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Tembusu Art Gallery

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What Was Needed

Tembusu Art Gallery (“TAG”) is a Singapore-based art gallery that specialises in Southeast Asian contemporary art, featuring the works of accomplished artists such as Dr. Ho Kah Leong, Simon Wee and Wu Guanzhong among many others.

TAG has ambitions to reach out to a larger art appreciation and buying audience particularly in the North American and European markets, and realised that e-commerce is the only way to go. Having little to no experience in the areas of e-commerce and digital marketing, TAG felt that it is imperative that a trusted and reliable solutions partner is identified right at the start to help it achieve its objectives.


What We Did

We adopted the standard e-commerce search and browse workflow and re-configure it to create an interactive database of artists and their corresponding art pieces, filterable by key attributes such as country, orientation, medium and price.

Standard art pieces can be bought and paid for directly online, while exclusive works are accessible only via VIP login, for private previews and invite-only sales.

In addition to providing TAG with an e-commerce website, we also designed a mobile credit card payment process that allows TAG to collect payment directly from the buyer for offline purchase, enhancing their sale conversion capability especially during art fairs that it participates in.


The solution we delivered to TAG help improve its international exposure and saw improvement in enquiries and interests from overseas buyers following the launch of the site.

The mobile credit card payment process was instrumental in helping TAG achieve quick sale conversions in the last few art fairs that it participated in, notably both editions of the Affordable Art Fair in 2016, where 5-digit sales revenue was generated each day. In addition, by using its own payment process instead of relying on the organiser’s, TAG was able to reduce its transaction fees per sale by 45%.

Quote from Client

"We are unfamiliar with e-commerce and digital technology, and have to trust and rely heavily on our solutions partner for the appropriate advice and assistance. Stridec has proven to be a partner that we can depend on, that always offer practical and cost-effective solutions to address our business challenges."


Arthur Lim

Partner, Tembusu Art Gallery

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