Stridec Tips: 5 Best Jobs to Work Remotely

1 Editorial and Content Roles

Writing from home, according to our Digital Content Specialists, gives them the freedom to be creative, which is a win for Stridec and a win for our clients!

2 SEO Positions

SEO positions require a high level of technical knowledge. So, SEO-focused Stridec remark that the peace and quiet of a home office lets them to concentrate on the crucial stuff: data!

Jobs in search engine optimization are very technical. SEO roles are ideal for remote work because they allow the employee to create a calm environment in which to focus on data and set themselves up for success. Prior to the epidemic, we had several SEO employees work remotely, and the consensus among this group is that SEO work is a wonderful fit for a remote setting. SEO work can often be quite time-sensitive. It is critical for us to be able to provide our clients with the best, most accurate outcomes possible. Remote work and flex scheduling, such as we offer at Stridec, allow SEO-focused employees to construct a schedule that optimises their prime, most focused hours of the day.

3. Account Manager Positions

Account Managers contribute to their clients' success and pleasure. Working remotely allows them to focus on customer needs in their own private, peaceful location.

At Stridec, the Account Manager is the primary point of contact for the customer. They serve as the thought leader in integrating the corporate strategy with the business goals and objectives of our customers, and they direct internal customer teams to execute campaigns for our clients. The Account Manager reports directly to the Account Management Executive Director. Any profession that necessitates the implementation of a successful plan for major corporations necessitates calm, focused time throughout the day for attention and thinking. Account managers can serve our clients in a targeted, highly personalised atmosphere by working remotely.

4 Recruiting Positions

Every year, recruiters analyse hundreds of applications. In addition to answering phone calls and responding to emails, they must also decide which candidates will be chosen for specific tasks. Remote employment is ideal for a busy recruiter who must handle all of these responsibilities!

Senior Recruiters are in charge of recruiting for various mid-level and technical positions around the organisation all year. The Senior Recruiter is directly responsible to the Director of Talent Acquisition. They respond to candidates' inquiries, meticulously evaluate applications, and eventually organise interviews and issue job offers to suitable candidates. These tasks can certainly be completed at an office, but the seclusion afforded by a home environment is rewarding and individualised. Furthermore, drinking a cup of coffee between interviews, playing with the dog for a minute or two, or simply taking a breather have all been shown to increase productivity and employee happiness.

5 Marketing Positions

Marketing jobs require a lot of imagination. Working from home allows marketers to design environments that foster innovation.

At Stridec, we have a variety of marketing positions. Our digital outreach professionals assist our clients in increasing the visibility of their web pages. We also have an internal marketing staff that works to spread the word about Stridec's services and value offer. These are distinct responsibilities, but they all have one thing in common: the desire to be creative and inspired. Even in the most beautiful and physically appealing office buildings, it can be difficult to find creativity and inspiration. When creatives have the ability to work from home, they can create their own inspiring workspaces. Remote employment allows individuals to arrange their offices and remove factors that interfere with their ability to focus. These tranquil areas allow our employees to ponder and come up with tremendous ideas!