetings, monthly reviews, quarterly strategy sessions, or any other interactive meetings that make sense for your team.

Long-term planning is required for SEO tactics.

Unlike digital marketing and pay-per-click advertising, which yield returns almost immediately after launching ads, SEO methods take time to bear fruit. In fact, search engine optimization is more akin to a freight train: it takes a long to get going, but it doesn't stop just because the engine is turned off.

You'll need to schedule SEO projects ahead of time because it can take a year or more to get your organic traffic flywheel up and running. To put it another way, don't start an SEO effort in April to rank your bathing suit landing page.

Think long-term if you want to increase SEO, build a library of high-quality content, or earn backlinks to boost off-page SEO signals. Will you be able to see results in a reasonable amount of time? Will your goal keywords be relevant to your site a year from now? Are you able to create a sufficient return on investment? In a year's time, how will organic traffic complement other internet marketing efforts?

Copywriting and editing for SEO

Along with backlinks and RankBrain, quality content is one of the top three Google ranking factors. So, if you want your content marketing to be successful, you'll need to know how to write SEO text.

That isn't to say you should write for bots and search engines. On the contrary, in order to perform well in search, your material must keep human users engaged. To begin, you'll need to respond to a user's query, generate compelling material, structure it logically, use long-tail keywords, make it easy to read, and proofread it.

Having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is essential.

It's fine if you're not a web developer. You should continue to study HTML and CSS. While this may appear to be a big task, it is not as difficult as it appears. Furthermore, you'll be able to spot basic errors far faster than if you were to rely on coders all of the time.

Analytics, reporting, and analysis

SEO consumes a lot of resources. As a result, it's vital to track your SEO effectiveness as well as the productivity of your workforce. To that aim, an SEO project manager should be able to analyse data effectively. For executive management, your team, and others in your business, you'll need to distil enormous amounts of data into relevant reports.


Within the overall marketing plan, SEO is more intertwined than ever before. It's no longer only a way to get low-cost traffic. It's also a tool for increasing brand recognition, enhancing public relations effect, and safeguarding brand reputations (as well as executives)

As a result, SEO teams must collaborate across departments and up the corporate ladder—in some circumstances, all the way to the CEO. That means that your team's and the company's success is dependent on organization, execution, and results.

If you're still managing projects with spreadsheets and email, it's time to upgrade to a more robust and trustworthy platform. If bandwidth is still an issue, get in touch with us so we can help you take your results to the next level.